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Would love to have more followers, readers and (constructive) criticism. Please and thank you.


As far back as Twilight can remember, she has looked to the stars and wondered what she could do to return the gift she was given years ago. The solution was obvious: Chocolates. So Twilight decides to take it upon herself to recreate the chocolate Cadance gave her for Valentine's Day and return the favor to her on the same day. Will she succeed in recreating the chocolate given to her by Cadance, or will she blunder and ruin this special day?

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I couldn't decide on a picture so I just went with this. If you have a better cover art, I'll gladly give you credit for it. I hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestions, let me know:twilightsmile:

Okay. This is the 3rd time this has been seen as a new story.

9459757 I'm aware. The last two times were because it was a dead day(as in, nobody was on). I dont normally do that. Sorry about that:facehoof:. Hopefully, it doesnt impact your thoughts on the story.

You wouldn't mind explaining what you mean by 'dead'?

9459815 As in, the mass majority were not on and not many stories were read(from what I saw)

9460024 Even today seems to be slow/dead. However, this is much better than yesterday since I at least got more results. Speaking of, I'm going to assume you read it

9460095 Ah. Um, what did you think if you dont mind me asking?

9460714 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If there was one thing you had to criticize it about, what would it be?

I guess I kinda wish that we saw Night and Velvet, so that way we see how they celebrate it.

I thought it was sweet and heartwarming.

9460923 I'm glad you thought that. I was a little concerned it wasnt going to be as good.

It was exactly what I needed for a late Valentine's day story.

This was nice.

9461679 Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it

9461882 If you liked this, you might enjoy the rest of my content. Well, maybe.

I'll take a look later tonight.

Oh my, you really do love books, huh? You must be really enjoying it, huh? I guess your growing up fast, aren’t ya?” Cadence said, giggling a little.

Missing a " before Oh.

She finally got up and held her brother close. Laughing as they grabbed each other. Twilight wouldn’t let go of Shining Armor as she hugged him.

When did Shining Armor get here? Feel free to tell me if i'm wrong, though.

“Thank you Twilight for saving me. Your such a sweet little sister,” he said, rubbing her head.

You're*, she*

9526065 Thank you for pointing out the mistakes. I'll fix then asap. If you don't mind me asking, what did you think of the story?

I was looking for typo's while reading, but I enjoyed it. I'll re-read it later to see if there's any typo's I missed. I'll also check out your other stories once I get the time to do so.

9526367 That's good. Also, thank you for the watch and I hope the rest of my stories dont disappoint.

9526065 And I'm not sure how that bit(Shining Armor) was left in... I could've sworn I fixed it... no matter. Thank you for pointing that out.

Here is the review you asked for, hope you like it.

Review: Special Treats - by Saberking2012

Wow, compared to the story you sent me to edit and your story, this is a remarkable improvement. How did you improve so well?:rainbowderp:

9619154 Hmm? The first one I understand but what did I send you originally? Alsp, thanks.

It was that one where Twilight and Sunset are gay for each other and things got complicated when Midnight was involved

9619594 ...Right... that explains way more than I care to admit:facehoof:. In fairness, that's still being fixed. Glad to see this story get some love though. Just wish I had more.

Rainbow Dash takes the chocolate and saves the day!

9662840 But at what cost though:moustache:?

A brutal sacrifice of magic, that is. :moustache:

9664274 Exacly. But in all seriousness, thanks.


Hey I reread it. And you changed the specifications I brought up in the review.

Thanks for taking my advice.

9682423 Of course. It took a bit longer then I liked but I always take what people say into account. I also thank you for ththe follow. May I ask how I earned it?

You clearly taken your heart and soul into this.

People who do that Are follow worthy in my books.

9683791 I try. But I'm thankful for the follow. Hopefully, I dont disappoint as more content will be coming out soon(not counting reviews that is)

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