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I was a shitty person but a good enough writer.


What is this strange confection of black and white?... Oh... We like this...

So, yeah. Luna eats an Oreo. Just a short one-shot that I had the idea for while eating Oreos.

Here's an epic poem written by one of the fans of the story- thanks to The Equestrian Gentlecolt for writing this up!

"What is this thing of black and white,
Which taunts the Princess of the Night?
Is it friend or is it foe?
Sister says the answer's "no."
It's not a monster, you can't beat it.
Silly girl, you're meant to eat it!"

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 661 )

I remember my first oreo. And then there's a three day gap. And then more oreos.

Haha, thanks guys. :twilightsmile:

I give you thumbs up and a :moustache: in order to congratulate you on this pointless but wonderful story

When I clicked this I expected something really really crappy.
This fic is the first thats made me laugh in a long time. Bravo sir.:pinkiehappy:


And I greatly appreciate it.

Lol, You author, deserve a cookie.

One note.. "strange monochromatic was trying to intimidate her."

Monochromatic thing? Animal? Plant? I just wanted to know what Luna thought it was. Not that there was anything wrong with it, just felt it could have used a little bit to know what she thought of it.

Still, a great read.


Glad I could be of assistance. :moustache:

Funny story, also Double Stuff Oreo's+Whipped Cream= Awesomeness


Well, Luna didn't even have any idea what it was until Celestia tells her.


I'll have to try that sometime.

That's the most nonsensical fic I've ever read...

I love it! :twilightsmile:


Nonsensical is my middle name. I try to put it into every fic I right, haha.

I have one thing to say: 'MERICA. Like


I doubt this is gonna get featured. Too many other good fics out there.

So much cute.
Sure it's not love.
But it's still sweet. :pinkiehappy:

I wonder what'll happen when Luna finds out that you can take one side off of two Double Stuff cookies and stick them together to make a Quadruple Stuff.

Well, after looking at the fic, and then your comments, I have only this to say.
I think we are going to get only fine. :pinkiecrazy:


My God, I've never even thought of that. :pinkiegasp:


Worth a try dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png

Oh well, 'tis still a great fic :rainbowlaugh:

(Or WAS IT "worth" a try?)

I think I just wasted 5 minutes of my life.

God, I loved this one. Loved, loved, loved this one. :twilightsmile:


Hopefully you can find a way to recover them.

Far more ordinary fics got featured anyway. I too think this will at least pop up and say hello to the great big box in the corner of FireFox (or whatever browser you are using :raritywink:)

Great style, very imaginative, original by all means -- great stuff :pinkiehappy:


I'm using Chrome, but I see what you're saying. :moustache:


1130347 I don't mean any disrespect to you but there has been so many of these really short fics recently, and I am simply tired of them. The story was cute, but it's marked as a comedy and I'm afraid I didn't find it funny.


I can understand that. I knew not everyone would find the humor behind it, well, humorous.

Thanks for reading, either way.

Haha cute fun story, I liked it.

:trollestia: Nintendo.


Haha, you're the first one to mention that. I hope everyone gets the reference. :trollestia:

Im a little scared to ask , but what made you want to write this story


I ate an Oreo. No joke. I ate one, and thought, "You know, this reminds me of Princess Luna for some reason," and then the idea hit home.

1130453 That's exactly the response I was hoping for.

That cover image is probably the second cutest pony pic I have ever seen:rainbowkiss:


Haha, what's the first?

One of the wallpapers on the top of this site.

Specifically the one withRainbow and twilight in the hospital. It just has DAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW written all over it:rainbowkiss::twilightsheepish:

This is great, but I did notice one minor thing:

Suddenly, a soft pop shattered her clam and steady mind.

I assume you meant 'calm', unless you were trying to insinuate that everyone's favorite Princess of the Night is actually a bivalve in disguise.
Other than that, though, this is short, sweet, and hilarious. Keep up the good work!


Oh, crap! Thanks for letting me know.


Oh, yeah, I get what you're saying. I like the Flutterdash one, personally.

This was....... surprisingly good. And what the hell was in that oreo!?:rainbowhuh: I want one! I want to go to the land of milk and cookies:pinkiecrazy:

Oh... I read it as a totally different type of clam. But then it would be rated M for Mature, huh? :trollestia:

I didn't get the Nintendo reference. Care to enlighten me?

Once again, great job.
Prolly eating an oreo too :rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

This was a very funny story! It got me inspired to write a short story like this myself! :pinkiehappy:


First off, that's just wrong. :rainbowwild:

Second, there's a running joke among bronies that Luna is a gamer. Not really sure where the idea came from, but oh well. Another thing is that most older folk tend to call every gaming console in existence a "Nintendo". I thought it'd be kinda funny to make references to both of these things.

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