• Published 13th Feb 2019
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Anon and Starlight Adventures - HeideKnight

Anon and Starlight travel Equestria. This is fine.

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Okay, Anon trying to get Starlight away from her studies was downright adorable. I'm shipping this couple like crazy!

Aww very cute.

Anon and Starlight is great, especially how hard Anon tries to get Starlight's attention, very cute.

Refer back to to the hospital chapter where Anon woke up with morning wood.

The two of them are the biggest threat to their relationship.

... Also update your fic.

That doesn’t imply they are together or anything, she’s just concerned what her friend would say about her being in a relationship with a horny human. I still don’t think anything implies that starlight is or has ever been in a romantic relationship with sunburst let alone cheating on him.

*deep breath* daaawwwww..

shameless fluff

*reads the first couple of paragraphs*

Sounds about right

After puttimg the story off for a while I returned to fluff. Damnit, why? Today of all days. Glimmy day. I wanted a deep enriched story full of drama and romatic comedy. Now I got fluff.


Cant be helped I guess. Ill see you on the next chapter. Good job fren.

It might just be me but I feel like Anon is becoming a bit of the stockery clingy type.
I still give this chapter 7/10 in the Daawwww meter though.

On hiatus? Nooooooooooooo!

No prob; I'm a fan of mythology and folklore.

Damn I didn’t think I would have enjoyed this story so much!

It went to a lot of places and had some character and world building.

Can’t wait to read more!!! :twilightsmile:

It was a good fun story, seemed like a rushed ending though. Like there should be more of a prologue.

It's not over. Rewriting it before I continue.

If it weren’t for that diner scene from earlier, I would question why this is rated mature. Either way, great story. Can’t wait for more

Welp. I'm eager to see how this turns out.


When u trying to get away from anon but ur dummy thicc and the clap of your asscheeks keeps alerting him to your position

i was drinking something when i read this, now i got to clean my screen thank you.

Really.jopes it continues . The dynamic between the two is really good and the romance feelings like I'm watching a romantic comedy.

Last update March 21st

Last online July 1st....
What a shame, I was enjoying this one too

....You may want to see some professional help about that.

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