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This story is a sequel to Operation Fire Fist

After the pepper incident, Jimmy has mostly returned to normal. However, things are about to get crazy once again...

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Nice to see you here Cheers!

How's the day been with the foals?

It's been pretty good :)

Cheerilee, I'll read your story! Everyone at the factory is processing it so I can read it.:ajsmug:

"Thanks Mr. Discord =)"

I hear one of you ended up murdering her students in anger.

When I'm with Jimmy, I like to talk about a factory in which more Discords work with my stories.:ajsmug:

Rather severe issues, I'd say. I know you'd never do it...right?

"Y-Yeah.... I don't obviously do it ^^;"

There an infinite number of Discords. But given you specialise in chaos, how can you get each other to co-operate for long enough to write a story?

Bit of a bombshell, but you'd be amazed what you can find out as an electric loco from Sheffield.

[Adult story embed hidden]

“Well,” the first finished, “it has been a week since we saw another pony wandering around the town, let us hope we can go two weeks.”

He had no idea how wrong he would be...

Oh Jimmy...:ajsleepy:.

Like many bronies, Jimmy adored Cheerilee, the friendly schoolteacher of Ponyville (even if her reputation had been soured somewhat by a certain fanfiction). Her episodes tended to be a real hoot, even if she was usually relegated to crowd shots. Not surprisingly, Cheerilee was in Jimmy’s list of favourite MLP characters, as was everyone else. Currently clocking more than 1,348 entries, it would take a very long time to read.

I think I know what that story is...:rainbowderp:.

But things were not normal at all, as his entire body suddenly felt itchy. Checking himself over, he suddenly saw a coat of purple fur sprout from under his skin, causing him to look like a purple abominable snowman.

“What in the-?” he asked, as he suddenly became aware of his hair flopping downward into his eyes. It had changed to a two-tone pink shade, which also grew down the back of his neck, stopping at where his shoulders were. It was clear to him what was happening now.

“Am I Cheerilee now?” he asked, before stopping, as his voice had changed to be exactly identical to that of Cheerilee’s voice in the TV series.

Yes, yes you are:scootangel:!

And then, his feet shifted into hooves, followed by his legs getting larger. This tore his socks open, followed by his hips shifting which forced him down onto all fours. Jimmy could predict what was becoming next, as he suddenly became a she. Her hips then widened slightly, followed by her chest growing larger as it morphed into that of a pony, which tore her shirt to pieces. Her shoulders shifted and moved to form front legs, followed by the joints changing to make the legs bend backwards. This was followed by her fingers becoming stiff, then merging together to form a pair of hooves.

Then the legs and body shape:derpytongue2:!

Her neck then began growing longer, looking like that of a pony, as her ears shrank into the side of his head, followed by a pair of pony ears growing out of the top of her skull. This caused her glasses to fall clean onto the floor and shatter, which would have happened even if they had stayed on her face as her mouth and nose merged together, then grew out of her face to form a muzzle. Her Eyes also went from Blue to a Grayish harlequin.

And that adorable face:scootangel:!!!

Finally, a symbol of three smiling flowers appeared on her flanks, followed by a tail of the same color as the mane growing out of her back. Two...things appeared between her legs, and with that the transformation was complete.

And the transformation is complete:yay:!!!

Cheerilee looked around her in almost total bewilderment. “Where am I?” she asked in confusion. “This doesn’t look like my home!” She set off toward the door, and opened up the door in front of her, trotting out onto the smooth cobblestones that marked her path, past her garden which had caused so much consternation in the past, and off toward the Ponyville schoolhouse, where another day of teaching and fun awaited her.

Just she might need a stiff drink afterwards...

A nice long one:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Is this dude cursed or something?:unsuresweetie:

For a guy that goes through a lot of transformations...... you're looking at one. And besides.... I'm proud of having such a natural gift for it X3

And why I love going through lots of transformations, mainly for those for of Female MLP Characters, it's just so I can get a lot of firsts for them! :D :yay:

That I can agree with. I'm a transformation fan myself (that and the lactation fetish, but that's another story). Like in my Freedom Force crossover story (read that, btw). EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER so far is female! And... that's kind of the nature of the show, when you think about it.

Still, one guy getting changed every week or so? Talk about your mid-life crises!:twilightoops:

I mean...


Think of it as a (with the exception of The Belle Rings True) one day weekly series from me :)

It's still enjoyable, mind you.

That must take some doing.

Can you have a Union of Discords? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

Hmmm... That's interesting, yep...

The very nature of discord means he cannot be united.


Three cheers for cheerilee.

Something clearly went wrong here.

And that someone had to be Olivia.

(Not going to rage out or anything, but that's clearly an easy guess for that.)

Or maybe it was my editing.

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