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It is winter, a few days before CHS breaks up for Christmas. The crisis known as 'Anon-a-Miss' has ended, and now, at a specially convened assembly, the perpetrators will confess their guilt.

Little does anybody know, another power has arrived. A power intent on settling the problem somewhat more...permanently.

Note: Despite the Main 7 (EqG) tag, Sci-Twi does not appear in this story.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 72 )
Wanderer D

:rainbowderp: what... what?

Ya know. This is not something worth celebrating. At all. Why do people think that comic is good for anything?

Its mostly just used as a source of drama fanfiction its the same for canterlot wedding fics. It has nothing to do if it was good cause lets face it both were crap but make easy fanfiction fuel.

What do you mean what? I am taking Anon-a-Miss' worst tropes and ramping them up to 11.

Complete silliness like this.

ADVENT Peacekeepers. XCOM

Good spot! Where do you think the madness will go?

Honestly, not sure. I was kinda confident no one would survive first encounter with soldiers that well trained.

That is a fair point. All shall become clear tomorrow.

Wanderer D

9454357 ... I'm almost scared to ask what the point of the clarification is.


I mean, there has to be some background. Also, who else died during the raid?

The school suffered pretty heavy casualties, probably around 60-70% of the student body.

Wanderer D

9455582 Because it's a pointless clarification/response? It doesn't actually say anything even remotely relevant. or inform me of anything I don't know. I ask "what?", and this dude replies with "ADVENT Peacekeepers. XCOM" as if I didn't know what they are.


Well, of course you know what ADVENT is. You're the expert on this site, after all!

Makes no sense but I'm here 4 gore and violence. Any news on the Rainbooms?

Wait and see, good sir.

Well.....This wen't from 1 to 10,000 quite quick. I am intrigued.

I'm guessing Canterlot was hidden from Advent somehow, but Anon a Miss somehow attracted the attention of the elders, who saw a unclaimed area. So using Anon A Miss as a taunting thing to show they know where they are at.

What madness is this, and why is it so good? :rainbowderp:

The actual hell is this?

Anybody here gonna miss DT?

In a word......


Shame about Derpy, though

As to this:

Stay tuned, as tomorrow...CHS fights back!

All I can say is.......

9455775 I'll be waiting with bated breath, dear sir.
Can't wait to see what happens next!

And honestly?
I'm betting that Granny's gonna be a total badass in this.

In fact, I wouldn't be all that surprised if she turned out to be a retired X-Com operative herself!

Just speculation on my part, mind.

9455883 It's an X-Com crossover fic, and that's just the way these roll.

9455903 See my previous answer.

Not what i meant but what ever.

You won't be disappointed.

I'm glad you think it is good.

yeah i know thats not what i meant.

Then what did you mean?

I'm confused what the heck is going on and why aliens would slaughter students for cyber bullying. it just seems utterly ridiculous.

As the Speaker himself states in the speech in chapter 1:

“Fellow citizens,” he began to speak, “for 20 years the ADVENT Coalition has worked tirelessly to repair the ravages and injustices of the Old World. Under our stewardship, our cities prosper, our people flourish, and our world heals.”

The speaker on screen then continued. “And yet, among us, there are still those who would refuse to acknowledge the truth; who are determined to see that all we have achieved crumble!”

There was a brief pause, before the tone of the address suddenly changed. “That must end. Even as I speak to you today ADVENT peacekeepers are on their way to put an end to the Resistance scourge known as ‘Anon-a-Miss'.”

Anon-a-Miss is perceived by ADVENT to be a Resistance operation. Hence they want to stamp it out.

Well, this is just peachy. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle & Scootaloo get jealous from a slumber party, and now; from what you've confirmed, 60% to 70% of the students; along with the principals, are now dead and raising. I really, really hope they're proud of themselves now. (sigh) I just hope that at least Sunset, the CMC and the Rainbooms get out alive.

Giving minors high-powered weapons. Nothing can go wrong.

9457606 Nope.
Not a thing.

(Heaven help them.)

That bit about Granny being former(?) XCom rather surprised me.

But maybe they're like the US Marines in that there's no ex-Marines.


It's funny, but I have seen kids as young as 12 Fire High-powered weapons at Shooting Ranges with just as much Accuracy as Trained soldiers :pinkiecrazy:

I never specified what point of tech development we are at in the game.

Well, she is a badass.

Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.

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