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Sunset Shimmer is best pony and human! There's Sciset (Sci Twi X Sunset) So I decided to create my own universe: Twiset (Princess Twi x Human Sunset)



This story is a sequel to Goodbye Til Next Time

Sunset knew from her blood that Princess Twilight was the one for her, but her past came back to haunt her again. Will she earn the magic of friendship when she and an old friend reconcile?

Part 5 of: Human Sunset Shimmer Chronicles

Chapters (3)
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Ok...I've been following your stories for a while. See you an ARMY?? The titles and the quotes are very familiar... :rainbowkiss: If so...I think it's very cool and amazing that you are using their songs and messages and placing them into wonderful stories like yours. As someone who looks up to these seven boys, I think that it's important and great that people are able to plant their work and make it into something great. Bangtan would be proud!! Fighting! 💜💜

Sunset knew from her blood that she that Princess Twilight was the one for her.

that she that Princess Twilight

I think you made a slight mistake there in your description.

Thanks!. I always read the English subs of their song so I can have more ideas

How is SciTwi gonna get mad when she ended the relationship in the first place, all over a misunderstanding no less.

Aw this is sad. Though sorry twi, but Sunset's taken! You can have Pony-Sunset.

Now there was an unexpected twist. In a coma for a year dreaming about someone who does exist but you yourself have never actually met.

Sorry I’m just emotional.
This was the best... loved this chapter!

I wouldn't doubt that it's happened. However it's a lot easier to spin/explain here. Especially when magic is involved and you have human girls channeling the abilities of a counterpart from another dimension.

.... That's actually a good point. thanks pal!

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