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Sunset Shimmer is best pony and human! There's Sciset (Sci Twi X Sunset) So I decided to create my own universe: Twiset (Princess Twi x Human Sunset)



This story is a sequel to Blood, Sweat, Tears

Everyone says that long distance relationships were hard, the problem is that they can only talk to each other through text. Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer are having a hard time with their relationship since they come from different worlds, It was Christmas Eve and Princess Twilight was going back to Equestria.

Part 4 of: Human Sunset Shimmer Chronicles

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Comments ( 7 )

okay... I've said it once but I'm going to say it again...
BEST SERIES EVER! I get butterflies from all your story's. I'm crying from this ending! :heart:

Aw thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Why was the another one delete for this? It was better than reread the 1st 3 stories again.....

Um.... issues had happened and I reread the story again and it was worst than the last time

For God's sake, I'm done :facehoof:

Comment posted by Artistkun deleted February 10th

Sunset only smiled and earned cheers from the mane 7.

This basically means that pony Sunset, the Rainbooms and SciTwi were standing there the whole time. It didn't sound like Princess Twilight had revealed anything about her relationship with human Sunset so I'm guessing there were quite a few/lot questions afterwards.

Maybe you meant humane 7?

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