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Sorry dude, you have all your stories on hiatus or canceled, so you never finished a story, so I will pass on this.

Don't blame you. But hey, if you're really stuck on that kind of mindset, and not willing to check my blogs, it's fine as well.

I like it! Good on ya mate! keep up the good work!

Thanks! What makes me sad is that some people just don't understand the level of difficulty it is to write these kinds of things. This one in particular, I'm actually going all-out on, to the point of writing out an original language for the Runes Regol uses, and even physically standing up and reenacting the scenes in my head, then slowly moving with each action, mentally converting each movement into words I can use to play out the scenes.

This, of course, will be in full effect on the next chapter, where we finally see Regol in action. Not gonna say how, but expect some of those red tags to come into effect pretty soon!

Another thing that disappoints me is the fact that some folks mistake "Hiatus" for "Dead", when it's quite literally putting the damn story on hold, with the intent of eventually returning to it!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what's to come as well! :twilightsmile:

And I see Samurai Jack. That makes you a good one in my books! :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed the character development, and the tea scene reminded me of my favorite chapter from Xenophilia. I look forward to reading more.

Thanks! Comments like these inspire me to try writing more! :twilightsmile:

Let's be honest. It'd be better if it was an OC than a character presenting the reader. Think about it, wouldn't you want to know more about the name/character?

I’ll be keeping an eye on the story

There are ways to reveal a character's backstory, regardless of perspective. And besides that, I'd rather the readers step into the shoes of the hero. Thus, the "Anon" Tag, which keeps a vast majority of the character's backstory "Up to the readers to decide", giving everyone a sense of creative freedom. We do know he's a Hexblade - that bit's written in stone, but how many adventures did he go through before arriving in Equus? What kinds of monsters has he encountered in the past? The story parts about him that aren't revealed are either meant to be learned as you progress or left for you to decide.

Though your vision may be blurry, your ears work well enough to pick up the sound of three females breathing; all of which in close proximity.

Those are some damn good ears! Being able to tell someone's gender based soley on the sound of them simply breathing is not something many can do unless they actually look to see who it is breathing...

An interesting start. I just hope this one stays updated and not canned or "death by hiatus".


I agree. Whilst there is some amount of prior knowledge on his side. This is silly. Hell, I don't know about you but I doubt I'd notice the breathing at all, over the sound of Gilda's apparent chainsaw snoring. This entire opening segment feels... unnecessary? Especially since the guy literally falls back to sleep almost immediately despite needing to relieve himself, another superpower I have never heard of before.

There has to be a better way of showing the group's dynamic than a sleep cuddle scene. And the author's going to have a hell of a time convincing me that the only reason they're interested is because "[they] might have a thing for the unusual". Hell, Gilda HATES the unusual, remember how she acted towards Pinkie? Don't get more unusual than that.

First up, never said anything about needing to relieve himself. Get your facts straight before you try bashing on something, or your club just might hit you right back.

Second up, Gilda became friends with them afterwards, did she not? There's a thing called "Character Development". Years have passed since then, so who's to say she hasn't gotten used to it over time, and developed a greater tolerance for it, along with a few other feelings?

Plus let's take a look at the fact that most griffons don't really seem to like ponies, and yet Gilda was friends with Rainbow Dash before Season 1.

And screw you, sleep cuddle scenes are part of the FimFiction Trope! 😠

I'm guessing that you're sing the Hexblade of D&D fame?

This seems like quite the read and I can’t wait to see more chapters before I read this.

The best part of waking up is realizing it's the weekend, and then falling back asleep.

I liked it! There was a missed chance of "the best part of waking up is cocaine in my cup!"


If he's a Hexblade then clearly he's a D&D character, which means he's got a good Perception/Listen/Spot check. That is all.

Planeswalker suggest he could be an OC of Magic the Gathering though... You'd be surprised of the lore drenched in what is dismissed as a stratagy cardgame.


5e (UGH(3.PF fo' lyf)) actually has a Magic the Gathering official setting, to my memory. Ravnica. MtG, MLP, and D&D are all owned by Hasbro, after all.

Hey man, great stuff!!!

Just by curiosity, did you inspire in the witcher series? I see some ideas and I like it!

Actually, yeah. Had a bit of inspiration from The Witcher series. :twilightsmile:

NOOOOO!! A sex tagged story in the top rated EGGain

That's a pun, you should laugh or you could CRACK my EGG open and tell me to shut up

Jeez, that got dark quickly. How could you continue a pun like that if you are indeed eating someone's baby?

I don't want to sound rude, but that... wasn't a pun. That was a complete and total butchering of the English Language, and I am not entirely sure whether I would go near any eggs of yours with a pole in my hands, or applaud you for your decent attempt at sounding like a cracked loon. :rainbowderp:

Thanks mate for saying that. I always wondered where my head always goes. Pretty much in the gutter every single time. Also, I ain't english but that stung.

Yeah, don't take it too personally, dude. I'm mostly just kiddin' around, as well. :rainbowdetermined2:

Very nice start, toss some world building in the next chapters and we got us a winner.

I'm probably an idiot for asking this, but is this mystical stuff real or is he a normal human from earth? Because i can't tell

>Regol of Seuhans, a skilled Hexblade from another world

He's not an ordinary human from Earth. He's actually from a fictional world called "Asgalon", where most of the generic fantasy stuff exists, including huge monsters and stuff like that.

Plus I threw in a bit of a unique detail by having him not address himself as a "Human", but a "Plainswalker", instead. That's the Asgalonian equivalent of a "Human".

And don't worry, you aren't an idiot for asking. Everyone overlooks things, myself especially! :twilightsmile:

You sure he isnt from Magic the gathering?

Positive. Any similarities are purely coincidental. However, I did say that he was inspired by The Witcher. More specifically, Geralt of Rivia.

However, he has his own differences as well. He can't cast magic directly, and has to use runes, for one thing. Another thing is that he has a Mortal Eye and a Demon Eye. The Mortal Eye is the darker one, or his right eye, which is, essentially, an ordinary eye. His Demon Eye, however, senses the auras around individuals close enough to him. He has enhanced hearing and sight, and lightning-quick reflexes. But even still, he can bleed, he can feel physical pain, and he can still feel emotions.

I typically avoid things with the gore tag but the lure of a "Flock", an all Gryphon 'herd' proved to be too tempting. I'm a little lost as to what/who Regol is but I blame my lack of knowledge on the source material for that. That pacing felt a bit rushed but other than that this was a solid first chapter.

So, how long has this been in the featured box now?

Sounds like an interesting story so far. Can't wait to see where you go with it. I definitely look forward to the next update for it, regardless of when it may be. Take your time, do what feels right to you.

9456330 The Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica is the one that's gotten print publication, but they've been making web-only supplements converting parts of the Magic: the Gathering cosmology to D&D 5th Edition for a little while now:

Plane Shift: Amonkhet
Plane Shift: Dominaria
Plane Shift: Innistrad
Plane Shift: Ixalan (plus a free adventure for Ixalan)
Plane Shift: Kaladesh
Plane Shift: Zendikar

This was awesome. I like how you introduced regoo. Also this gave me a huge idea for a story I might write later down the line. No I will not use anything you have written if I do write the story. Though, I might give a shout-out.

An interesting start. Though the whole "Flock" bit seems extremely presumptuous on their part given he's a foreign species that's never really ever interacted with Gryphons. The fact that this is meant to be an romantic relationship will likely come as a shock, given they've never explained just what all of this means in context. I'm curious as to how the gryphons will go about trying to build a relationship with him once their unstated intentions become apparent. Will they react in anger that he doesn't feel the same way they do, or will they try and reciprocate courting behavior with him?

Hey, sorry for the delay, everyone! Internet went out for a bit, but it's back up now, so I can get back to writing! :twilightsmile:

... Also, how the hell am I still in the Featured Box?! Could've sworn it would've been cooled down at this point! :twilightoops:

Well, best keep it up while it's still hot! :rainbowdetermined2:

Aight, gonna just throw in a quick chapter for a little bloodshed and badassery. :rainbowdetermined2:

Very fluid. A well choreographed fight scene.

I just binge watched 3 hours of anime, this was to easy to visualize happening


one of the best written fight scenes on site 👍

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