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Hated and abandoned, Sunset Shimmer can't help but feel depressed with the events around the MyStable incident at Canterlot High.

Fortunately, she will find the support needed in the form of a peculiar being. A narrative from Sunset's point of view.

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Could we possibly get a continuation where the girls realize their mistakes and the ones with pets try to use them for support? It could work out pretty well. Rarity has Opal, AJ had Wynonna, RD has Tank, Pinkie has Gummy (don't know how he works), and Shy has Angel (Little demon)

Love to see this continue. the idea suggested in comments would work.
The CMC were going to fess up or maybe get caught, either way seems Sunset given up on them, be a bitter time for them

Please write a sequel to this!! :fluttercry:

Well you actually wrote it, and I must admit it was really pleasant to read. There's so much branching potential here it's almost unfathomable. If you choose to advance this story I'd gladly read it/them, if not then know it does well as a solo act.

Okay first this needs a sequal and second this is beautiful.

Really love the background in the picture. It looks like something out of Don Bluth.

Though nicely written, I have to downvote this as another piece of writing that centers around the trash that is Anon-a-Miss...

Seriously people, that fic needs to die... :facehoof:

Other than the fact that Sunset doesn’t get Ray until after the Friendship Games, this is a very enjoyable story and I agree with the other commenters that this story has the potential to be expanded upon. This story also gave me a crazy Anon-A-Miss story idea where the girls pets try to convince their owners that Sunset is innocent.


This story also gave me a crazy Anon-A-Miss story idea where the girls pets try to convince their owners that Sunset is innocent.

Interesting concept. I'd be curious to see how you pull off Pinkie

I think you mean the holiday special

I think I know what those texts were, Rarity and Rainbow Dash trying to apologize

my guess the CMC confessed

Not bad but I'm wondering a few things.
What did the girls want to talk to her about?
Does anon a miss get caught?
Id like to see a part 2 were all this is explained lol

Pretty sure I know what I mean... Anon-a-miss is just character torture, which is the cheapest way to write a story. You just make the character as miserable as possible without actually killing them off. (Unless thats your intention in the end to do so.)

well to be fair you kinda threw me off with:

Seriously people, that fic needs to die...

I can agree with you about the special. Season 8 already had a Heartswarming Eve episode and it was far more enjoyable than the special

This was so good I'm in love with this story

This was a nice change and a cut above most of the rubbish that inhabits the AaM genre.

Really good write! Would love to see a follow up from this.

This was rather sloppy. First, you should double-check the colored text at the beginning. Second, when you continue dialogue over the course of multiple paragraphs, it should look like this:

"You leave out the quotation mark here.

"You keep the quotation mark here. This shows the continuation."

Beyond that, there was a scattering of other grammatical mistakes. And because of those mistakes, it was more challenging to enjoy the story than it should have been.

:twilightsheepish:Yeah. i really need to improve my writing - and check out what I'm writing at. Thanks for the remark.

It is completely understandable, yet I I enjoyed doing this story a lot. Thank for commenting anyways.












Hi everyone! First of all: thanks a lot for the reception of the fic. I'd never expected many positives views in part as well the constructive criticism - I need to fix some parts at the moment of writing - but I feel satisfied with this story.:pinkiesmile:

Now, I'd originally intended to make this plot as a solo act. I'd never considered to make a sequel by your comments (by the way, those are pretty cool ideas) as well by reading parts of the plot - So yes, your guessings were right: the Crusaders confessed and the girls were trying to contact Sunset in order to apologize. If I am disappointing you in any way with this comment I ask your forgiveness.:ajsleepy:

BUT. It doesn't have to end at this point. If any of you guys wants to make a sequel or a side/alternate version from this fic then go ahead, you have my permission to do it. I'll be glad to read them.

In the same way, whatever you want to say or write to me I'll be hearing or reading. The again, thanks a lot for your appreciation and for following this fanfic. See you next time!:twilightsmile:

Hmm I just might do that, I have a scene in mind involving Applejack and Winona.

Oh Ray... :heart:

I had planned to go to Sugarcube Corner to try to reason with them one more time, but now I see that it's not worth it; in fact, I will not let the Rainbooms, the student body or Anon-a-Miss see that they have managed to hurt me.

Wait... so... in this time line they don't do amend eventualy? :fluttercry:
And Sunset actually claim her friends are no longer worth fighting form?
That actually horrible. That kinda spoils this fic to me. I mean Sunset's relationship with Ray is great and beautiful and it's still very, very enjoyable fic, but that one thing really bugs me...

I know that what Sunset friends done was horrible... really believing she would to this? That make no sense... Actually it's very weird that whole school... no... that anyone fall to this Anon-a-Miss scheme... (that was actually very well used in one fic I read recently, in which Diamond Tiara deduced not only that Sunset isn't Anon-a-Miss... but also who really was...)
(Also I noticed some mistakes in text here and there... but I readed in on cellphone and now not so much have time to seek them again:pinkiecrazy: But it wasn't bad enough to spoil pleasure from reading.)

I would much more want continuation in which Sunset's friend actually manage to make amends with her... but well that theme with pets could work for before it happen I think,

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