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Spike is definitely going to need some serious backup foalsitting Twilight Sparkle. There's no telling how long this side effect even lasts!

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Cutest story I ever saw

Darn it, I was going to write something like this. You even title-dropped my planned title ("Roles Reversed"). Oh well, yours turned out better than mine was probably going to.

I liked this. It works very well as a follow up to the short. It was a bit rough, like you said it was in your Author's Note, but the only thing I really had an issue with was a line about halfway through:

"The side effect regresses the body. It doesn't alter the body in any way."

I kinda see what you were going for there, but at face value it comes off as an inherent contradiction.

Everything else was pretty solid, though, and there was no shortage of "daww" moments. Nice job.

Have a Like. :)

Only really two bits that felt off. The gluten free bit, that's more about how just mention of gluten free feels pretentious to me personally, no real bearing on the story. But the Fluttershy Mac thing, while it's a popular ship by this point in the cannon Mac and Sugarbell are an item. Applebloom wouldn't encouraged Flutters to pursue her as he is dating and Fluttershy if she has feelings probably wouldn't say so for the same reason.
Other wise a cute story where the CMC get to learn about foal care from Fluttershy and Baby Twi is adorable.

Bloody Called it

This deserves to be an actual Episode. Why would they just end this short with twilight being turned into a baby. It needed a resolution.:twilightsmile:

Yeah whoa that is an inherent contradiction I will fix it right away.

Yeah I guess gluten free wasn't really necessary. And I completely forgot about Sugar Belle!!! >.<

Eh like I said the gluten thing really is a non-issue. Strangely the only other hetroships for Fluttershy I've seen as Discord/Fluttershy and Thunderlane/Fluttershy

there are other way to get breastmilk there is a pill female can take while cuase them to produce breast milk even if they not pregnant.
aw no Trixie I love to have her stay with twilight as baby for few mins!

OMG you're back :D

Spike taking care of his adoptive older Sister.

Should have just gotten Starlight. She's an expert at age spells,

The ending of the Ail-icorn short actually left me with a thought: What if Alicorns have to grow up all over again after taking the cure?
That alone would actually explain how they live so long and why Celestia doesn't look ancient despite being over a thousand years old...

Oh and one more thing I forgot to tell you is please please write something. Don't let my long winded story dissuade you from writing your own!

Possible: If Spike was considering going out with the CMC.

You got it, Littlewing! I won't let you down!
*does salute*

Awesome! Let me know when it's done or even just message me a first draft. I'd love to hear your ideas!^^

But so, so worth it.

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