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I became a brony around October 2011. I want to see how well I write stories. With my average literary skills and fascination for FIM, I hope to have an interesting journey on the Brony Express!


Holo has been alone for many years, more than she can count. No one needs her anymore, so she wants a way out. The way is given to her, but for a high price, one that Holo may regret paying, when a great evil threatens everything she knows.

Chapters (3)
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Ah shit. How is she gonna fight off Rainbow now? Will she even have to fight off Rainbow? What'll happen to Norah? Will she be vivisected? Will she die? How will Holo fare in Equestria? What is going on in this story? Who will Holo befriend? Will she escape Rainbow? Will she regain her powers to transform? WHO KNOWS? Until next time!

*Good chapter, this story easily surpasses most of the other on the HiE section. Can't wait for more, so please, do continue.

Hm. Mmhm. Goood....

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