• Published 6th Feb 2019
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The Reapers Legacy - Maximumoversaiyan96

After activating the Crucible commander Shepard finds herself on a strange planet without any way to reach her allies. Luckily, she finds help in form of truly magical creatures.

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Chapter 8: Farewell, Jeff

Chapter Eight: Farewell, Jeff

Edi couldn’t sleep and Edi couldn’t dream. It was a fact and scientifically impossible for her to dream. She heard the rhythmic breathing of Shepard and monitored her steady heartbeat. It was easy for Edi to monitor Shepard’s physical health, although she couldn’t oversee any psychologically problems.

As Shepard slept, Edi thought about how she would never experience the bliss what sleep was. To just forget everything for a few hours and retreat into the plain of semi-consciousness. That was her curse. She was an artificial intelligence, after all. She was designed without any flaws of the organic beings.

If she was to be turned off, she wouldn’t be sleeping, it would be like death to her. All her processes would stop, and she would stop living. Activated she was bound to always being awake, never resting, never sleeping, always aware of her surroundings.

So, it came as a shock to Edi when she suddenly didn’t perceive her surroundings anymore. Edi couldn’t tell where she was or how she lost connection to Shepard. It was a black space devoid of form, enlightened by some shining stars in the distance. They seemed so far, yet their light shone steadily.

She looked down on herself. Edi wondered how she was even able to do that. She was in her old body again. The one she had taken over from Eva Core and with whom she had so many pleasant experiences.

It wasn’t fair! Why was Jeff taken from her? She thought back how they always bickered with one another. Their time together had been so short.

‘’You sure took your time!’’ A familiar voice said. Edi turned around. And there he stood. Jeff in all his passed away glory. ‘’You didn’t think I would leave you behind without saying goodbye,’’ The elderly Joker said.

He wore a decorated military uniform. His hair was grey and receding. His face wrinkled, but he had the same eyes. The vivid eyes who always shined whenever he was piloting a ship, piloting her.

Edi couldn’t compute. She forgot all her calculations and stormed to Jeff. She hugged him firmly. ‘’Easy, girl, don’t forget my old bones!’’ Jeff groaned in the steeled embrace.

‘’Jeff, I am so sorry. I couldn’t prevent it. I let you down.’’ Tears started to fall on Edi’s check. Her unit wasn’t programmed to cry, but Edi didn’t care.

‘’Nah, you didn’t. Of course, I was pretty down when you were killed during the crucible, but I have never forgotten you. You were always with me in here.’’ Joker pointed at his chest. ‘’I continued on with my life and it was a good life. I even got a bunch of medals.’’ Joker showed her his decorations. ‘’Not as many as Anderson or Shepard, though,’’ Joker joked. Joker looked directly at her. ‘’And that is what you have to do, too. You have to live your own life. I will always be with you right here.’’ Joker poked gently Edi’s chest.

Edi shook her head. Joker put a hand on her cheek and guided her to look at him. ‘’I know you are superior to us organics in every possible way, but even you aren’t almighty. There are things even you can’t prevent.’’ Joker hugged her again.

The time suddenly froze and as Edi looked beyond Jeff’s shoulder, she saw a creature forming in the darkness. A certain dark blue Alicorn princess stepped forward. ‘’Princess Luna?’’ Edi asked surprised. ‘’So, this is a dream, then,’’ Edi concluded.

‘’Sadly, yes. This is only a dream. Even I am not able to bring your loved one back to you. But I am able to help you find peace. I am giving you an opportunity to say your farewells,’’ Luna started to disappear again. ‘’Jeff Moreau has loved you with all his heart. He will always be a part of you,’’ Luna said with a smile and vanished.

‘’What do you think about a nice picnic?’’ Joker asked and pointed at a spread blanket with candle light, a bottle of wine, two glasses and some snacks.

‘’I would like that,’’ Edi admitted.

They sat down and talked. They didn’t talk about the Reapers or about Jeff’s live. They talked about their memories together. When Jeff started the Normandy and Edi assisted him. Or when Edi notified him about something about the ship’s status, about some flying maneuvers they wanted to test out together. When the candle burned out, they were silent.

‘’It is time,’’ Jeff said sadly.

‘’Yeah,’’ Edi replied her head hanging.

They stood up. Jeff took her hands into his. ‘’The time I spent with you was the best time of my life,’’ Jeff said and gave her a passionate kiss. And Edi kissed back. She put everything into this kiss, all her emotions, all her love for Jeff. ‘’Wow, that was the best kiss of my life,’’ Jeff said astounded, a cheeky smile on his face. He started to fade. ‘’I will be waiting for you on the other side,’’ Jeff promised.

‘’I am only a machine, Jeff. I won’t be going where you are now,’’ Edi exclaimed sadly trying to hold Jeff back from disappearing.

‘’You are not a machine. You are Edi, my comrade, my best friend, my lover. I will be waiting for you and when the time will come, you will join me,’’ Jeff said and vanished. Edi was left alone.

A picture floated from above down to her. The picture landed in front of her feet. Edi took the picture into her hands. It showed a young girl waving and smiling at the camera. The girl looked healthy and had long black hair and some freckles on her face. Edi smiled. She turned the picture around. On the backside was only a name.

Sophia Moreau.

Edi woke up in the real world again. It was night and she spotted Shepard looking concerned over her omni-tool.

‘’What happened, Edi? You were acting very strangely,’’ Shepard asked concerned.

‘’I dreamt, Shepard,’’ Edi explained shortly.

‘’Really?’’ She saw Shepard was relieved that it wasn’t some kind of serious problem. Totally missing the point that a synthetic shouldn’t be able to dream in the first place.

‘’Was it a good dream?’’ Shepard wanted to know.

‘’The best,’’ Edi said simply.

Shepard nodded smiling and went back to bed to continue her interrupted sleep. When Shepard was asleep again, Edi made a decision. She would live her life for Jeff. She would experience her life to the fullest and the first thing she had to do when she managed to return to council space was finding Sophia Moreau.