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The Reapers Legacy - Maximumoversaiyan96

After activating the Crucible commander Shepard finds herself on a strange planet without any way to reach her allies. Luckily, she finds help in form of truly magical creatures.

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Chapter 6: Attack on Canterlot

Chapter Six: Attack On Canterlot

He didn’t know what to take this for. They had followed an Alliance SOS signal to a small, strange, metallic device of some sorts. It was round and his scientists hadn’t any idea how it even worked. The signal was also strange. It used codes from the Alliance over fifty years old.

When the scientists tried to examine it, it opened and showed them the projection of a quadruple creature, which immediately started to speak in a rubbish language nobody of his crew could understand.

Apparently, it was an undiscovered pre-space flight species. And this thing was their first attempt to reach the skies. Pitiful, this was a waste of their time. They could try to harvest them, but they were probably so underdeveloped, that would be a waste of resources.

Fleet Commander Byrne Pickett was in a very bad mood. He commandeered the sixth fleet of the Exiled. His fleet was composed of two heavy dreadnoughts and half a dozen frigates. They were just returning from a capturing mission.

They had attacked a human colony to kidnap their civilians. Unfortunately, they were stopped in their raid midway by a N7 squad, which prevented them from acquiring all of the colonists. At least, they got a consolation prize.

Byrne was not your typical Exiled recruit. Or at least, that was what he thought of himself. He joined them when his Alliance carrier got stuck. He had been demoted because he had ignored his superior’s orders. This mistake caused them to lose all the ships he had been in command of.

It was in middle of a space fight against some Batarian splinter group which worked together with pirates. Pickett’s superior ordered a retreat, but Pickett believed a combined attack could dispel the enemy forces. Ignoring his orders Pickett charged in. He believed that his superior would back him up, but they retreated. All his commanding ships were destroyed. He had to evacuate the ship. In an evacuation pod he landed on a planet. After his superior returned with reinforcements, they destroyed the pirates and picked him and the surviving members of his crew up. It was brought up to the military tribunal. They adjudged him guilty and he was stripped of his honors and was assigned to a desk job.

He never regretted his decision, nor he thought of the many lives he had sacrificed for his failed plan. He had no compassion for them. They had been just tools for him to raise in rank. So, when he caught a bunch of guys recruiting for the Exiled, he gladly put his skills under their command.

Naturally, Pickett didn’t believe the bullshit of the salvation of the Reapers, but as long they gave him power, he would serve them. The Exiled were totally different to the Alliance. They only cared about the results. He could sacrifice as much as he wanted as long as he got the job done. Also, you got Reaper Tech installed into your body, you got the best men, the best equipment, Reaper based ships.

Pickett was at first reluctant about letting Reaper Tech be implanted into his body, but they were the best enhancements possible. And with the Reapers gone the danger of being indoctrinated was gone, too. And they just felt really good. He could think better, act quicker, he was stronger, more focused.

Still the Council tried to stop the trade of Reaper technology. There were hard punishments for harboring unregistered Reaper tech. In worst cases you were sentenced to death. Even Aria T’Loak was cooperating with the council on this matter. Omega had always been a safe haven for all the scum of the universe. Yet, if you were caught smuggling Reaper tech on Omega you were executed on the spot. Aria was merciless when it came to Reaper tech. It was well known that she transferred all found Reaper Tech to Citadel Security. Pickett always wondered what the council was paying Aria for her cooperation. No way, she would willingly let go of something as valuable as Reaper tech. It could give you an edge in every conflict situation. But Aria thoroughly kept Omega Reaper tech free.

Over time, Pickett saw more and more sense in the Exiled’s prophecy. He started to believe in the Exiled and in their cause. He wanted to realize their destiny of the destruction of the universe. When he reached the rank of fleet commander, he was completely loyal and devoted to their cause.

The Leader of the Exiled, the Annihilator, he had never met him in person. He had spoken to him via communication, but they had never met personally. Pickett could say almost nothing about him, neither which race he was nor which gender. The person behind the Annihilator was a complete mystery.

Pickett was watching the message of the orb for the umpteenth time when suddenly the picture switched from the quadruple to a human woman.

’’Here is Commander Shepard speaking. I am stranded on an unknown planet. I request an immediate pick up. Caution! I have encountered pre-space flight species. The location of the planet is on the coordinates of the start vectors of this vessel. Repeat. Pre-space flight people. Requesting a simple pick up.’’

Pickett couldn’t believe his eyes and ears. The legendary Commander Shepard was still alive. The old enemy who had destroyed the Reapers had returned. This was his chance. If he brought the Exiled Shepard, then they would make him at least an admiral.

‘’Where did this orb come from?’’ He asked his first officer.

The Asari called Nameny Shaza replied. ‘’We have calculated the coordinates. The orb was sent from this planet.’’ She opened a galaxy map and it closed in on a planet. Shaza had been his first officer for over a year now. She was competent and undertook all the responsibilities he was too lazy to care about.

‘’Well, what is it?’’ Pickett asked impatient.

‘’There are no recordings of this system. Until now it was assumed that it was desolated,’’ She answered.

‘’We have to go there now!’’ Pickett ordered.

‘’But, Sir. It is standard protocol to discharge the captured people after an attack at one of our processing bases,’’ Shaza informed him.

Pickett looked at her coldly. ‘’Are you questioning my orders? Commander Shepard had resurfaced. It is our chance to capture her. We can’t risk a council ship reaching her first as we unload the prisoners!’’ Pickett said shouting.

‘’But it is most unlikely that this is the real Commander Shepard, Sir. Nobody had seen her since the crucible and that was more than fifty years ago,’’ The Asari officer said.

‘’Don’t lecture me about my history. I know full well how long it has been. But the SOS signal matches the signal they used during that time. If this is some kind of ruse, then it is a very elaborate one. No, I think this is the real Shepard. After all, this is Commander Shepard we are talking about. With her everything is possible,’’ Pickett replied.

The first officer was seeing that she wouldn’t be able to reason with her superior. ‘’But, what about the N7?’’ She asked.

‘’What about her? She sold out her whole team. She won’t turn on us just because we are taking a detour,’’ Pickett laughed loudly. ‘’Now, set course to that forsaken planet!’’ Pickett ordered.

The Asari saluted. ‘’Sir, Yes, Sir!’’ She exclaimed and went to transmit his order to the other ships.

Pickett grinned evil. That made his day. He would be the one to capture the great Commander Shepard. He would defeat the legend. Something even the great Reapers hadn’t been able to achieve. He almost giggled. He was about to become a man remembered in the centuries to come. He would be the one to defeat Commander Shepard.

The next few days Commander Shepard spent in Canterlot. Unfortunately, not all of her Pony friends could stay. Fluttershy had to get back to Ponnyville to take care of her little animals. Spike had probably all his claws full keeping them in line. Rarity also had to return. She still had to make a ton of dresses for some clients. And Applejack had to get back to the Apple farm. Her family could probably handle her absence, but it didn’t feel right to Applejack to let them slave away while she dilly dallied in Canterlot.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were the only ones to be able to stand behind. Twilight was a princess herself, so she could pretty much do everything she wanted. All the bureaucratic stuff in Ponyville was anyway handled by Madam Major and her apparatus of the state. Pinkie Pie took a week off at Sugarcube Corner and so she could stay in Canterlot. Rainbow Dash actually had weather duty, but she was known to slack off. For her to neglect her work for a week or so was common.

Whenever the two princesses were able to, they meet up with Shepard. They even ordered some subordinates to fetch Shepard’s weapon and armor from Ponyville. Shepard spent most of her time with the royal guard. They were led by a big unicorn called Midnight Light. He was the successor of Shining Armor as Captain of the royal guard, who now was the Prince of the Crystal Empire.

They were the closest thing to a soldier she could find in Equestria. They exchanged tactics and their adventures. They even held a mock battle. It didn’t end so well.

Shepard met the Wonderbolts as well. The Captain Spitfire was shocked about the speed they were able to reach in the sky. Some flew at the speed of sound. No organic being should be able to do that. But Rainbow Dash took the icing of the cake. Shepard watched her how she performed a Sonic Rainboom. She broke through the sound barrier which resulted in a light explosion. All the colors glimmered through the skies. Dash really enjoyed Shepard’s dumbstruck face.

Celestia and Luna were thrilled by Shepard’s adventures. Shepard had to tell all the Ponies in Ponyville about her adventures and really got the hang out of it. Whenever she told her story everypony present who listened to her were swept along.

They were just having one such conversation over tea when suddenly Edi spoke up. ‘’Shepard, I detected the presence of ships in the orbit.’’ The room fell silent.

‘’Are you sure, Edi?’’ Shepard asked unsure. This reaction was way too quick. The probes were launched only a few days ago.

‘’Positive. I am receiving their signals and judging by the radio intercourse there are many ships,’’ Edi informed. Shepard tried to make sense of that. Why would they send a whole fleet to pick her up?

After the war with the Reapers the council would need any ship available to maintain the status quo and rebuild the planets destroyed by the Reapers. ‘’It gets worse. They are clearly using Reaper tech,’’ Edi added.

Shepard gasped. ‘’But I destroyed the Reapers. How could there be any left of them?’’ Shepard asked concerned. The Ponies looked at Shepard in worry. If her stories were anything to go by then the Reapers were the worst possible thing that could visit one’s planet.

‘’No, they are not Reapers. It is not real Reaper tech. They are only copies of the real thing,’’ Shepard let out a sigh of relief. Wait, that was bad, too.

‘’Who in their right mind would use Reaper tech?’’ Shepard asked.

‘’Cerberus.’’ Edi replied shortly. Yeah, that made sense. They were the only ones actively using Reaper tech. But the Illusive man had fallen. Without him Cerberus should have crumbled apart quickly. Maybe it was a scattered group. They found the message and now wanted revenge.

‘’Princess Celestia, warn your people! Whoever is coming, he is not a friend,’’ As Shepard said that, ships appeared above Canterlot. Shepard saw two dreadnoughts. That was way too much. They were dealing with a pre-space flight species here and they brought something equivalent to an atom-bomb.

‘’Citizens, we are under attack. I repeat we are under attack. Please look for shelter how we have planned it.’’ Celestia’s voice echoed through Canterlot. The Ponies started to run in panic, frightened by the warning and the strange objects in the sky.

‘’We have reached the coordinates of the start of the object. It looks like a city. They have seen us. What should we do?’’ The first officer asked.

‘’Commence the attack. I want Shepard found and brought to me dead or alive, preferable the latter.’’ Pickett replied.

The Asari passed on his orders. ‘’Everybody make yourself ready for battle! Standard procedure. Release the Seekers. Open fire,’’ She said through the communication links. One of the frigates opened fire.

Suddenly a canon shot destroyed a street. ‘’No!’’ Luna cried out and took to the air.

Shepard could see ships dropping troops and something even worse. ‘’Edi, is that what I think it is?’’ Shepard asked.

‘’Positive. These are replicated seeker swarms,’’ Edi confirmed her suspicion.

‘’Celestia!’’ Shepard stopped the sun princess to join her sister in battle. ‘’You have to look out for those swarms. They will paralyze you, if they touch you,’’ Shepard warned the diarch.

Celestia nodded. ‘’I will pass it on to all troops,’’ Celestia said and flew off. Twilight followed her mentor quickly.

Rainbow Dash was about to follow her when Shepard stopped her. ‘’No, you will be paralyzed when they touch you, you have to hide yourself,’’ Shepard said.

‘’No way, I’ll let them fight this alone!’’ Shepard pulled Rainbow Dash down and looked her into the eyes.

‘’You have to be smart, soldier. This isn’t an enemy you understand. You have to bring any civilians to safety and then yourself!’’ Shepard jelled.

Rainbow taken aback from the sudden change of attitude of Shepard nodded shocked. Shepard saw that she came through to her and stormed towards her room. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash now were helping the other Ponies to get to safe zones.

Since the attack of the changelings, Celestia arranged to set up several defenses. One was a magic shield for major buildings. When all Ponies were in, a guard would summon the shield, blocking them from almost any attack. Many of those bubbles appeared across Canterlot. Second was a big magic defense tower which for some reason was still not working.

‘’We have fighters on our scanners,’’ First officer Nameny Shaza reported.

‘’So, they have some defenses. It doesn’t matter,’’ Pickett said.

‘’Sir, the fighters are organic creatures,’’ Shaza said.

‘’What?’’ Pickett laughed. ‘’They will perish like bugs in a bug zapper. What do they think they will accomplish? They won’t damage our shields at all,’’ Pickett was amused.

‘’Actually, Sir, they are using an unknown energy to attack our ships. Although our ship’s shields still hold, they are causing considerable damage,’’ Shaza informed him. ‘’And we can’t detect any weaponry system either,’’ She added.

‘’Do you want to tell me these creatures are able to create an unknown energy capable of damaging our shields all be themselves?’’ Pickett asked stunned. Shaza nodded. ‘’How interesting!’’ Pickett rubbed his chin thinking. ‘’Continue the attack! Try to harvest as many as possible of those aliens!’’ Pickett ordered.

When Shepard returned from her room in full gear, she entered the throne room. There she saw a crowd of Ponies cowering in fear. Shepard addressed the crowd. ‘’Has anybody an idea how we can help?’’ She asked. She didn’t receive any answer. ‘’There must be something we can do,’’ Shepard insisted.

A young Pony mare, Shepard recognized her as one of Solar Love’s assistants, stepped forward. ‘’There is the defense tower. It is a wonder it hasn’t activated yet,’’ She said.

Shepard was thankful for such a shimmer of hope. ‘’Then we have to go to the tower and look what is wrong,’’ Shepard said.

‘’No, this is too dangerous.’’ One out of the crowd jelled. The young mare quivered her grey fur stood up, but her look was firm and her voice almost steady.

‘’I should be able to repair it,’’ She confirmed.

‘’You will never make it. The tower is across the town,’’ One other Pony jelled.

The mare seemed to lose confidence. Shepard kneeled down to her. ‘’What is your name?’’ Shepard asked.

‘’Starry Diamond,’’ Starry replied.

‘’Starry Diamond, I promise you that I will get you to the tower,’’ Shepard promised with a firm look in her eyes. It had an encouraging effect on the mare. Starry seemed to gather her courage again.

They left the castle. Canterlot was a real mess. Above flew ships shooting at the Ponies, down on earth seeker swarms tried to paralyze anypony they met, and the landing troops shot down anypony still moving. While the guards tried to stop them. And it looked like that they were almost evenly matched.

At least the attacking forces advanced at a much slower pace than Shepard expected. In the air on the other hand the Ponies were hugely outmatched. Only thing keeping them in the game were the three princesses who shot their magic at the attacking ships. She saw the Wonderbolts trying to assist them and some guards shooting magic from some balconies, but they mattered little.

As Shepard protected Starry Diamond on her way through Canterlot, she felt how a new hatred swelled in her chest. She would never forgive them for this. This was as close as you could get to a paradise and they were destroying it. The people of this world didn’t deserve this. They were too good for the galaxy. Shepard will make them regret ever putting a foot on Equestria. There was no place in the galaxy, they would be able to escape their punishment.

Shepard fought them both through hordes of enemies. Shepard was convinced that it wasn’t Cerberus, now. She saw not only Humans among the attacking party but Turians, Asari and even some Krogan. That was most definitely not Cerberus’ MO.

At least the Equestrian shields were holding up. By this time almost every building was shielded by a purple bubble. Although it looked a bit strange, it successfully withheld any attacks, even the ships canons. On the streets were only guards and the attackers left. And with the help of Shepard, the Ponies were pushing the attacking troops back.

‘’There is the tower!’’ Starry jelled while hiding behind cover pointing forward. Shepard took out an assault trooper and looked in the pointed direction. It was a strange building with a big hole in the ceiling.

‘’That is your tower?’’ Shepard asked a little disappointed.

‘’Well, it is a magic tower,’’ Starry shrugged. Of course, magic, the solution for every problem.

‘’Then let’s go!’’ Shepard said and covered Starry’s advance. A fighter jet crashed just a few meters away from them. Starry cried in fear. Shepard heaved her back on her feet. Eventually, after a dozen more soldiers they finally reached the tower. They entered and Shepard held the door, shooting at every soldier trying to get close.

The soldiers seemed to target her specifically. ‘’What is the hold up?’’ Shepard asked as she shot a singularity at a charging Krogan and finished him off with her pistol.

‘’Something is not right. It should work from down here,’’ Starry said her horn glowing white. ‘’I have to go up there and look,’’ Starry said and galloped up the stairs.

Shepard sighed and continued to hold the door. Hopefully, the tower would do some good. In the skies almost all Equestrian forces were eradicated. The only ones left, were the three princesses and they were cornered. It didn’t look good for them. They wouldn’t last very much longer without help.

‘’The enemy forces are collapsing. They won’t be able to continue the air fight any longer,’’ Shaza his first officer stated.

‘’Good,’’ Pickett said satisfied. These strange beings had caused them more trouble than he thought. Those purple energy shields were a bit of a problem, though. They even held against their ships fire. But once they had cleared the sky they would be able to establish a safe zone to deploy even more ground troops and then conquer this pathetic city. Then they would deal with these annoying shields.

‘’Sir, we have visual on a strange building. On its rooftop is something charging up,’’ Shaza told Pickett.

‘’What do you mean? Speak more clearly!’’ Pickett demanded. Before Shaza could reply the tower shot at a frigate, destroying it in one blow. ‘’What just happened?’’ Pickett asked.

‘’We lost the frigate ‘Canary’,’’ Shaza reported.

‘’What? How could that happen?’’ Pickett screamed.

‘’We don’t know. The tower is firing again!’’ Shaza jelled. A heavy blow shook the ship. ‘’Our shields are down. Heavy damage at the crew’s quarters. We won’t withstand another hit.’’ Shaza read out loud the readings.

Pickett frowned. ‘’Retreat!’’ He said shortly.

‘’Sir?’’ Shaza asked unsure.

‘’You heard what I said!’’ He jelled at her.

‘’All ships retreat. I repeat all units to retreat.’’ Shaza gave through his order. The ships changed course towards space. ‘’We lost frigates ‘London’ and ‘Snake Head’.’’ Shaza informed the fleet Commander.

He had underestimated these barbarians. ‘’Did we manage to capture Shepard?’’ He asked already knowing the answer.

‘’Negative, troops were able to confirm Shepard’s existence, but they weren’t able to subdue the Commander,’’ Shaza told him.

Pickett hit with his fist on his armrest. ‘’What is the status?’’ Pickett asked.

‘’Our ship the ‘’Harbinger’’ has taken heavy damage. The repairs are already on their way. But it won’t be battle ready again, before a full repair in one of our docks. The other dreadnought the ‘Leviathan’ is mostly undamaged. The frigate ‘Meteor’ got hit and lost one of their mass effect cores. It will probably explode. The crew is evacuating in shuttles. The other two frigates ‘Battering ram’ and ‘Lose canon’ took only minor damage and are almost fully operational. However, we lost the ‘Canary’, ‘London’ and ‘Snake Head’. We managed to capture a few of the new aliens, but we are still determining the exact number.’’ Shaza finished her report.

This attack was a disaster. Pickett knew that he would be punished for this failure. ‘’Take course for our nearest base,’’ He ordered, and the remaining ships jumped to light speed and left Equus.

Shepard felt how her body woke up again. This time of peace hadn’t dulled her fighting skills one bit. In fact, this pause of all the fighting gave her time to rest. She killed one enemy after the another. Shepard felt like she could keep this up for days. She was full of energy. But hopefully she wouldn’t have to.

Starry had gone up to the tower’s top quite some time ago. Shepard hoped that she would manage to repair the tower. It was their only chance to turn the tides in this battle. Then Shepard heard a humming. Shepard looked up to see a stick splitting into to two ends appearing on the roof. That was their ultimate defense? How was it even going to shoot? Suddenly energy started to gather in the space between the two ends. When it was fully charged it shot and hit a frigate. The ship was destroyed with one hit. Shepard looked in awe.

That they could built a weapon that strong really surprised her. That magic was just something else. Now it targeted one of the dreadnoughts. The next shot hit the dreadnought and destroyed its shields. One more hit and it would be destroyed, too. The enemy started to retreat. The tower managed to take out two more frigates before the enemy completely retreated into space.

One of the frigates crashed not far away from Shepard’s position. The enemy had retreated so Shepard thought it safe for her to investigate these attackers. As she approached the crashed ship. Edi informed her. ‘’I detect several life signs on the ship. Resistance is to be expected.’’

Shepard slowly approached the ship. It had a big hole on one side. The perfect entry point. Shepard climbed inside. Inside of the ship waited a hole army for her. But she had to find answers. Edi guided her to a room where a control console should be located. When she entered the room, she saw the many capsules on the walls. ‘’These capsules are similar to what the collectors used. I receive only four life signs in all of the pods.’’ Edi informed.

Shepard looked at the console. ‘’Edi try to download as much data as you can. I will try to free those prisoners,’’ Shepard said.

‘’But be quick, I sense other soldiers approaching,’’ Edi said. Shepard went to a pod with an Asari in it and started to smash the glass in.

It was dark and cold. Shae started to regain consciousness. There was a sound. Somebody was hitting against something. She slowly opened her eyes. She saw a human woman hitting against a glass wall. She eventually broke through. She pulled her out of some kind of container. Her head was still groggy, but she started to remember things.

She had been on a mission. Her thoughts were interrupted by the woman. ‘’Are you alright? Are you a soldier? Can you use a gun?’’ The strange woman asked.

To befogged to answer with words, Shae just nodded. The woman pushed a gun into her hands. Then she proceeded to open another pod. Shae saw the N7 symbol clear on her chest plate. Weird. She had never seen her before. She wanted to help her, but the woman pointed at the door. She should look out for enemies. Shae still wobbly walked towards some cover and hid behind it to surprise the incoming Exiled. Her head started to clear out when the first soldier came through the door. She blasted his head off. Then his fellow soldiers attacked. There were too many and she was still disoriented, they would have overrun her, if not her savior hadn’t come to her aid.

She successfully pushed the attackers back singlehandedly. She had freed the rest of her squad, what was left of it after the betrayal anyway. She saw Morrigan holding her head and Nivraka trying to stand up. Mikal was also there, but he as well had problems to orientate himself.

‘’Hey, get up!’’ The woman ordered.

‘’Edi, are you finished?’’ She asked somebody.

A voice answered. ‘’I have found something interesting, but it doesn’t help your immediate situation. I probably should wait until you are in safety.’’ The voice was synthetic but had more emotion than any VI Shae had ever met.

‘’Grab some guns and follow me.’’ The woman ordered.

At first Shae wanted to refuse to obey. They were N7 after all. Who was she to order them around, but she had saved them and something in her voice made her obey. The four N7 wobbly walked towards an exit. The woman directed them out of the ship. The ship must have been damaged because Shae saw fire and parts of the ship lying everywhere. The four stumbled towards the light which was the exit of this hell.

The woman covered their retreat. Shae couldn’t really judge the skill of the woman since she needed all her strength to keep walking forward. The four eventually stepped out in the open. They coughed and fell to the ground. They had escaped. When Shae looked up she saw a wooden stump crashing down on her. She lost consciousness again.

As Shepard guided the four prisoners outside, she observed them. They all wore armor, which meant they were soldiers. The kind of armor she had never seen. It must be a new model. Since her own armor was supposed to be state of the art. Concerning was that they had N7 symbol on their armors. N7 was a human military program and only one of them was human.

There could only be two explanations. First, they were pirates who successfully managed to kill a bunch of N7. This was very unlikely, because N7 were the best of the best and pretty rare among human military. They would have had much luck to meet so many in one place or so good that they killed them on several separate occasions.

Second, was that they were fake, which seemed for Shepard to be the case. A bunch of wannabie soldiers strapped a N7 symbol on their armor and tried to play hero. Shepard shook her head in disapproval.

Outside they were met by a group of Pony guards. Shepard looked back inside to make sure that the were no pursuers. When she looked back at the Ponies, she saw them knocking the prisoners unconscious. The Salarian, human and Asari still weakened by the pod went down easily, but the Krogan roared angrily.

The Krogan grabbed a Pony and threw him a good distance. Some Unicorns captured the Krogan in their magic and smashed her against the ground. The Krogan screamed in fury. They lifted her up and smashed her again against the ground, successfully knocking her out cold.

‘’Hey, what are you doing?’’ Shepard asked a guard angrily trying to stop such treatment.

‘’Commander Shepard, we have orders to subdue and capture any alien who might have landed here,’’ The guard explained.

‘’But they weren’t the ones who attacked us. They were prisoners,’’ Shepard stated.

The guard didn’t care. ‘’We have our orders. If you have something to discuss, talk to the princesses, so long they will be put into custody.’’

Shepard stopped herself from retorting something rude and walked passed the guard. ‘’I will talk to Princess Celestia. But be careful with this ship. There might be some soldiers left who I have overlooked,’’ She warned the guard.

‘’We appreciate your warning,’’ The guard answered. ‘’You there, take a couple of guards with you and search this ship for any survivors. Try to take them alive, but if not possible, you are allowed to use lethal force,’’ He said.

More than ten guards entered the ship. Shepard walked back to the castle. The city looked better than expected. Of course, everywhere were signs of the battle and some parts were destroyed, but the shields were employed in time, saving most of the buildings and citizens. The actual extent of the destruction Shepard would only find out until she had spoken to Celestia.

At the tower she met Starry Diamond, who had tears in her eyes. Shepard hugged the frightened Pony and let her cry on her shoulder. Starry Diamond thankful for the gesture took full advantage of the situation and cried a river all over Shepard’s armor, but Shepard didn’t mind much.

This Pony had proven her courage in a desperate situation, she was a hero. Shepard hold her in her arms while walking back to the castle. Starry Diamond calmed down on the way.

At the castle they parted, Starry Diamond was going to search for her friends and family to assure them she was alright, while Shepard went up the stairs towards the throne room.