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The Reapers Legacy - Maximumoversaiyan96

After activating the Crucible commander Shepard finds herself on a strange planet without any way to reach her allies. Luckily, she finds help in form of truly magical creatures.

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Chapter 5: Message to the Stars

Chapter Five: Message To The Stars

The next month Shepard lived contently in Ponyville. Shepard really enjoyed this new life. It was so peaceful. She went to the Apple farm in the morning and came back in the evening. She became good friends with the Apple family, even with Granny Smith who had overcome her initial distrust of Shepard.

Shepard also found a passionate fan in Spike. She often told him about her adventures beyond the stars and Spike was a very good listener. He soaked everything up, what she told him. In return the little Dragon told her Twilight’s and his adventures. Apparently, he was the national hero of the Crystal Empire, which was ruled by Twilight’s brother and his wife. Shepard tried to keep an open mind, but these adventures were just too magical. Although she had to admit, her adventure must sound as ludicrous to Spike as his to her.

After a few days Twilight had repaired her armor. Shepard didn’t know how Twilight had done it, but her armor was in perfect good shape again. No signs of damage. It looked like Shepard just bought it. Rarity had even taken the liberty to wash it properly.

Edi meanwhile was fascinated by the Equestrian magic. She held long scientific discussions with Twilight, who turned out to be a scientist of her people. Twilight tried to explain the mechanics of magic, while Edi told her about the advanced physics.

The only thing Shepard learned from those boring discussions were that magic in fact was created with the aid of math. She had to be present after all. Otherwise Twilight and Edi couldn’t communicate. Shepard wasn’t prepared for how deeply that piece of information hit her. Magic, the fantasies she had while she was a child, the mystery and glamor of magic, disappeared behind an obscure math equation.

The Ponies had developed special organs to optimize the harness of magic. The two conducted a few experiments over the time and Edi even became capable of detecting magic. Edi really enjoyed talking to Twilight. The purple alicorn was smart, incredibly smart even and motivated. Shepard even believed Edi started to respect Twilight. The unlikely duo became good friends.

But even all this, a new world with a completely unknown species with magic abilities, couldn’t distract Shepard for long. She got used to the hard work and she started to stay up nights longer and longer thinking about her loved ones and how they must mourn her, and she was stuck here without anyway to let them know, that she was ok.

Twilight briefed Shepard every once and awhile about the progress of the first Equestrian space project. It seemed they would be soon ready to send the first probes out into space. The rulers of Equestria would send them a message once the probes were completed. They would have to go to Canterlot, the capital of Equestria, to witness the event.

So, more than a month passed and one evening Shepard just returned from her work. She had established a steady income. She even offered to pay Twilight rent, but the princess of friendship refused stubbornly. When Twilight stormed towards her. ‘’Shepard, I have great news. The probes are finally done. They will be launched tomorrow afternoon,’’ Twilight screamed excitedly. ‘’We are all invited to the launch.’’ Twilight had frequent letter contact with Princess Celestia.

Shepard was looking forward to meeting Princess Celestia. It was not everyday, that you met an almost god like creature. Celestia had lived for several millennia, which made her even older then the oldest Asari.

‘’We will tomorrow morning take the train to Canterlot,’’ Twilight said showing Shepard a couple of tickets.

Canterlot. Shepard had heard much about the capital of Equestria. It was the political center of Equestria and its richest city. Canterlot was filled with the better earning half of the population, nobles, rich business men, high officials, they all lived in Canterlot. Shepard saw the risk in such centralism, because if Canterlot was taken out, Equestria would immediately fall into chaos. Twilight told her that Canterlot was attempted to be conquered many times over the history.

The most recent attempt was made by the race called Changelings. They camouflaged themselves as Ponies and infiltrated Canterlot. Only with the Elements of Harmony they were able to chase them out. Shepard didn’t look forward meeting them, but Twilight assured her they were stopped. Shepard thanked Twilight for the news and went to her room to pack her things.

The next day Shepard, Twilight and her friends gathered at the train station. Spike had to stay behind to watch over Fluttershy’s critters. Shepard was excited to ride an actual steam locomotive. It was like a throw back into the past. The ride took a bit more than four hours. Shepard was in awe by the Castle. Shepard was doubting that it even was possible for it to stand on such small foundation, yet the castle stood.

Twilight lead Shepard up to the castle. Princess Celestia had wished to meet the alien personally before the launch. The other Ponies scattered across the town. Shepard had heard that Rarity had a second fashion shop in Canterlot. Shepard followed Twilight to the castle.

At the castle Shepard had her first encounter with Equestrian military. Everywhere stood Pony guards. They had all the same golden armor with a blue crest on their helmets edges, except for a few, who Shepard assumed were officers. The weapons and armor were surprisingly low tech. Shepard expected from a race with unbelievable magic abilities like Twilight’s to have better means of defense. They were let through by the castle guards.

This castle was much bigger than Twilight’s. Shepard could probably get lost in here. Twilight lead Shepard to the throne room. The guards recognized Twilight immediately and let them pass. In the throne room stood two thrones. One was white and had a banner of a white alicorn behind it, while the other was dark blue and had a banner of a blue alicorn behind it. On the thrones sat, Shepard assumed, princess Celestia and princess Luna.

Princess Celestia was a huge Pony. Shepard was even inclined to believe that she was an actual horse. Unlike with every other Pony Shepard had met so far, she didn’t have to look down to conversate with Celestia. They were almost at eye-level with Shepard looking a bit up. Beside her sat princess Luna who was also taller than most other Ponies but was considerable smaller than Celestia.

Twilight trotted towards them and Shepard followed her close-up. ‘’Ah, Commander Shepard, we were expecting you. We have heard much about you from our former student. I was looking forward to finally meeting you,’’ Celestia greeted them warmly.

Shepard bowed her head and then looked up. Princess Celestia had also rainbow-colored mane similar to Rainbow Dash, but her mane drifted gently in the wind and sparkled. Wind? There was no wind in here, yet Shepard saw Celestia’s and Luna’s, for that matter, move gently to a breeze. Shepard decided not to ask about that and just accept it.

‘’It is my honor to finally meet you, your highnesses. If you heard about me, then you also know about my situation,’’ Shepard replied.

Celestia nodded. ‘’Yes, we are aware of your circumstances. And we decided to help you,’’ Celestia said.

Shepard frowned. ‘’It is not to me to reject such a generous offer, but I must warn you. If you help me, there might be heavy consequences for your people. If my people really find me, then they will also discover your existence. You will be dragged into the spot light of the galaxy and not all are friendly. Aggressors could land on your planet and try to subjugate your kind,’’ Shepard explained the possible risks of helping her contact her people.

Celestia was silent for a bit. Then a kind smile spread over her lips. ‘’I believe it is our responsibility to help you to the utmost we can. When my sister visited you in your dream, she was able to take a look into your soul. She told me that you are a being tested by fate time and time again and had to overcome many great difficulties, you had to sacrifice so much. And now that you stand before me, I see it myself. Your pain, your suffering and yet you retained your noble heart. We can’t let you suffer any longer for possible future actions of others. We will get you back home and should that lead to conflict, so be it.’’ Celestia was silent again.

Shepard took her words in. This decision was just stupid. Princess Celestia couldn’t just risk her whole species just to help her out. No, Shepard understood now. It was not stupidity which lead to this decision. It was genuine kindness.

Princess Luna noticing Shepard’s struggle added. ‘’You may have only seen us in our peaceful lives. But I can assure you, we are fully capable of defending ourselves.’’ Luna had a confident look on her face.

Shepard thought about that. Their ability to use magic certainly gave them an edge, but was that enough to ensure safety? Shepard wasn’t so sure. After an internal struggle Shepard decided just to trust in these two princesses and accept their help. ‘’If you really want to do it, then I humbly accept your help,’’ Shepard replied.

Celestia answered. ‘’Excellent. The preparations are almost complete. If you want to attach any message onto the probes, Luna will guide you to their location. But before you go I wish to ask of you something. I know it must be hard to experience your intense past again, but since ever my sister told me what she saw in your mind, I am really interested in your story. When the launch is complete may you be so kind to stay for a while and tell us your exciting tale?’’ Celestia asked Shepard. Luna nodded eagerly. It seemed she was looking forward to it as well.

Well, there wouldn’t be any harm done in telling them. Shepard replied. ‘’It would be my pleasure.’’ The meeting was over.

Luna stood up and walked out of the throne room. Twilight and Shepard followed her. Luna smiled when Shepard walked beside her. ‘’This is much different to our last conversation, is it not? How is life threating you in Ponyville?’’ Luna asked.

‘’It is very different to my life I have spent to that point, but I like it. Everybody is so nice and caring. This is very uncommon in the galaxy,’’ Shepard replied. Luna nodded satisfied. ‘’I still hadn’t any chance to thank you for leading me out of that forest,’’ Shepard thanked Luna.

Luna replied smiling. ‘’It was nothing. Where is your bodiless companion?’’ Luna asked.

‘’I am here,’’ Edi replied on Shepard’s arm.

Luna’s brows raised in surprise. ‘’So, she really does possess your arm. This is very unsettling,’’ Luna said shivering.

‘’I don’t possess Shepard’s arm, princess Luna. I am located in a device implanted in Shepard’s arm. I don’t have any control over Shepard’s body movements,’’ Edi assured Luna.

The night princess didn’t seem to buy it. Luna lead them through some corridors, then over a huge court until they reached another building. Shepard guessed it was some kind of research facility, because she saw a bunch of scientists running around. And some metal orbs were in the center of the commotion.

When they reached the scientists, Luna said her goodbyes for the moment. She wanted to get some sleep before the launch. The scientists looked curiously at Shepard. Some even looked like they would happily strap Shepard to a table and dissect her alive. Of course, only in the name of science. But Shepard was relieved to see that it was the minority.

Twilight introduced her to the leading scientist. He was an old unicorn called Solar Love. Although he was old, his eyes reflected his sharp mind. Edi and the scientists needed about half an hour to install the message on all six orbs. It was a standard Alliance SOS signal with a personal message from Shepard. ‘’Here is Commander Shepard speaking. I am stranded on an unknown planet. I request an immediate pick up. Caution! I have encountered pre-space flight species. The location of the planet is on the coordinates of the start vectors of this vessel. Repeat. Pre-space flight people. A simple pick up.’’ Then it would just repeat the message.

After that they had lunch with Celestia. She was a remarkable person. Shepard wished more rulers would use kindness instead of fear to control their people. Yet, Shepard couldn’t grasp how powerful Celestia exactly was. She had the aura of a caring mother, but in a world with magic to be regarded as the strongest, you must be insanely powerful. Shepard wondered. Would she be able to defeat Celestia? In the current state surely not, but with enough intel about her powers and with enough time for the scientists to come up with a weapon, it would become a fair fight. Shepard shook her head. She shouldn’t think such thoughts. Although as a soldier it interested her who would win.

Shepard started her story with a basic overview of the galaxy. She told Celestia about her own race the Humans. How they were the newcomers of the galaxy. About the citadel and the galactic council with the four leading races Asari, Salarians, Turians and Humans. Celestia would have liked to hear more, but it was almost time. They would continue another time. Celestia promised Shepard that she would have plenty of opportunities to continue her story.

The big moment grew closer. Every important Pony was attending this great moment in their people’s history. Shepard noticed all of them wearing clothes. Twilight had told her that clothes were either worn for fun or for important events. They gathered in the big court from earlier. Twilight’s friends also had shown up and princess Luna joined them as well.

Judging by the decoration the Ponies had planned a big party afterwards to celebrate the launch. Shepard saw that the Equestrians really liked to party. But first, princess Celestia addressed the assembled Pony crowd. She stood on a platform in front of the six orbs. She spoke through a microphone. ‘’We have come here to bear witness to a major event in our country’s history. The first attempt to leave our planet and reach beyond the stars. Initially, we started this project to confirm, if there were life other than us in the great cosmos. This question had already been answered with the discovery of our newest friend Commander Shepard. An alien herself, she assured us that there was indeed life out there. And she warned us about the dangers, too. Nevertheless, we, Ponies, are a helpful bunch. We can’t just watch how a friend of ours suffers. We just have to help. That is why the mission changed. It is not only our first contact with other species anymore, but to ensure that Shepard’s people are informed about her location. And that will make this moment even greater. What could be a better first step to a friendship with aliens as to bring one of them home?’’ Celestia was quiet for a while now. She let the applause die down. ‘’Now, I make way for the Pony who made all this possible. Dr. Solar Love, please come up here.’’ The Ponies applauded again and the old Pony in a fancy suit stepped on the speaker’s platform

Princess Celestia gracefully made way for the lead scientist. ‘’I don’t want to talk much. Since this is very complex magic and science stuff and you probably wouldn’t understand it anyway,’’ He said. That caused some laughter in the crowd, while the majority of the nobles didn’t like this stab against their inferior knowledge of magic.

‘’In simple turns we shoot these six orbs up there.’’ He pointed up to the sky. ‘’There they will fly for the next three years, hopefully come across some aliens in the process. It will gather any data it can find. After the three years a teleportation spell will it sent back to Equus, where we can study what the probes gathered. Now, mares and gentlecolts, we are in the last phase of the launch.’’ The old Pony said excited.

Next to the six probes walked six unicorns. ‘’I will start the countdown. 10… 9… 8...’’ The horn of the unicorns started to glow in their individual color. ‘’7… 6… 5… 4…’’ The orbs started to shine now, too. ‘’3… 2… 1… Yee-Haw!’’ The old Pony exclaimed with more enthusiasm than Shepard thought he would be capable of.

The six orbs quickly raced towards the sky. It took only moments and they couldn’t be seen anymore. Solar looked at one of his assists and she nodded her head. ‘’The launch was successful!’’ He exclaimed. The crowd broke out in tremendous applause. All the Ponies clapped their hoofs together or stamped on the ground cheering for the successful launch. It took a while for the crowd to calm down so that Celestia could say some words.

‘’I am so proud of everypony who worked so hard to achieve this breakthrough. Now let’s celebrate and honor the incredible minds behind this project and their effort to make it a reality.’’ The crowd cheered again, and the party started.

Shepard stood a bit apart. Twilight in a good mood approached her. ‘’See, Shepard, now it is only a matter of time and you will be rescued,’’ She said with a smile on her lips. Shepard was silent. ‘’What is the matter?’’ Twilight asked worried about her new friend.

‘’It is just you don’t know what the galaxy is like. What you have here is wonderful. All the nice people. I fear that I have brought great danger over all of you. The thought that all this could change because of me. The galaxy is not nice like you all. It is cruel and brutal,’’ Shepard said shaking her head.

Twilight was quiet for a moment, processing what Shepard just said. Twilight shook her head. ‘’You shouldn’t worry so much. Remember if we hadn’t found you in that forest, we still would have sent out those probes and would have been found anyway. Your presence doesn’t change the outcome of this experiment. In fact, I am glad that you are here. With you we have gained a capable ally, somepony we can count on, if we run into trouble up there. I am absolutely sure, that you will do your utmost to ensure we aren’t harmed,’’ Twilight said convinced. She saw how Shepard acted. She knew she would protect them.

That lifted Shepard’s mood a little. ‘’I guess, you are right, Twilight,’’ Shepard agreed with her taking a sip from her apple cider.

‘’I am glad you see it my way. Now let’s go back to the party.’’ Twilight nudged Shepard towards the party. Shepard laughed and let her friend guide her back to the spectacle.