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The Reapers Legacy - Maximumoversaiyan96

After activating the Crucible commander Shepard finds herself on a strange planet without any way to reach her allies. Luckily, she finds help in form of truly magical creatures.

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Chapter 4: The Daughter of Commander Shepard

Chapter Four: The Daughter Of Commander Shepard

Shea T’soni Shepard was the daughter of the hero of the galaxy Commander Kate Shepard and her lover Dr. Liara T’soni. She never got to meet her Human parent, though. She was born after the war and her heroic sacrifice to stop the Reapers.

They never found her body.

After they retook the citadel, they just found the Illusive Man with a shot in the head from point blank and Admiral Anderson, who had passed away from blood loss. Still his face had been content, knowing that they finally had beaten the Reapers.

Her Asari mother Liara T’soni raised her as best as she could, always telling her about her great Human mother. Growing up as the child of the hero of the galaxy, is harder than some would imagine. Of course, she was a celebrity since birth and that had its perks. She just had to ask for a favor and she could get everything. Access to the newest weapons: check. Getting hands on tickets for the preview of every vid she wanted: check. To be invited to every major event: check.

But there were also the expectations. Commander Shepard had never made any mistakes. She never failed. And everybody expected it from her, too. She was her daughter, after all.

Shea was a powerful biotic even for an Asari and a talented soldier. But never anything was ever good enough. Liara gave her the freedom to choose the path she wanted to go. But it was already destined that she would become a soldier like Shepard had been, too.

Shea met her Human grandmother Hannah Shepard on some occasions. She was already old and retired from service in the Alliance but her presence emitted authority. She was nice and caring and told Shea many stories about her mother’s childhood.

Those were Shea’s favorite stories. Not the invincible, perfect Commander Shepard, but a girl who just like her liked to explore her environment and to dig in the dirt. She had cried a lot when her grandmother died.

Most of Shepard’s friends were in the military as well.

There was Urdnot Wrex, Krogan councilor, who couldn’t wait to finally show Shea some tricks with his shot gun. Garrus Vakarian showed her how to use a sniper rifle. Shae had never seen anybody better at using a sniper rifle than the Turian. She had a fist fight with Urdnot Grunt once, which didn’t end very well for her. Liara jelled at Grunt for two hours afterwards.

Needless to say, Shea’s life was filled with military, guns and stories about her incredible parent.

Shae was often teased for her appearance which was different from most other Asari. Liara and Shepard had been both beauties and Shae was a looker herself as well. She resembled much Liara, but her eyes were an intense green. She had the same eyes as Shepard, Liara told her many times.

Unlike most Asari her facial features weren’t nearly as soft as the rest of her kind. Instead her face features were hard and clear. But that only added to her beauty. And everybody who would get fooled by her appearance, had to pay a heavy price.

When she finally was old enough about sixty years old, she signed up for the Asari commandos. She wanted to protect the galaxy just like her mother had done. Then the first obstacle presented itself.

Once the Humans heard that a ‘Shepard’ was about to serve in the Asari military an uproar happened. The Human councilor Wolfram Eul demanded to transfer her under Human command.

He was the fourth councilor of the Humans. He usually preferred a moderate approach, but under the pressure of the alien-phobic parties on earth, he had to insist on the matter. After almost a century of alien friendly politics, the alien-phobic parties were gaining the majority in the earth parliament. It was only a matter of time, until they would be able to nominate a councilor.

That was probably due to the fact, that the citadel was now located right above Earth, which brought an increase of aliens on Earth with it.

Even her mother, now president of the council as representative of the Asari, and Urdnot Wrex, also on the council as councilor of the Krogan, were not able to contain the issue. Eventually it was decided that she should join the N7 program.

The N7 was the former elite force of the Humans. After Shepard’s actions they gained great popularity among council space. Many aliens applied for a spot. Under councilor Hackett the N7 was extended to the elite force of the council. N7 was still under the dominance of the Humans, but they now served the council.

In the passing fifty years they established themselves as the main peace keeper in the galaxy. They enjoyed several privileges similar to the Spectres but were still restricted by most of the laws. That made them for many much more reliable and popular than the Spectres.

Naturally, the Spectres were wary of the new N7. They constantly hogged the spotlight while the Spectres had to operate covertly. Over time the tension between the two groups grew, until the Spectres publicly demanded to shut N7 down. The N7 was way more popular than the Spectres at this point, so the council dropped them. They were disbanded and integrated into N7. The Special Tactics and Reconnaissance Unit was no more.

When Shea heard about her transfer, she wasn’t happy at all. You were only accepted into the N7 as one of the best. You had to prove yourself on the battleground first, until a superior officer, at least a Captain, sent a recommendation for you. Then you had to pass severe tests. Now it looked like she just got in because of her name and her fellow recruits wouldn’t get tired reminding her of that.

Her instructor was Michelle Williams, the daughter of former Spectre Ashley Williams and N7 Commander James Vega, both friends of Commander Shepard. She was relentless but fair.

Shae still remembered how she punched an Admiral when he was trash-talking her family’s name because of Shanxi. She broke his jaw with one strong uppercut. Then she proceeded to instruct them while the admiral limped away, cursing loudly.

The training took three years. The most painful and hardest three years of Shea’s life. There were more than one instances she just wanted to give up. The training was just insane. You were trained for peak physical condition and beyond.

They had to survive any environment possible. Extremely tricky was it when they were thrown on an asteroid with air for only one day and they had to survive for 3 days. On that test almost half of her fellow cadets dropped out. When she joined the N7 program her company consisted of 100 cadets. But only 23 would be tough enough to eventually become N7.

Shae and her group had managed to last the longest. Whole four days, she and her two squad mates survived the harsh conditions. After they passed the test N7 Lieutenant Williams told them about the record holder. Commander Shepard had managed to last a whole week.

Shae hated those moments, where she was in immediate comparison to her mother. When Commander Shepard absolved the N7 training, she left behind a pile of records. She had been the record holder in all tests and disciplines. Over the years, more and more of her records were broken and it was a great honor to be able to even beat only one of her records. Everybody, who did, obtained major positions after the graduation.

When Shae joined, almost half of the records were already broken. But on some disciplines, everybody agreed nobody would ever be able to top them. The asteroid test was one of them. All instructors were sure that nobody would ever beat it and Shae believed them.

Such a record was called the ‘Impossible Record’.

Shepard had managed to establish a few of them. When Shae looked at these records, Shae sometimes doubted that Shepard had even been Human. And that was before Cerberus pumped her up with neural implants.

Still she wanted to break at least one of those impossible records. She already beat her mother’s record in the biotic course, which brought her the respect of her fellow cadets. She wanted to beat the war sim run record, too. The war sim run was as the asteroid test an impossible record.

On this run you had three objectives. One, you had to free the hostages. Two, you had to destroy the enemy base and three, you had to take out the enemy’s leader. Your time limit was one hour.

They of course did not use real bullets, they simulated the damage. When you took damage, you got points. If you reached 1000 points, you were dead.

Shepard’s record was no casualties among the hostages, base destroyed, the enemy leader captured alive, 98 damage points and needed only 13 minutes and 56 seconds. The record was close to a miracle.

When Shae asked Lieutenant Williams to help her train for it, she expected to be laugh at, but Williams looked her in the eyes and asked seriously. ‘’Are you willing to do anything necessary to beat it?’’

This was one of the moments Shae was most proud of. She looked with the same firmness as Williams and answered. ‘’Yes, Ma’am.’’ From this day forward Williams gave her extra training. Unfortunately, it just shouldn’t be. In all the three years, she never managed to beat Shepard’s record.

The closest she got was 17 minutes and 3 seconds, all hostages rescued, the base destroyed, the leader captured alive and 345 damage points. It was only a small consolation, that she managed to beat Shepard’s record in two other tests. But those hadn’t been impossible records.

They had also classes. One was devoted solely to Commander Shepard. Her life, her personality, her victories. Sometimes Shae wondered, if Shepard would be okay with all of this. Her life to be presented so openly like this.

The instructors set Shepard up as the goal. The ideal N7 to whom every other N7 should try to emulate to. Her actions should lay the foundation of all their actions. Commander Shepard had been a Paragon, a Paragon to the core. She was the perfect soldier, diplomate and person in overall.

Her mother told her many times, that Shepard hadn’t been perfect, that she had fears and insecurities, too. That she was a normal person like anybody else. Shae wondered sometimes whether Liara only told her that to make her feel better.

During her time in training she became friends with a Human girl called Sara Dare and the Salarian Mikal Vozeno.

Sara Dare was a Human soldier class. She was a hard hitter and was an expert in all sorts of guns. She was raised on one of the most flourishing Human colonies. There was almost no conflict, except for the occasional hunts. Despite that Sara had been always fascinated by the military. She enrolled first chance she got. And as she proved talented she was recommended for the N7 program.

Mikal Vozeno was a tech genius and incredible smart, although he wasn’t as skilled a fighter as Sara or as powerful as Shae, he was lean and mean. He, like most Salarian, used the fact that most other races underestimated him. While they were still laughing at him, he had them already defeated.

In time their group was extended by a female Krogan Nivraka Urdnot. Nivraka Urdnot was a member of the same clan as Wrex and Grunt, but she swore that she had never met either of the two personally. She idolized them both greatly. Like all Krogan, she was a killing machine without even trying. Her class was Krogan Berseker.

A Turian soldier called Securuns Malso joined them, as well. Securuns Malso was a trained Turian Agent. He was handy with a sniper rifle, but also killed his targets up close with an energy knife.

The last one was another Human female called Morrigan King. Morrigan King had been Shae’s archrival during the training. She had a similar backstory to Shepard, grew up in a military family, her parents served on multiple ships during their carriers, and she even got to prove herself on some difficult missions before the training. Morrigan was the favorite of most of the instructors, some even called her the next Shepard. A fact she appreciatively rubbed under Shae’s nose, but during their rivalry they started to respect each other and eventually became friends. Like Shae Morrigan is an Adept, a specialist in Biotics.

After they graduated, they all were put under the command of a Turian N7 Commander Vobius Laevirius. The next few years they fought together, bled together and absolved missions together. They grew as a team. They pulled some daring stunts back then. They saved colonies from pirate attacks. They destroyed enemy outposts.

Finally, Shae was starting to accomplish something on her own. And people started to take notice. Although most of them just saw a sad attempt of a child to live up to her parent’s legacy. But it didn’t matter to Shae.

She was happy to save the innocents and protect the galaxy.

Then one day she was called before the council. For most others that would have been a great honor, but Shae knew two of the councilors since she was a baby. She entered the elevator to the chamber. On their last mission they prevented a terrorist group releasing a toxic gas on a Turian colony. The council was probably debating if they should hold an award ceremony.

Shae walked up the stairs and stood now in front of the council. Her mother Liara was president of the council and was in the middle seat. Next to her were the Turian and Salarian councilor. While the Human and Krogan councilors were on the edges.

‘’We have called you here, because we have a very important mission for you,’’ Liara said. She smiled down on her daughter, proud of her achievements. ‘’As you know the group called ‘The Exiled’ is operating across the galaxy, raiding colonies, abducting citizens and stealing advanced technology,’’ Liara began explaining.

Naturally, Shae had heard of the Exiled. It was a follow up group of Cerberus. And like they were the archenemies of Commander Shepard, so were the Exiled to the N7. Shae already had a few encounters with the Exiled. They were a cult who believed in the salvation of the Reapers. Since the Reapers were destroyed, they believe it was now their destiny to lay waste to the galaxy. Nowhere near as dangerous as the Reapers they still had some very capable scientists on their side, who diligently provided them with Reaper tech.

‘’The Exiled must somehow got their hands on Collector tech. There are witnesses stating that they are using Seekers to paralyze the colonies and then abduct them. Our intel gathered that their next target is probably the biggest Human colony in the Nebula system. The colony is called Osiris and is founded on the planet Iubos. The population is roughly forty-four thousand people. The planet is very fertile and rich on minerals, that is why Osiris is so important. We want you and your team to assist the local forces, protect the colony and stop the Exiled,’’ Liara explained to her daughter the mission.

‘’Commander Laevirius submitted a resignation form, yesterday. He recommended you as his successor,’’ Wrex stated not able to keep it to himself anymore. Over the last decades Wrex had learned to act more like a politician, but if you pushed him too far, he would snap and proof why he was still the leader of the Krogan.

Shae couldn’t believe her ears. She was getting a command.

‘’I still would prefer to assign Morrigan King to the position,’’ The Human councilor Barbara Mason said.

Liara frowned. ‘’We have already discussed this matter, councilor Mason,’’ Liara reprimanded her.

Barbara Mason, she was no friend of Shae. She was insulted that an Asari was bearing the same name as the great Human Commander Shepard. For her, Shepard only had one flaw. She relied too much on aliens. Mason believed firmly that the aliens just slowed Shepard down and if Shepard would had commanded an all Human crew she would have been even more successful.

She didn’t understand, that precisely that was the greatest strength of Shepard. She appealed to the good in the people and that inspired them. Shepard proved that you could be the good guy and still win. More than once, somebody tried to persuade her from her path of righteousness, but she stubbornly followed her moral code and still pulled through.

‘’That doesn’t mean I approve,’’ Mason started arguing.

‘’We don’t need your approval. The council has decided,’’ Wrex said losing his temper. They had probably a long day today.

‘’Although I condemn councilor Wrex’s phrasing, he is right,’’ Turian Councilor Octalus Aetril agreed with Wrex. Mason seem to want to argue with that as well, but she remained silent.

Now the Salarian Councilor Igant Felji addressed Shae. ‘’We trust in your abilities. You will take command of the Tempest SR-5.’’

The tempest model was designed after the legendary Normandy. Although both had a stealth drive, the Normandy was still the best ship in the galaxy. The tempest were cheaper knockoffs of the real thing, but still good ships.

Shae saluted. ‘’I am honored. I won’t fail you,’’ Shae stated proud to be given such an opportunity.

‘’I am so proud of you,’’ Liara managed to squeeze in some parental pride into her briefing. ‘’We hope your mission will go safely,’’ Liara said goodbye to Shae for the council. The meeting was over. Shae walked away and the council continued to discuss other important topics.

A little bit later Shae gathered her crew to tell them the news. They were all sitting in a bar on the citadel. The bar was called Chora’s nest. It was shabby and cheap.

To her normal crew consisting of the female Human Sara Dare, the male Salarian Mikal Vozeno, the male Turian Securuns Malso, the female Krogan Nivraka Urdnot, the female Human Morrigan King joined two new members a male Quarian Cato’Xell vas Tohok and the male Human Eduard Goll. They both had joined their team a year after their graduation from the N7 program.

Cato’Xell vas Tohok was born on Rannoch and took great pride in that. Although they lost the Geth in the Reaper war after Shepard activated the crucible and eliminated all artificial intelligence, and with them a fast method to strengthen their immune system, they were slowly adapting to the environment. Although he still had to wear his environment suit, a leak in the suit wasn’t life threatening anymore and he was able to manage almost a whole day without the suit. Like all of his people he had a thing for technology. He was a Quarian Machinist class.

Eduard Goll was a Sentinel Class. He was born on the Citadel, so it was no surprise that he didn’t mind aliens. Eduard was the most political of the group, even attending meetings of pro alien groups. His political interests aside he was a real asset to the team. As a Sentinel he brought firepower in form of his biotics and smarts to hack in any security system. Between him and Nivraka was starting to blossom a romance, but neither of them had been brave enough to make the first move.

‘’I have gathered you here, because I have something to celebrate,’’ Shae spoke to the group. ‘’Today I was called to the council and they have a mission for us,’’ Shae began watching how her squad-mates waited intently. ‘’Tomorrow, we will go on a new mission. But you will learn more about it in tomorrow’s briefing. And that is not why I called you here, anyway,’’ Shae appreciatively dragged out her speech.

‘’Cut to the chase, Shae. What do you want to tell us?’’ Morrigan asked impatiently. They knew it had to be something big. Shae wasn’t that easily excitable.

Shae grinned. ‘’Yesterday, Commander Laevirius retired and I was promoted to be his successor,’’ She finally said it. All her comrades stood up and congratulated her.

‘’Ah, I knew it,’’ Morrigan stated. ‘’I was asked if I had any problem, with you leading our team.’’

Shae halted wanting to hear what Morrigan had to say to that.

‘’I said to them that you are a one of the best soldiers I have ever seen and that you deserve it,’’ Morrigan finished.

Shae was surprised. Although they were friends, they were still rivals and yet to support the promotion of her rival. That needed character.

‘’Thanks!’’ Shae said moved. She hugged Morrigan.

‘’Of course, only until I get my own team. Then I will show you how it is really done,’’ Morrigan exclaimed and raised her glass.

Shae laughed and cheered her. They partied all night long and into the morning. Their N7 symbols openly on their uniforms, nobody tried to mess with them. Even scum knew better than to provoke a N7.

Next day after the briefing Liara caught Shae on her way to the docking bay where her new ship was stationed. ‘’Shae,’’ Liara began softly. ‘’I am so proud of you. I just wished you would have chosen a profession, where I don’t have to fear for your life all the time. I suppose protecting others is in your blood,’’ Liara said.

Shae frowned. ‘’What do you want, mom?’’ She asked a little rudely.

Liara was surprised by the hostile reaction. ‘’What is it, dear? What is bothering you?’’ Liara wanted to know.

‘’You know this moment should be only about me. And yet you had to bring her up,’’ Shae said rolling her eyes. Liara understood. Shepard had been the topic of many of their fights. ‘’You are comparing me to her like everybody else!’’ Shae accused.

‘’That is not true!’’ Liara defended herself. ‘’It just hurts me greatly to see that you are growing to hate your own mother. And Shepard doesn’t deserve to be hated by her own daughter,’’ Liara said lecturing.

‘’There you go again. Always Shepard that and Shepard this. You don’t understand me at all. This is my chance, my show. You should rather cheer me on than to dwell on lost memories,’’ Shae said agitated.

She felt her temper rising and saw that Liara was also barely controlling herself. It seemed this would end in another fight. Shae remembered one especially nasty fight. She jelled at Liara to forget Shepard and just start dating again. She was still young, after all, under two hundred years. That was the only time Liara ever hit her. Tears on her cheeks, she slapped Shae across the face. They didn’t speak with each other for two months after that. Although Shae felt guilty and apologized later, Shepard still remained a touchy subject to her.

Liara took a deep breath. She looked at Shae again. ‘’We will talk about this later. I hoped that you could establish a more positive connection with your Human mother. Maybe it was my own fault that you didn’t. Nevertheless, you are right. This moment belongs to you. I mean what I said back at the council. I am proud of you. And Shepard, wherever she might be, looks over you as proud as I am,’’ Liara said honestly. Shae was happy to hear the praise of her mother. She didn’t even mind much that she brought Shepard up again.

Liara kissed her daughter and hugged her. ‘’I wish you the best of luck, Shae. Please, look out for yourself and your team and bring all back home safely.’’ She let go of Shae. ‘’I must go now. Be careful,’’ Liara said for the last time before she went back towards the council.

Shae confident in herself was ready for this mission. She had a new ship, a good team. Nothing could go wrong. The Exiled were as good as defeated already.

Not far from the Tempest-SR 5 dock staying in a dark corner, was a suspicious figure. Apparently, she waited for somebody. Eventually, the one she was awaiting arrived and they went into an abandoned backstreet. When they were sure nobody was watching them, the woman removed her mask revealing the face of Human councilor Barbara Mason.

‘’Are you up for the mission?’’ She asked her companion. She got an affirmation. ‘’Good. You know your mission. Do what is necessary to ensure the reign of the Human race. For too long we have tolerated the meddling of these inferior races. We saved the galaxy. We are meant to rule it!’’ Mason said. ‘’Go and show that the Human race is still superior to all!’’ Mason finished.

The companion nodded and walked away. In the dim light you could recognize the symbol on their armor. It was the symbol of the N7.