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The Reapers Legacy - Maximumoversaiyan96

After activating the Crucible commander Shepard finds herself on a strange planet without any way to reach her allies. Luckily, she finds help in form of truly magical creatures.

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Chapter 2: Settling In Ponyville

Chapter Two: Settling in Ponyville

Shepard marveled at the sight before her. The closer they got to Ponyville, the more ponies they encountered.

Shepard really liked the vibe of this small town. Everybody was nice and friendly.

Although the ponies looked at Shepard curiously, whenever she was walking by, they didn’t approach her. Shepard assumed that had something to do with her encourage.

Once they were in Ponyville, Pinkie Pie exclaimed. ‘’I have to go.’’ And stormed off.

The group gave her a questioning look but didn’t stop her or bother to go after her. Sometimes a Pinkie Pie had to what a Pinkie Pie had to do.

Eventually they reached a small, round house with two stories. ‘’That would be my boutique. I am a professional designer, you must know. I swiftly will make you a new outfit,’’ Rarity stated melodically. She was very proud of her establishment.

They entered the shop.

‘’Sis, is that you?’’ A voice asked and a young white unicorn Pony with a light purple pink mane appeared.

‘’Sweetie Bell, this is Commander Shepard, she is our guest. Commander Shepard, this is my younger sister Sweetie Bell,’’ Rarity got them acquainted.

Sweetie Bell looked at Shepard with big eyes. ‘’Now, please go up to your room. I have work to do.’’ Rarity asked of her sister.

Still in shock Sweetie Bell reluctantly obeyed and went back to her room.

‘’Now, please, take off your armor,’’ Rarity said to Shepard.

The request startled the Commander. It was naturally that she had to take off her equipment to get a proper measurement. Still Shepard felt uncomfortable undressing in front of an unknown race.

She was still unsure to which degree she could trust them. Slowly Shepard began taking off the armor.

Twilight noticed something and said blushing. ‘’I remember now. You, Humans, are rather shy to show your naked form in public. We will give you space.’’ Twilight pushed the other ponies outside.

Shepard was grateful for her action. It was much easier to undress in front of only one Pony than a group of five.

She laid her damaged armor down and let Rarity do her work. She stood there only with her underwear and her dog tags hanging around her neck while the measuring tape magically took all her sizes.

‘’What is that lovely necklace?’’ Rarity asked when she saw the dog tags.

‘’That are our identification tags. It happens that during battle corpses are disintegrated or burned beyond recognition. These tags help us to verify our losses,’’ Shepard said a little sadly.

Rarity regretted it now that she asked. That was too grim of a topic for her taste. The galaxy must be a dangerous place.

It only took a few more moments and Rarity was done. When Shepard grabbed after her armor Rarity stopped her with a shriek. ‘’Oh, no. You won’t put that filth on again. You can’t believe me to let you in good conscience wear those scraps,’’ Rarity exclaimed horrified.

Shepard frowned. ‘’What should I wear then?’’ Shepard wanted to know.

Rarity levitated a blanket towards Shepard. It was cozy and long enough to cover most of Shepard’s upper body, only her feet were barefoot.

‘’Don’t worry. The girls will take you for a relaxing bath to the spa. In the meantime, I will make your new dress,’’ Rarity explained.

Shepard felt defenseless without her equipment. But she couldn’t take all her weapons with her.

So, she only took her pistol and said to Rarity. ‘’Can you make sure nobody touches my stuff? It is very dangerous, and I don’t want somebody to get hurt.’’

Rarity smiled kindly and levitated the weapons to the highest shelve. ‘’They will be safe up there. Now chop, chop, go take your bath,’’ Rarity shooed her out of the shop.

Outside Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were already waiting. ‘’So, now we can go to the spa,’’ Twilight said and trotted off.

They didn’t have to walk far only around a few corners and they arrived at the spa. On the way Twilight explained why they were taking Shepard to the spa. The reason was simple.

Nopony had a big enough bathtub for Shepard. And Shepard needed a good bath urgently. Like most of the time, the smelling one wasn’t aware of their own stench, but Shepard noticed how some ponies wrinkled their noses when they walked pass them.

Shepard mused to herself. She must be a very strange alien, stinking and naked. She doubted that she would scare any Pony in her current state. Shepard didn’t mind much, though. It was much easier to establish relation when the native population didn’t perceiver her as a threat.

When they entered the spa, one of the working staff approached them. ‘’Princess Twilight, we are honored to have you in our humble establishment, again,’’ The Pony said in a weird dialect. Twilight shook her head displeased, but Shepard couldn’t tell why.

‘’My friend here needs a bath right away,’’ Twilight said to the spa Pony.

‘’Of course.’’ The Pony looked up in her schedule. ‘’As you know our schedule is booked out like usual, but we always have a spare room ready for emergencies like these. Smoothing Hoof!’’ She clapped her hoofs. ‘’Please, escort our guests to number five.’’ Another Pony appeared and signaled them to follow her.

Smoothing Hoof guided them to a room with a big red five on the door. As they entered Shepard spotted a big wooden tub. It was about a meter and a half tall and six-meter wide in diameter.

The hot water was already steaming. Shepard could feel how a pleasant shiver went down her spine. After all she had been through, a hot bath seemed just perfect. Yet, she hesitated. She looked at Twilight for approval. The purple Pony smiled kindly and gestured her to plunge into the water. Shepard let go of the blanket and dipped one toe into the warm water. The temperature was perfect. She sighed contently and stepped down into the tub. She relaxed and stretched her arms on the edge of the tub in a comfortable manner.

Rainbow Dash grunted. ‘’If you want to do that girly stuff, then I am out,’’ She exclaimed levitating in the air.

Twilight, Fluttershy and Applejack had joined Shepard in the tub. ‘’Come on, Rainbow. The water is just perfect. It will do wonders for your sore muscles.’’ Applejack replied trying to bait Dash into joining them.

‘’Nah, my muscles aren’t sore. I am out of here,’’ Rainbow insisted and flew out of the door.

Too bad, Shepard thought. She was really missing out on something. Shepard was forgetting all her worries. She was stranded on an undiscovered planet with pre-space flight people. Her chances to ever get of this planet were slim to none. To ever see her friends and comrades again. Learning if she successfully stopped the Reapers.

All that was forgotten for the moment. The ponies entertained her with fascinating stories of their people, while Edi listened and analyzed the information. Edi also asked a question once in a while to optimize her analysis.

The kingdom Equestria was ruled by two sisters who each governed the day and the night respectively. Princess Celestia was the older sister and was ruler of the day. It seemed that she was the Pony with the most influence and power. Shepard intended to pay her a visit some time. Maybe Princess Celestia would be able to help her somehow.

The younger sister was Princess Luna, guardian of the night. Their first encounter had been quite brief. Shepard remembered that Princess Luna appeared as a Human. She wondered what Princes Luna looked like as a Pony. Yet, she was very grateful to her for leading her out of that damned forest.

Then there was Twilight, who was also a Princess. They tried to explain her the elements of Harmony, but Shepard only understood that they had some kind of power when they all were together. Unlike her two fellow princesses her domain was not as precisely defined as the others. The two sisters ruled over the entirety of Equestria, while Twilight was the authority of Ponyville, a small town within the kingdom.

The last princess was Mi Amore Cadenza or short Cadence, the ruler of the Crystal Kingdom. She was Twilight’s sister-in-law and married to her older brother Shining Armor. They already had a foal together Twilight’s niece Flurry Heart, who also was princess, but somehow not. Even princess Celestia and Luna weren’t sure about Flurry Heart’s status.

Shepard didn’t know what crystal ponies were, so she assumed that it was sub-form of the species. The princess status was reflected in their appearance.

There were earth-ponies, who had the strongest bodies and had neither wings nor horn, the pegasi, who were able to fly with their wings and walk on clouds, and the unicorns, who with the help of their horn could use magic.

All princesses bore the treads of all three races. They had the body and strength of an earth-Pony, they had wings to fly and a horn to use the most powerful magic. The combination of all three treads granted royalty.

The alicorns, so were the princesses called, were more powerful than normal ponies and should represent and rule them as the wisest and best leaders of their people While Twilight and Cadence were transformed to alicorns by Celestia. Nobody seemed to know the exact origin of their two ruling leaders.

It all went back to the creation of Equestria some thousands of years ago. After the three tribes formed a kingdom, the alicorn sisters became rulers and have reigned ever since.

Shepard was wondering, if a year in Equestria was shorter than the earth year, because no organic creature could live that long. Edi confirmed that the year in Equestria differed only a little from earth’s, only by a few days.

After twenty minutes of soaking, they proceeded to the next step. The three ponies laid on special tables and for Shepard was brought a larger example. Then they all got a massage. Shepard didn’t know how they did it, but although they had crude hoofs as hands, they were precise enough to loosen any tension in her muscles. Her muscles literally yelled out in relief.

This was one of Shepard’s most relaxing experiences ever. Only for this massage she would do her struggle with the Reapers all over again. Then they got a pedicure. Shepard had never done anything so girly before in her life, but she was too relaxed to protest.

An hour later a pleasantly refreshed Shepard stepped out of the spa with new make-up, her nails painted in the same red colour as her hair and covered in her comfy blanket again.

‘’That was just what I needed!’’ Shepard sighed contently.

‘’Let’s go back and see if Rarity already finished your dress,’’ Applejack said walking back in the direction of Rarity’s shop.

Together they went to Rarity’s fashion shop. Shepard felt the grass under her toes, she breathed the fresh air and let the wind stroke her hair. Life was good.

At Rarity’s the fashion designer presented them her newest creation.

‘’What do you think?’’ Rarity asked expectantly. Shepard raised an eyebrow. It was a cute green dress whose color matched her eyes perfectly. However, Shepard was never known to be especially stylish.

‘’Oh, and I made these for yourself, too,’’ Rarity said and levitated a pair of panties and a bra towards Shepard. Now Shepard’s mouth fell open.

Her to-be undies were jeweled. Such underwear usually would have cost a fortune. Shepard shook her head. ‘’I can’t accept that. This is too much.’’ Shepard tried to refuse the gifts.

Rarity smiled happily and replied. ‘’I insist. Don’t worry yourself about my expenses. I want you to have it. I am the element of generosity, after all,’’ She pointed out.

It was clear that the Pony wouldn’t give up until Shepard put on her clothes. Reluctantly Shepard obeyed.

She looked into the mirror and admired her new outfit. It was more girly than anything she had ever worn. Not that it looked bad, on the contrary the dress was marvelous. It had a chic cut and wasn’t restricting her leg movement at all. It had a modest design yet looked classy.

Shepard was amazed at the quality of the dress. Rarity made a dress for a Human for the first time and yet her piece could easily keep up with the top fashionistas on the Citadel. Shepard was just not used to look like a normal person.

Of course, she wore casual clothes while on the Normandy, but that was only to bridge the time between missions. Shepard never actively tried to dress well, unless to infiltrate a party of wealthy criminals. For her the clothes of choice were her armor. She rotated to take all of her new outfit in.

‘’If my team could see me now, they would get into a fit of laughter,’’ Shepard stated shaking her head.

‘’I already have taken a picture to preserve this moment for future generations.’’ Edi commented amused.

Shepard laughed. ‘’Delete it, Edi!’’ Shepard ordered.

‘’No. This a too memorable moment to be forgotten in time. You look very cute.’’ She answered. It seemed the dress was to Edi’s liking.

Shepard wanted to object, but she really looked cute. Now if she only were five years younger, then she would have represented the pinnacle of Human beauty.

‘’Do you like it?’’ Rarity asked, proud of her first work for an alien species. She knew of her own abilities but was still nervous.

‘’Yeah, I do,’’ Shepard replied honestly. ‘’Only problem I can’t carry my weapons around in this outfit,’’ Shepard pointed out.

‘’Usually I would condemn the carriage of weapons, but I think I have a solution. Please, let me see that small contraption,’’ Rarity asked of her.

Shepard handed her the pistol. Shepard had more or less overcome the nagging feeling whenever she was asked to hand over her weapons.

After all they have done for her, she started to trust these strange little creatures. ‘’Just be careful. It is very dangerous.’’ Shepard warned her.

Rarity took the gun with her magic and disappeared into a side room, but not before she gave Shepard a look reassuring her that she would be cautious.

Five minutes later she appeared again with a holder for the pistol with her. ‘’That should work. You can strap that around your… leg. It will be hidden under your dress, but you can always take it out, if you feel the need arises,’’ Rarity explained.

Shepard did what she was told and was surprised. It was vaguely similar to the weapon holder she had used. Shepard thanked Rarity who just shook it off. Now Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy entered to examine Shepard’s new dress.

‘’You look marvelous, Shepard. You really undone yourself again, Rarity,’’ Fluttershy praised looking Shepard up and down.

‘’I expected the dress to be more flashy and pompous. This is a surprisingly simple design,’’ Applejack said honestly. Rarity not in the least offended gave a coy laugh.

‘’Oh, Applejack, you should know by now that I always know what is best suited for my clients,’’ Rarity said amused.

‘’You are right. And your sense for fashion amazes me again and again,’’ The orange Pony replied tipping her hat to her friend.

‘’Commander Shepard, I know this is a bit sudden, but there may be a way to help you,’’ Twilight said out of the blue.

Shepard gasped. ‘’What do you mean?’’ Shepard asked surprised.

‘’I thought about what you said, that you are an alien and all. Then I remembered something. This must seem very outdated for you, but, we, ponies have planned for some time now to send unponnied probes into space. Maybe you and your computer friend could install a message for your friends up there. Then they could come and get you,’’ Twilight explained.

The first Equestrian space program started almost half a year ago and had been the headline of every major newspaper. The buzz had declined over time, but the scientists had been working diligently researching new magic spells.

Shepard didn’t know what to say. On one hand this was her best chance to get off this planet. On the other hand, that would mean the ponies would be exposed to the danger of the galaxy. New species had it rough in the galactic community, even with the protection of the citadel. And now so close after the war with the Reapers, Shepard wasn’t even sure, if the council would even be able to protect them.

Shepard wasn’t sure if she wanted to risk the development and flourishment of these people just to get herself home. Shepard took a while before she answered.

‘’Your offer is very generous, princess,’’ Shepard replied respectful. Twilight frowned at the title. ‘’But are you sure you want to do this? After the council discovers your existence you will be in the focus of the whole galaxy. Many aliens will come to Equestria,’’ Shepard let her words sink in.

Twilight thought about that for a minute. ‘’The more the merrier, I say. It would be nice to have more alien folk around. We will welcome them nicely,’’ Applejack replied. She didn’t understand the dangers of such a step.

‘’I think Shepard is talking more about the not so good existences in their society. We as an underdeveloped race would be open to attacks of less friendly people,’’ Twilight explained the situation to Applejack.

Shepard nodded. The orange mare paled a little. ‘’Well…’’ She started but couldn’t find the words.

‘’I will have to talk with Celestia about this,’’ Twilight decided.

‘’And don’t call me princess all the time, Commander Shepard. Twilight is just fine.’’ She added.

‘’Okay, if that is not disrespectful,’’ Shepard gave in. ‘’And you can call me just Shepard. Commander is my rank in our military and not really part of my name,’’ Shepard explained. She saw how Twilight’s ears twitched taking in the new information.

‘’Then what is your real name?’’ Fluttershy wanted to know.

‘’My full name is Kate Shepard. But as I said you can call me Shepard,’’ Shepard introduced herself properly.

‘’Now that your wardrobe problem was fixed, we can come to the matter of your accommodation. I suggest you stay with me in the castle. My place is too big, anyway,’’ Twilight suggested.

The rest of the ponies seemed to agree. Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack and Shepard left the shop. Rarity stayed behind muttering something about an urgent errand. Shepard had taken her other weapons with her. She also wanted to take her damaged armor with her when Twilight said.

‘’Your armor is in a catastrophic shape. If you want, I can look into some restoration spells. Maybe I will be able to fix it.’’ She offered inspecting the damaged armor.

Shepard doubted that she would be able to repair her armor. This was the best and most advanced armor you could buy for money. The materials which were used to make it weren’t probably even discovered on this planet, yet.

‘’Knock yourself out!’’ Shepard replied, but then flinched at her wording. That sounded not very polite. She looked at Twilight, but the purple alicorn didn’t mind.

Instead she had a happy spark in her eyes, now that she found something new to study. The group soon arrived at the castle. The castle was rather small and built on a tree. But the tree didn’t seem natural, it sparkled in the day light.

The castle had two balconies and one small tower. A big door was implemented into the tree. Twilight opened the door with her magic. Shepard whistled impressed. The castle looked much smaller on the outside.

Inside it had high ceilings and big rooms. ‘’Weird. Spike should be here to greet us,’’ Twilight wondered noticing the absence of her number one assistant.

They went to the throne room. As Twilight opened the door she was shot at with confetti and a pink ball tackled her to the ground. ‘’Surprise!’’ Pinkie Pie exclaimed with grin almost covering her whole face.

Shepard looked inside the throne room and found a big gathering of ponies. They all had waited to surprise them. Shepard chuckled when the friendly ponies now started to party. Pinkie Pie had the tradition to welcome every new Pony with a party. This was a chance to see what the ponies’ food looked like.

They only severed vegetarian dishes and a massive amount of sweets of all kinds. It seemed their expertise in confectionary was even more refined than of the Humans.

The games they played were mostly childish, but not to insult her hosts Shepard played along. The gesture was sweet, after all. She played a round pin the tail on the donkey and showed her might in hitting the pinjata.

Shepard had never especially liked sweets before, but now offered with such variety of delicious goodies, she feared she would develop a sweet tooth.

Alcohol was surprisingly scarce. Shepard assumed that her new acquaintances were already fully grown. Rarity had her own shop, after all. Even the apple cider was mostly without alcohol. The drinks with alcohol were surprisingly low concentrated.

Even without alcohol the endurance of the ponies was remarkable. They partied into the late morning. Shepard wondered how such spontaneous partying would affect their jobs and lives, yet nobody seemed to worry about it.

During the party Shepard met a little lizard creature, who claimed to be a Dragon. And Shepard wouldn’t have believed him, if he had not spewed some fire for the entertainment of the guests.

Strangely it was green fire. Shepard had seen blue and red fire, never green. Shepard decided to ask Twilight about that at a later opportunity.

Shepard had a good time. Though, most of the party was too childish for her taste, she enjoyed the carelessness of her situation. Even if she never would get of this planet, this wasn’t such a bad place to spend the rest of her life.

Eventually the guests started to leave one after the other. After the last guest was gone, Twilight showed Shepard her room. On the way upstairs, they found a unicorn sleeping across the stairs. Twilight explained that that was Starlight Glimmer, her apprentice. She levitated her gently out of the way.

The room which was spacious and tasteful furnished was already readied for Shepard. Twilight apologized for the lack of suitable bed. Shepard was bigger than all other ponies she had encountered until now. Twilight promised to send after a carpenter later this day.

For now, Shepard had to sleep on the floor cushioned by some pillows and blankets. Twilight wished Shepard a good rest and left her alone. Shepard pulled herself out of her dress. Then Shepard laid down to get some shut eye. She closed her eyes and were almost asleep, when suddenly Edi asked her. ‘’Shepard, I have a question.’’

Without opening her eyes, Shepard replied. ‘’What is it, Edi?’’

‘’Why are you so calm? You are stranded on alien planet with little chance to get ever back. Yet, I haven’t seen you experience a nervous breakdown. Normal organic reaction would be denial and panic,’’ Edi stated neutrally.

Shepard sighed. ‘’I think I lost the ability to panic a long time ago. I just embrace the things fate throws at me,’’ Shepard replied to Edi her eyes still closed.

‘’I think, I understand,’’ Edi said after a short while.

‘’What do you think of our hosts?’’ Edi asked.

Shepard opened her eyes. ‘’They are just… amazing,’’ Shepard said.

‘’I certainly agree that they are unique. Their willingness to help you seems almost unnatural,’’ Edi said.

Shepard nodded. ‘’I know what you mean. Still I like that about them. This is the sort of thing that gives you hope. To know that there exist such nice people like them… is just great,’’ Shepard said and closed her eyes again.

‘’But do you think they are ready to join the galactic community? Such kind of attitude makes them extremely vulnerable,’’ Edi pointed out.

Shepard frowned. ‘’I know, Edi. I already thought about that,’’ Shepard admitted.

‘’But this is your only way to get back home,’’ Edi added.

Shepard turned to her side. ‘’I know,’’ Shepard said quietly.

‘’Maybe I should give you more time to think about it. You, organics processes information at a ridiculous slow pace, after all,’’ Edi mocked.

‘’Yeah, yeah,’’ Was Shepard’s only answer.

A few minutes later Shepard was sound asleep.