• Published 6th Feb 2019
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The Reapers Legacy - Maximumoversaiyan96

After activating the Crucible commander Shepard finds herself on a strange planet without any way to reach her allies. Luckily, she finds help in form of truly magical creatures.

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Chapter 0: Prologue

Prologue: The End Of A Mission And The Beginning Of Something Else

Shepard tediously picked herself up from the shaking ground. Her whole body hurt immensely, but she couldn’t give up now. She was only one step away of completing her task, which started such a long time ago. The whole universe was counting on her to finish it.

Shepard was almost done, putting down the curtain on this nightmare, which were the Reapers. She walked towards the three tubes. She was presented with a choice.

There was always a choice.

But her choice had been already made, the moment she first uncovered the threat of the Reapers three years ago. She chose, and the crucible reacted to her input.

A garish red light brightened the room and then an explosion hit Shepard. The Human Spectre was thrown through the room. The hit was strong and she was already wounded. Her limbs were going numb. Her blood was pouring out of several wounds. She started to lose consciousness.

Her last thoughts were about her loved ones, happy that they were safe now, sad that she had to leave them. Poor Liara. Shepard had so looked forward to their lives together. Shepard didn’t even register the second explosion anymore, which tore the crucible into pieces.

When Shepard opened her eyes once more, she saw green tree crowns covering the sky, letting only a bit of light through their many leaves. Shepard wondered if that was indeed the afterlife.

Shepard tried to sit up from her lying position. She groaned in pain. Her whole body was hurting like crazy.

That was a safe evidence that she was still alive.

But where was she? And how was she still alive? If the explosion didn’t kill her then she should have bled to death by now. A second attempt of sitting up was more successful.

The Human commander inspected her wounds. The automated medi-gel system of her armor which should have treated her wounds had been destroyed. But it seemed the explosion burned her armor together above the wounds preventing any further blood loss. Really convenient.

Shepard looked around. The surroundings were unfamiliar to her.

Where was she? It looked like a forest, but that couldn’t be possible, could it? Maybe she was on earth?

Shepard looked into her pockets, finding a sufficient amount of medi-gel. Because the system of her armor was destroyed she had to put on the medi-gel manually. She sighed contently when the gel started working.

Shepard slowly stood up.

Her wounds were healing up, but she would take some time to reach full capability again. At least, she still had her weapons and what was left of her armor to protect her. Her armor had been heavily burned and damaged, torn apart on several spots.

She inspected her Avenger assault rifle, her Locust submachine gun, her Paladin pistol and her Black Widow sniper rifle. Everything seemed to be intact. Every weapon had enough termo-clips to stay functional for some time.

She flexed her fingers, enveloping them with the Biotic aura. Her body seemed alright, too, except for the wounds.

Well, standing around wouldn’t answer any of her questions. She apparently was on a garden world. The fauna was flourishing and livid. She just hoped the world was colonized. There was always the possibility that she was on earth. But something told Shepard that she wasn’t on the home planet of Humanity.

Shepard walked towards the nearest tree. It was a big tree with solid branches. Not too far up, so Shepard could comfortably climb up. Shepard wanted to get a better view of the area. Hopefully, the tree would be high enough to let Shepard look beyond the tree crowns.

Shepard cautiously started climbing, she didn’t want to fall off, after all. Her body was still a bit weak, so she had to be extra cautious. Slowly she overcame one branch after another.

As she climbed, she felt as if something was watching her. Shepard looked around, but saw nothing. She listened, but there weren’t any suspicious noises. After a while she shrugged it off and continued her rise. Maybe her senses were still sore from the near death experience.

On top of the tree she gazed upon the forest. It was ginormous. A green sea presented itself to Shepard. She couldn’t spot where it began or ended, let alone a settlement. That was just her luck.

Shepard climbed back down again.

She turned on her omni-tool. Luckily, it survived everything that had happened. She activated the compass function. Something was not right. Suddenly the omni-tool spoke. ‘’Hello, Shepard!’’ A familiar voice greeted the commander.

Shepard took a hastily step back. Recovering from her shock she asked. ‘’Edi? Is that you?’’ Shepard asked, looking at her omni-tool unsure.

She shook her arm gently. ‘’Yes, it is me. And please stop your shacking. It is very nauseating,’’ The voice said. Shepard stopped. ‘’That was a joke. I can’t get sick,’’ The voice joked.

It was Edi, alright.

‘’What are you doing in there?’’ Shepard wanted to know.

‘’This is my back-up plan. I anticipated the choice which you would have to make and your decision,’’ Edi began to explain. ‘’So I installed myself into your Omni-tool. When the crucible explosion hit the Normandy destroying me in the process, I would activate myself in your omni-tool, surviving the blast,’’ Edi explained.

‘’The Normandy was destroyed?’’ Shepard asked worriedly. She had hoped her crew had survived the final battle.

‘’I can’t say for sure. I just know that I was wiped out from the Normandy’s systems. The crucible targeted AI specifically, after all. I can just say that I lost my connection with the Normandy. It is safe to assume that only my main programing was destroyed, and the rest of the Normandy is still intact,’’ Edi explained. Shepard tried to follow her.

‘’I am sorry about that, Edi,’’ Shepard apologized. She knew that she intentionally sacrificed Edi and the Geth to achieve the victory over the Reapers. A decision, she had to live with now.

‘’You have nothing to apologize for. I would have gladly given my life to stop the Reapers,’’ Edi said with conviction in her synthetic voice.

‘’And you are still you?’’ Shepard asked unsurely.

‘’Positive. I cheated death, if you want to put it so. I would only activate when my main me would have been destroyed. As long as I was inactive the crucible didn’t recognize me as an AI,’’ Edi explained.

‘’But I am still me. As long as a system carries my programming code, I am alive. Although I admit being trapped in your omni-tool, limits my functions by 97%,’’ Edi stated calmly.

‘’So, the Reaper could have survived, too?’’ Shepard wanted to know a frown on her face.

‘’Most unlikely, the hardware capacities to harbor a Reaper are immense. Like Sovereign said. They are nations. They can’t just upload their beings somewhere else. While my core program is comparatively small. I don’t have access to high processes like cyberwarfare, but my personality was preserved,’’ Edi explained.

‘’Why did you choose my omni-tool?’’ Shepard wanted to know. Edi was quiet for a moment.

‘’Your chances of surviving the war was the highest, so I installed myself in your omni-tool. Of course, if you had died, I would have never been activated,’’ Edi stated.

‘’Do you know where we are?’’ Shepard changed the subject.

‘’Negative. I was only activated once you woke up again. I don’t have any information on where we are or how we got here. But judging by your luck, this place is probably crawling with creatures even more terrifying than the Reapers,’’ Edi joked amused.

‘’Ha, ha, Edi. What can you tell me about this planet?’’ Shepard fake laughed.

‘’Was the joke to soon? I was under the impression, now that the Reapers were destroyed, I could legitimately make jokes about them,’’ Edi replied with fake concern.

‘’You made jokes about the Reapers even before they were destroyed. And that joke was more on my expense than on the Reapers,’’ Shepard answered shaking her head.

Edi was quiet for a moment. ‘’I scanned the surroundings. Garden world. Gravity 1.02 earth’s gravity. High concentration of Element Zero detected, surprising. Very fertile ground, rich on minerals and metals. Atmosphere similar to earth’s. Conclusion. Wild-life very probable. Similar to earth’s forests. Probably animals divided in prey and predators. Strongly suggest to avoid contact with predators. Prey will provide food for the time being. I will scan them for any toxins to ensure a safe consummation. I sent out a SOS signal, but no comm-bays are in the system. Received strange radio signals on the planet. It could be interferences caused by natural phenomenon. No known species settlement in range detected. Either uninhabited by sentient beings or pre-space-flight people,’’ Edi finished her report.

‘’Just great, I am stuck on an uncharted planet,’’ Shepard sighed. That was just her luck. Couldn’t it have been easy? Just this once?

‘’Well, first thing we should do, is getting out of this forest,’’ Shepard decided and started walking north. Shepard didn’t have a good feeling about this forest. It didn’t feel like an ordinary forest. Like there was something hiding and waiting in its depths.

Shepard felt that she had to escape this green prison as fast as possible.

‘’I will inform you if I receive a signal,’’ Edi went silent.

Silently Shepard made her way through the thick forest.

Author's Note:

This is my take on a Mass Effect/My little Pony Friendship is Magic crossover. I use the default female Shepard from Mass Effect 3. She is of course Paragon and is in a relationship with Liara. I don’t know where exactly I am in the My little pony timeline. Either just before season 6 finale or after. There may be some inconsistencies. I ask of you to overlook them for the sake of the story. My story is heavy influenced by Commander of Shepherds by pchn00, who has proven to me that a crossover between ME and MLP wasn’t as crazy as I first thought. My story is similar and takes a few concepts from pchn00, but this is not just a simple copy. Everything I wrote is from me.