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Oh, you thought I was done with rewriting this dumpster fire?

Guess what?

I'm not.

It seemed like Nightshade's life was already weird enough. Between her close friend and roommate Lightning Rod's antics and the weird "Magical Artifact" that she'd found one day in a thrift store, it seemed like nothing could surpass what she'd already seen before.

Well... at least, until some power-crazed entity from beyond comes searching for that same artifact that she just happened to stumble upon.

Talk about weird.

Cover art by cipherscriptures, who at the time had the username Lokimonster when I requested art three years ago. Also, they've been offline for like half a year, so... yeah.

Not to be confused with Wielder of the Orb: Of Magic and Ponies or The Wielder of the Orb.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 2 )

That cliffhanger tho

I feel like I should read the other stories, but it will spoil the drama, should I?

More along the lines of cringing yourself to death, but go ahead. When I started writing this story I vowed to throw out the old plot of both previous stories simply due to how much they made me cringe when I looked back on them.

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