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Hello to all the bronies and pegasisters. I'm a writer for fun and I am beginning to make Youtube videos of stories that I think deserve to be told.


Anyone who has played the inFAMOUS games series, you know what a Conduit is. If not, let me explain. A Conduit is a sub-species of humans who possess superhuman abilities afforded to them by the "Conduit gene". Their abilities can range from manipulation of a certain forms of energy or matter, to flight, enhanced senses and strength, or other physical and mental enhancements. But Delsin Rowe is special. He is not only a Conduit, but he absorbs the power of other Conduits. But enough about that, you want the summary of this story.

Delsin Rowe is sent to Equestria, near Manehatten. But upon arrival, sees that it is being over run by criminals. Not liking that one bit, he uses his powers to fight crime. But when the things he leaves behind is noticed, word is sent up the grape vine.

Celestia disapproves of this 'Vigilante' while Luna thinks otherwise. Nonetheless Luna goes out to greet this hero, maybe even protect him from the guards. Though she may find more to him than just his power.

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I love the game I can't wait to see what you do with this story And is.he gonna absorb Unicorn magic? Because if he is He technically should have already but oof if I I'm just a Theorizer

My interest has been piqued, please continue.

Only if it's elemental magic. Remember, he controls elements, not power in general. But not water, water is a Conduit's one weakness. And no not like rain or anything like that, it would at least take a pool sized amount of water to effect him.

Oh dam, well Fancy Pants is usually portrayed as a good guy and the exception among the rich not to be a dick, well new perspective I guess

Don't the unicorns and peagasai already control elements Like a Pegasus walking on a cloud and I guess a unicorn would have to be casting a elemental spell...hmmm

Yes, but not in the same way Delsin does. This factor will appear later in the story.

Yeah, I wanted to make a sort of twist to the usual rich villain cliche. And besides, his fashion business is the perfect disguise for his actual dirty dealings.

Hmm My interest is piqued Can't wait for it ^-^

Evil fancypants, interesting choice.

I haven't read a story where Fancy Pants is an evil guy so I was going for something a bit original.

Nice chapter intrested in where you decide to go with this

I’m always a sucker for these “I don’t take shit from no one” characters. Especially when they aren’t intimidated by Luna and Celestia’s royal status, and aren’t afraid to defy them. I also enjoy seeing the useless guards get stomped by said characters, and the more egotistical of the mane 6(RD & AJ) being scared shitless.

Yeah, and Delsin in this and the game, has a 'don't take shit from anyone' kind of attitude about them. He still cares, but only after he has already done the thing does he really think about it. And besides, comparing the Royal Guard to any Conduit, is like comparing a match to a bonfire in terms of strength, heat, and destructive power.

I imagine a certain egotistical Pegasus will cause problems with Delsin the second she meets him. Seriously if there was an Element of Paranoia, she’d be the perfect barer for it.

Lmao. And yeah I agree. Also, imagine what booksmart will try to do! She gonna drive herself insane!

Good to see you again. Now let's see how this trip to Ponyville will go.

Fancy pants evil that's a first usually hea a modest guy in most fictions

I like to do a twist to the usual. Though I'm questions if I should have Blueblood be the good guy and at the Gala instead of Blueblood it was Fancy Pants that was Rarity's 'prince in shining armor' or however it goes and treated her like shit.

Why not both of them there and rarity has a crush on fancy until she see how he acts and tries to get away from him and blueblood seeing this comes to her rescue when she tries to get away but cant. Is this a paragon infamous second son delsin cool I like. Also add to his video powers cause idk if the equestrians in this have modern tech or what

Perhaps. This would get some bonus points for good Blueblood but Blueblood just isn't Rarity's 'type' or whatever so they don't hook up. I'm thinking along the lines of a Raridash or..., Damn there isn't a ship name for them is there? Rarity and Applejack. Or maybe even Big Mac. And Spike? Sweetie Belle or Ember. I have most ship plans made up for most characters, but still have to kill over some. You know?

Well didnt u say herds are in this. If so why not for spike he get ab and sweetie then rumble and scootaloo. For rarity hmm well raridash is rare and I've seen more rarijack

... You do realize rumble is a male.

I mean scootaloo and rumble in a monogamous relationship

... Derp. I speed read that you meant that Spike would have a Harem of Ab, Sweetie, Scootaloo, and Rumble. My bad. Lmao.:rainbowlaugh:

Lol that's ok oh btw I just realized we r talking on 2 of ur stories lol

Lol. Yeah. I love talking to my readers. It's sometimes can be pretty fun you know.

Anyway, the next chap should be coming out sometime this or next week so be on the lookout.

*salutes* yes sir will be on watch out for it sir

*plays along* Good my little Spy in training. *begins to laugh uproariously.*

*grab a inviswatch and ambassador* gotta move up that story

... That's engineer. Not Spy. Good imitation though. And it's, (Gotta move that gear up!)

He does say gotta push that bomb or something been awhile since I've played

Pretty sure that was just cole, the water drained his electricity, Delsin can just sit in the ocean and hop out whenever

And I mean you can get pretty creative, we know of conduits that can control things like wire and paper

And if he tries to get Celestia's magic...

Pa ra pa pa paa
I'm lovin this.

Can't wait for the next chapter,keep up the good work.

Plz update soon, I am beginning to enjoy this!

So... Uhh heh heh so... Whats next

So when is the next chapter coming ?

... I just posted this one. You can fucking wait a while for the next.

Holy shit that escalated quickly!

Dam it twilight

Oh frik mutha phakahh!
It's back and I'm pleased as hell.
Thank you mate, let's see if Spike made thing better or worse.

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