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Just a few more steps...


The odds of a vampire finding a companion that happens to be truly enjoyable, that don't do it for the blood, are slim at best. Seth, however, found Nightshine.

After several years of torment (and holy water) at an ethnically-human school, Seth finds Nightshine, takes him to school the next day, and uses an anatomy class (slitting his wrist at his teacher's request for some blood) to transfer to CHS, where almost all creatures, pets included, are welcome to learn.

And, as always, feel free to leave your thoughts down in the comments!

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 11 )

Longer chapters would be great

I did write these when I was pressed for time, but I'll try.

Good story but too much too fast. I barely know or honestly care about Seth. There's little about how he thinks or his life. And Nightshine? It's just, WHAM, have a pony!

The thing with the kids stopping him is way too much as well. Unless you plan to slow it down and give us more details about school.

That said. The characters seem good, there's a nice sense of humor and the plot is interesting.

Pssst. Throw the AU tag on this quick!

That school is supposed to be highly discriminatory against non-humans, similar to how my high school was to people like me. I may come back and revisit it some later, but he's got a good life at CHS for right now.

Is this a sequel? It sounds like a sequel.

But it is based on the (probably) dead Friendship is Monsters.

So this story has nothing to do with the story My Filly, Nightshine?

Not particularly.

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