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pretty neat dood

first real chapter is in the making, i am just a little worry'd that the formatting gets messt up and the thought's are not so good to make out

Is this your first time, if so your doing AWESOME I mean its a really great story I like it +one👍

Foals? Realy..


Yes it is^^ Thank you very much

thank you, yes that's my biggest problem, also the reason why i started writing in the first place, to improve :)

just made a revision/corrections on the prologue and now it has 100 or less words more xD

ok, pretty good story. not gonna lie, i'm kinda hooked. but man, do you need an editor. like seriously. you really need one.


Thank you very much. i try my best, i read it through 2-3 times to work the kinks out.

Well First time actual writing a story and i use this also as practice to improve my English

if you want, point out a part and mark it with spoiler so i cant take a look where the issue is.

Thx for reading and be nice about it ^^

I really like this!!! :pinkiehappy:
Theres not many humans in fallout equestria stories sadly. And even less that are still active. I can count them on one hand.

Human on pony fallout equestria story's are always interesting

I hope this story isn't dead, because I find the very concept of this story fascinating and i'm surprised that nobody else thought of it first.
So I encourage you to continue the story if you please.

thank you very much, i like to continue the story. im just not in the mood of writing lately do to real life problems.

tho i do have some concepts/ideas on paper to continue on

No problem, I completely understand. I have the same difficulties. But with me I haven't even publish my work yet.

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