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Equestria is a pretty wonderful place. Until it comes to dairy products. Then it's a new sort of hell. Here is how they do milk. Based on Real Events.

Part of the B_25 vs Flutterpriest 24 Hour Writeoff

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Zine #1 · February 2nd · · 14 ·

I'm going to be that guy.


This was awful and you should be dairy ashamed.

Wow so much nostalgia right here, I can't even remember the last time I had bagged milk but it was a thing during my childhood.
That and actual milk from from farmers where it tended to have this skin like flakes in it, I dunno what's its called.

Can you even buy bagged milk these days?

Yes! depending where you live.

Way to milk it for all it's worth, my man!


This reminds me of a story I heard, about some drunk guy who accepted a challenge to drink the milk directly from cow’s udders... :unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by Swagdaddy_69 deleted February 2nd

Bagged milk is also used everywhere else in Canada.

I can't believe you actually did this. You absolute madman.

Pencil's gonna flip a godamn table.

My old Elementary school in Superior, Wisconsin used milk like that. It got such a neat variety of flavours, mostly depending on the time of year. Regular, chocolate, orange, mint, root beer... That last one was my favorite. :pinkiecrazy:



This was funny. Until the "man-milk" bit, that kind of grossed me out (and not the fun entertaining kind of grossed-out). This probably needs a "sex" tag.

Milk should NOT come in bags. In the Navy, I had to refill the dispenser in the mess hall. Giant, floppy, awkward, heavy ass bag of milk. Naturally, it slipped through my grasp just as I was about to put it in the machine. The explosion as it hit the floor was like a milk Nagasaki. Clearly, bags are evil.

I knew those Canadians were too kind. Just when I start to believe otherwise, they show this. Bagged milk should be illegal and be classified as an object of torture and should be included in the list of illegal items in the Geneva Convention.

The milk in the bag has been disappearing but (to my knowledge) in Mexico there are three brands of milk that sell it in a bag; Lacdel, Liconsa and El cencerro, before there was more than selling it like this, but when the companies grew they stopped packing in a bag and started to pack it in a box, but before it was very common.

I live in Sault Ste. Marie (ON). The reason we use the (ON) is because there's a city with the same name across from us in the U.S.. My city still uses bagged milk.

At McDonald's, our milk(nonfat and whole), creamer, orange juice, and various other drinks stuffs come strictly in bags and we have to change it constantly and it's a nightmare carrying those big, unwieldy monstrosities from the fridge all the way up front, only to stick it into a box. It constantly feels like you're one shift of the hand away from losing a job.

Hello Canadians!


That last scene was fucking cruel and hilarious i love it

it takes a lot of cowrage to post something so udderly silly as this.

Hehe, upvote number 69.

Thanks. I fucking hate it.

Well. Canada is weird.

Does anyone think that Andrea Libman has ties to Canada if she isn't Canadian herself?

so is everywhere

I'm so torn right now. I want to upvote this for its horror, but it's so horrible I want to smash that dislike.

Of all the comments here, those puns make yours the cream of the crop.:pinkiehappy:

Wait wait wait if they don't have plastic then what the fuck are the bags made out of?

I have never understood why Americans freak out so much at the sight of bagged milk.

We're American and don't see a problem with bagged milk. Heck, soda comes in a bag too! Though really, it should be a bag in a box for stability during transport.

Lol, i actually expected twi to drink the other one look at anon as he went, "cum. Its cum. Theyre both cum. I rigged it"

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