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Amongst the many other things they are doing with their lives, the Crusaders decide to read fanfiction on their YouTube channel. They have absolutely no idea what they are letting themselves in for...

Inspired by rediscovering the classic 'Half Life-Full Life Consequences'. Takes place at various points in the Railway Adventure timeline.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 28 )

What's this? Inspired by Full-Life Consequences? Instantly bookmarked.

Oh? What kind of fanfic stories?

Whatever it is, this looks interesting.:ajsmug:

Hey pick one of mine, some of them suck!

This is a reaction series to such awful fiction.

Reading ones that are really, REALLY bad.

Choices is my least liked, Capricorn born in January is a dumpster fire, you are basically giving out criticisms in a mildly snarky way. Something I do constantly, and I have always believed that if you can't take it don't dish it out. So by all means have at any of my fics, either here or elsewhere. I value whatever you come up with and I look forward to it. Just link to my story and my page when you do and we'll be good.

A laugh that updates every single week.

You can use some of mine, though good luck finding something truly terrible.

I've already said this today, but I think that this might actually be the best story I've read in the last week! I can show you some other stories like the ones the CMC read. Some on purpose, some because the author is clueless.

Thanks! Fire them my way.

I thought having them read some of the worst fanfics ever would work well.

I was seriously considering that, but it doesn't fit the age rating of the story.

That's the problem, not many of them do.

Welp, that was an excellent start, though without the GMod shenanigans as a cherry on top. Can't wait to see what you'll dig up next.

I suppose I could have them read the bowdlerised version.

Okay. Here's one that was written bad on purpose. Just click the link here.

And here's one that was made by a completely clueless joe right here.

And for good measure, one that I'm not so sure about right here.

BTW I watched the video in your link. I almost peed myself laughing! Then I showed it to my boyfriend, and he could barely breathe after watching it! Best video ever!

I think it's partly the Gmod shenanigans happening on screen, coupled with the OTT narrator and other myriad silliness, that makes it so funny.

That chapter was even worse than the last one! It’s so funny though. Where do you find these stories? :trixieshiftright:

Scouring fanfiction.net. These ones are actually quite famous though.

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