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A Cydonian Affair (Redux) - Mkchief34

"...when the Fourth Alicorn comes of age, they will be the betrothed of our descendant Firstborn Prince or Princess..." - The Treaty of Agamid, signed by Princess Celestia and Saladin, King of Cydonia, nearly 1000 years ago...

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Chapter 2 - The Voyage Home

Twilight Sparkle awoke with a groan as she pulled herself up and out of the ship's bunk she now laid in. With a sigh, she looked around, half-hoping to be back in her castle in Ponyville.

Except she soon realized that she wasn't. With a sigh, she put a hoof to her forehead and felt a raw spot there.

"I must've fallen." she mumbled. "Or fainted, maybe both."

As she pulled herself out of bed, the door to the ship's cabin opened. Spike and Prince Mathias came in, their faces concerned.

"What happened?" Twilight asked.

"As soon as you stepped on the ship, you passed out." Spike said. "Mathias managed to catch you, but you hit your head pretty hard."

"Great." Twilight huffed. "How far from Equestria are we?"

"We've sailed for two hours now while you slept." Mathias said. "There's not much time before we reach Cydonia."

"Well, okay." Twilight breathed. "Can I have some time alone?"

Mathias nodded and led Spike outside, closing the door. Twilight collapsed back into bed, hoping that she would wake up once more and this whole turn of events was just a bad dream. However, despite her hopes, it was not. This was real, and Twilight knew it despite her fears.

She eventually composed herself and exited the cabin, after smoothing out the creases in her gown.


"Are you feeling any better?" Mathias asked as she entered the upper deck, the Cydonian Praetors bowing as one.

"I'm fine." she replied. "What can I expect to happen when we reach Cydonia?"

"When we dock, the procession to the Palace will begin." Mathias said. "There, King Orion, my father, will greet us."

"What's he like?" Twilight asked.

"Father is...well, he's enigmatic." Mathias said. "I doubt that even a housefly is caught without his knowing about it. However, he cares for his children, including me. Don't let his hard exterior repel you."

"You have siblings?" Twilight asked.

"Yes." Mathias replied. "Two sisters, Catherine and Lily, and my brother, Alexander. He's currently serving in the Cydonian Army."

"He's a soldier?"

"Not even close." Mathias chuckled. "He's a Commander. Five battalions report directly to him. He's leading an investigation into a rumored rebellion in the southern provinces, but you should meet him soon."

"I see." Twilight sighed. "Mathias?"


Twilight slowly exhaled and looked down at the deck, a small tear forming at her eye.

"I'm scared." she admitted. "I had so many things I wanted to do in Equestria, and now this whole thing just happened...I'm going to miss Ponyville so much, and everypony in it. There's so much I'm going to miss…"

Twilight broke down, beginning to cry. Mathias drew back in surprise, but he slowly wrapped his hooves around her and brought her close. As she sobbed into his shoulder, he closed his eyes, not daring to move.

They remained like that for quite a while, and eventually Twilight's tears faded. She looked up to see Mathias glance down at her.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah." she replied. "I'm sorry I broke down like that."

"It's fine. I understand." Mathias said quietly. "You should rest. We've got about two more hours before we reach Cydonia."


As Twilight slid back into bed and closed her eyes, Mathias pulled a blanket over her form. It wasn't long before she was asleep, breathing quietly.

Mathias left the cabin as quietly as he could, and rejoined Spike on the upper deck.

"Is Twilight okay?" the dragon asked.

"She just needed to vent." Mathias replied, as they stood at the prow to gaze at the sea in front of them. "I think with some rest and food, she should be fine."

"Yeah, Twilight's like that." Spike shrugged. "So, Mathias?"


"Are there dragons in Cydonia?" Spike asked.

"On occasion, yes." Mathias said. "We get ambassadors from all over the world. It's tough to make it here due to the voyage required, but we have animals and creatures that can't be found anywhere else in the world."

As the two continued to speak, Mathias started to smile. So far, Spike was proving to be an amicable partner of conversation. Especially once they reached the point where they were laughing over stories of their respective siblings.

"Your sister did that?" Spike roared, nearly hoarse from amusement. "Your dad must've been furious!"

"He was." Mathias chuckled. "I doubt Lily ever replicated that feat again. Once father got over that particular prank, he wasn't as mad. Lily's a complete harlequin, almost like the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie."

"I can see the resemblance." Spike laughed. "So, by the way, is there anything to eat here?"

"Well, the Galley should have dinner ready soon." Mathias said. "I'll go check if you rouse Twilight."

As Spike headed to the cabins, Mathias went below decks to the Galley, where the smell of fresh bread and a bit of salted beef greeted him.


As Spike woke Twilight, she undid her mane ribbon and sighed in relief at the mention of dinner.

"You feeling better?" he asked.

"Significantly." she replied. "I guess I just needed to let it all out."

As the entered the galley, Twilight raised her eyebrows at the sight of a rack of salted beef being served.

"I thought ponies couldn't eat meat." Twilight said as Mathias approached.

"Well, Cydonians are unique that way." Mathias said, as the three of them sat down. "For a while, we couldn't grow traditional crops that you might've eaten back in Equestria due to poor harvests and flooding, so we needed an additional source of nutrition. We just...got used to it over time. It's okay if you don't want any."

Twilight sighed as she began to eat a loaf of bread, before she spoke up.

"I mean, I could try it."

"It's up to you." Mathias said. "I'll eat your portion if you don't want it."

Twilight finished her bread and eyed the piece of beef, before taking a reluctant bite. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad nor as repulsive as she thought it might be. In fact, it was actually quite tasty.

"The verdict?" Mathias asked as she finished the beef with a sigh.

"It will take getting used to, but it wasn't bad." she sighed.

"Well, now you sound like a Cydonian." Mathias said. "Anyway, we should be arriving soon. I'll head up to the deck to signal the fleet."

As Mathias left, Spike and Twilight finished their dinner and followed. As they reached the coastline, Twilight and Spike dropped their jaws.

"Is that Cydonia?" Twilight asked once the city came into view.

"Actually…" Mathias said. "That's the Palace. The city is to the left of it."

Twilight followed Mathias's hoof, and her jaw dropped even further. The palace was about the size of Canterlot, and the city surrounding it was even bigger than that.

"Welcome to Cydonia." Mathias said as the ships docked and the gangway lowered. As a chariot came forward for the three of them, mounted by canid beings, the crowds were packed with ponies cheering, waving flags, and watching the procession.

"Quite a welcome you're giving me." Twilight said, astounded. Mathias merely helped her into the chariot and smiled.

"There's more to it than this." he replied as the procession began to move towards the palace.

Author's Note:


Next time - Twilight meets King Orion and Mathias's siblings.

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