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A Cydonian Affair (Redux) - Mkchief34

"...when the Fourth Alicorn comes of age, they will be the betrothed of our descendant Firstborn Prince or Princess..." - The Treaty of Agamid, signed by Princess Celestia and Saladin, King of Cydonia, nearly 1000 years ago...

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Chapter 1 - The Prince of Cydonia

As Twilight Sparkle and the Element Bearers followed Celestia out of her office towards the main Keep, the minds of each Element were filled to bursting with questions, uncertainties, and worry.

And each of those were multiplied tenfold for Twilight Sparkle. Ten minutes earlier, she was sleeping in bed without a care in the world. Now, she was going to meet her future husband as per a 1000 year old treaty that she had never even heard of.


Twilight looked up to see Celestia look at her in sorrow.

"Yes?" she asked, her voice trembling. "What is it?"

"The Cydonians, unlike us, wear clothing at all hours." Celestia said. "Though I hate to impose, it would be a good measure for you to wear something formal when they arrive."

Twilight nodded, though it was a shallow, stunned movement that was quite unlike her.

"And such, I had this room prepared." Celestia motioned to part of the castle wall. Before the Elements could ask any questions, Celestia's horn glowed. The wall vanished and in its place was a hall filled with ponnequin stands.

And on each of the stands was a gown or dress to rival or surpass any of Rarity's creations. They came in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and the sight kept the Element Bearers spellbound.

"Such beauty!" Rarity gasped in glee. "Where did all these come from?"

"This is my personal collection, Rarity." Celestia said. "Just because I don't wear clothing doesn't mean I don't like the custom. In fact, I haven't been in this room in many, many years. Twilight?"

"What?" Twilight replied, struck by the sheer number of gowns in the room.

"Pick any one that you desire." Celestia said. "A parting gift of sorts from me."

As Twilight nodded and went through the vast hall, Spike watched from a distance with a tear in his left eye.


Twilight's eyes sorted through the gowns, looking for that one perfect match. Though she didn't have as much of an eye for fashion as Rarity, she had her personal tastes.

And it seemed Celestia knew those tastes. As she walked past two dresses, her heart stopped as she made her mind up.

The dress in front of her was a pale cream white with a tinge of yellow, expertly lined with lace and flower-like designs in the skirt. The top of the bodice was curled and wrapped around her front shoulders, and the bottom was shaped like a heart, and lined with cream-colored gems. Not only that, gloves and a mane ribbon lay to the side, matched perfectly with the dress.

That was when Twilight knew that this was it. As she took the dress off and carefully packed it up, she returned to her friends and mentor.

"A perfect choice, Twilight." Celestia said. "Come with me, it's almost time."

As Twilight nodded, the Element Bearers followed her back to an isolated room, where Twilight and Celestia entered alone to prepare.


As Celestia helped Twilight lace up the light corset and slip into the dress itself, Twilight could feel the fabric rustling against her coat. As she slid the gloves on and tied the ribbon into her mane, she looked at Celestia with tears beginning to form.

"I suppose this is it." she whispered in sorrow.

"Twilight, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Celestia said, embracing Twilight tightly. "I wish this had never happened, but it did. And for that, I beg for your forgiveness."

As Twilight closed her eyes, she murmured her reply into Celestia's ear. They embraced tighter, and soon, the door opened and the Element Bearers joined in. They remained in that embrace for quite some time, until a horn sounded in the distance.

"They've arrived." Celestia said. "Let's go."

As the Element Bearers followed Twilight and Celestia outside to the gates, they could see a detachment of Solar and Lunar Guards standing in formation with lances crossed in a sign of greeting. As the seven of them stood in anticipation, the lances lifted and the Prince of Cydonia came forward, followed by seven soldiers clad in steel armor.


As the carriage bearing Mathias, Ceris, and six Cydonian Praetors came to a stop, the Prince could see the Equestrian Royal Guards were waiting for them. As the door opened and the path was cleared, Mathias could see Princess Celestia standing with the famed Elements of Harmony...

...and the alicorn he was to marry. Mathias let his guard fall as he approached her, and she moved towards him. Mathias knew or had heard of many things about Twilight Sparkle. How she was the bearer of the Element of Magic, how she was respected by all, but the on thing he didn't hear was that she was this beautiful.

Her mane had not been done in some intricate style, but the ribbon was perfectly placed. The gown she wore, the beauty in her eyes...the Prince let his unease fade away.

"You're the Prince of Cydonia?" she asked in a voice that lifted his heart, even with tinged with anxiety.

"Yes. My name is Mathias, Princess Twilight." he said, remembering the customs of his people. Taking and planting a kiss to her hoof, he could see her blush, but not turn away from him. Taking a chance, he spoke quietly.

"I've heard a lot about you, Princess Twilight."

"...Like what?" she asked, unsure of the response she would receive.

"Your exploits, your legacy, but not of the beauty you possess." he said kindly. Twilight blushed even more and this time, she looked away.

"I'm flattered." she murmured. "Prince Mathias, may we speak privately inside?"

"As you wish."

As the Prince motioned to a Pegasus Guard who began to follow them, the seven-turned-eight entered the castle.


As they entered a small conference room, Twilight and Mathias sat down next to each other and faced the Element Bearers and Celestia.

"So, where do we begin?" Mathias asked. "I presume the five others are the Elements of Harmony?"

"Yep." Rainbow Dash said. "I'm..."

"Rainbow Dash, Element of Loyalty and proclaimed to be the fastest flyer in Equestria." Mathias replied automatically. The Element Bearers dropped their jaws in surprise.

"How did you know that?" Twilight asked.

"The Cydonians are not deaf to the affairs of the world." Mathias replied. "We know of your exploits together, of who you all are. The young hear stories of you when they go to sleep at night."

"They hear stories about me?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"And not just you, Rainbow Dash." Mathias stated. "There is Rarity, Element of Generosity and the seamstress capable of miraculous works."

Rarity raised her eyebrows, caught off guard by the Prince's mention of "miraculous works". Then, she nodded her head in thanks.

"Fluttershy, Element of Kindness and the Tamer of countless creatures large and small." Mathias added, eyeing the pegasus.

"Though...I wouldn't say countless..." Fluttershy said, blushing.

"Applejack, Element of Honesty and the keeper of one thousand Apple trees." Mathias said, and Applejack tipped her hat in respect.

"And last but not least, Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter and wielder of the famed and...dare I say reputable...Party Cannon." Mathias smiled, and Pinkie gave a squeal of joy.

"Your stories are told everywhere in Cydonia." Mathias said. "I had hoped to meet all of you once under better circumstances. But, may I ask that I and Princess Twilight be left alone for a few moments?"

The Element Bearers and Celestia exited the room, and Twilight looked at the Prince with a surprised expression.

"Listen, Princess." Mathias said, taking her hoof. "I wasn't exactly on board with this whole thing either. I can see in your eyes that you are fearful of what awaits you."

Twilight sighed, and nodded in agreement.

"You can lay those fears to rest." Mathias said. "I won't let anything happen to you. In fact, I even made accomodations for your assistant Spike."

"You did?" Twilight asked, once again.

"I figured you wouldn't want to leave without him." Mathias said, looking away. "Where is he, might I ask?"

"I'm here." Spike said, poking his head into the room. "When are we...leaving?"

"Soon, I suppose." Mathias replied. "If you need to retrieve anything from your current residence, now is the time."

Twilight sighed, but gave a nod. As the three of them headed outside, the Cydonian Praetors snapped to salute. As Twilight said her goodbyes to the Element Bearers and exchanged a few final gifts, Mathias stepped into the carriage and laid his head back.

"Are you tired already?" Ceris asked.

"Just uneasy." Mathias replied to his Guard as they watched Princess Luna arrive with Twilight and Spike's belongings from Ponyville, which were loaded up. As Twilight and Spike entered the carriage and sat down, Mathias looked at the Princess with concern.

"The voyage to Cydonia should only take a few hours." he spoke. "Then, prepare yourself for quite a welcoming reception."

Twilight didn't reply with words, but with a shallow nod as the Carriage set out for the coast, towards the Cydonian fleet...towards their new home.

Author's Note:


Next time - The voyage and arrival in Cydonia.

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