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A Cydonian Affair (Redux) - Mkchief34

"...when the Fourth Alicorn comes of age, they will be the betrothed of our descendant Firstborn Prince or Princess..." - The Treaty of Agamid, signed by Princess Celestia and Saladin, King of Cydonia, nearly 1000 years ago...

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Prologue-The Treaty of Agamid

1000 Years Ago
Ponyville Plain

The plain was unrecognizable. The bodies of countless fallen lay amongst broken weapons, torn ground, and scattered trees. The sun hung low in the sky, and the clouds darkened the air.

Among the carnage stood two figures. One was an alicorn, white in color, wearing armor of gold. The second was also a pony, but much more broad and warrior-like. This one had a coat of gray and a mane of tan, and he wore armor of steel. His face was worn, his eyes bright blue.

"So it has ended." the second pony said. "The Griffons have been routed. My army is capturing what dared remain here."

"It seems so." said the Alicorn. Celestia, Ruler of Equestria and Princess of the Sun, replied. "My forces yearn for home, Saladin."

"As do my own." Saladin replied. "However, there is still the terms of our agreement."

"Indeed." Celestia sighed as the two departed from the grisly scene. "However, I still do not understand your terms to the fullest extent."

"By the time the Fourth Alicorn comes of age, whoever it may be, the world will be ready for our return." Saladin replied. "Cydonia is tired, and wishes for rest from the horror of war."

"I understand." Celestia said as they entered their camp, proceeding to the command tent. A Cydonian Scribe appeared, bearing a scroll. As Saladin unfurled it, it revealed a document that would shape history.

The Treaty of Agamid.

Celestia signed her name to the bottom, and so did Saladin. One clause in particular caused Celestia some concern.

"When the Fourth Alicorn comes of age, they will be the betrothed of our firstborn Prince or Princess."

As Celestia rolled the scroll up, she presented it to Saladin.

"May your nation prosper, for evermore." Saladin said.

"And may your own be given the same." Celestia replied. "I will miss you, old friend."

"Indeed." Saladin replied. "My army and I shall be gone by dawn tomorrow."

As Celestia watched him depart the tent, she nodded stalwartly and returned to her own camp, to begin the march home to Equestria.


Celestia awoke with a start, then she realized what she had seem was but a dream. As she watched the moon grace the night sky, she remembered why it was so vivid.

Today was the day Celestia had been dreading all her life. The news of the coronation of Twilight Sparkle, her faithful student and now Princess of Magic, had spread all over the world in barely a week.

And they most likely had already reached Cydonia by now. Celestia knew not how the warrior nation had changed over the centuries, as her last visit was over 1000 years ago. However, the fact still remained.

Today, the Cydonians would come to fulfill the treaty she had once signed.

Celestia took a scroll of parchment and began to write.


Twilight Sparkle awoke to Spike poking her in the head with a scroll. With a grumble, she pushed herself up and looked at the dragon.

"Letter." Spike said. "From Celestia."

"It's four in the morning." Twilight moaned. "What could Celestia want?"

"Search me." Spike said. As Twilight read the scroll, she found it was shorter than usual.

Dearest Twilight Sparkle,

Retrieve the Elements of Harmony and come to my office in Canterlot immediately. There is something urgent I must discuss with you.

No matter what happens to you, know what I did was for the best, and I had hoped this would never happen to you.


Twilight rolled up the scroll and sighed.

"Spike?" she said. "Get the girls. We're going to Canterlot."

"Why?" Spike asked. "What's Celestia need us for?"

"She didn't say." Twilight said, getting out of bed. "Let's go."


As Twilight woke each of her friends one by one, she grew more and more curious each time she reread the letter from Celestia.

"What do you think it means?" Twilight asked no one in particular.

"No clue." Rarity said. "It seems mysterious, though. Why would she put these lines at the bottom here?"

"Not sure." Twilight replied. "I can tell it's important though."

"Whatever it is," Rainbow moaned. "I wish it could've waited until morning."

"It'll be fine, Rainbow." Applejack said as Twilight prepared to teleport them all to Canterlot. "Whatever happens, we're be with you, Twilight."


As the Elements appeared in Celestia's office, Twilight saw a shocking sight.

Celestia was crying into her pillow.

"Celestia?" Twilight asked. "What's wrong?"

"It's complicated, Twilight." Celestia said, wiping her eyes. "I suppose your friends will want to hear what I have to stay."

She took a deep breath, and Twilight immediately sensed something wasn't wrong, something was very wrong.

"Have you heard of the nation of Cydonia?" Celestia asked.

"I've heard mentions to it in a couple of ancient texts." Twilight replied. "Weren't they some of the finest warriors the world ever saw?"

"Yes." Celestia said. "During the formation of Equestria, they aided us in defending our land from countless threats. The Dragons, Griffons, even the Minotaurs were unable to best them in warfare. At the Battle of Agamid, a merged Cydonian and Equestrian army forced a combined Griffon army three times our size to surrender after three hours of combat."

"Wow." Rainbow said, floored. "They sound cool."

"That is not the word I would use, Rainbow Dash." Celestia said. "After the battle, I signed a treaty with their ruler, King Saladin. In exchange for their service to us, I promised them something I now regret."

"What?" the Elements asked.

"I promised them somepony would be betrothed to their firstborn Prince." Celestia said. "Today they are coming to collect."

"Who is it?" Rarity asked.

Celestia sighed, wiped a tear away, and muttered something so quiet, it was inaudible.

"I'm sorry?" Twilight asked. "I couldn't hear you."

Celestia mustered herself, and looked at Twilight with regret clear in her eyes.

"Twilight, I promised them the fourth Alicorn once they came of age and were eligible by the Cydonian laws. That...is you, Twilight."

There was silence. The jaws of everypony in the room hit the floor. Twilight took a deep breath and opened her mouth.



The tremendous shout of six ponies and a dragon echoed through the whole of Canterlot, just as the moon lowered in the sky. Then, the Elements began to speak at once, all together.

"That's impossible!"

"Twi can't just leave Ponyville!"


"Can't you stop it?"

"Who's going to take care of the Castle?"

"What about Spike?"

Celestia waited for the pandemonium to calm, before she spoke.

"First, Rainbow, it is possible. I made this promise a lifetime ago, and I intend to keep it. I am an alicorn of my word. Second, Applejack, though I regret to say it, she has to leave once the Cydonians arrive. Third, Rarity, it is not uncommon for marriages to be in diplomatic treaties. Fourth, Pinkie, I cannot stop it. I have seen the Cydonians when they are angered, and it is something I do not want to witness again. Fifth, Fluttershy, I will see to her Castle. Finally, Twilight, I will make sure Spike can come, along with whatever you wish. The Elements will also be able to visit her as much as possible."

The Elements of Harmony were silent. Twilight and Spike slowly walked forward.

"When...will they arrive?" Twilight asked, a cold feeling on her neck.

"Today." Celestia said. "I know not what has changed, but they will arrive with their warfleet, as usual."

The Elements tried to protest again, but Celestia silenced them with a glare so harsh, even Rainbow gave a quiet moan similar to Fluttershy.

"Twilight, understand this is for the best. The Cydonians may be warriors, but they know hospitality like no other. I am not asking you to agree with this, but I am asking you...to trust me."

Near the coast of Equestria, around Canterlot
Cydonian Flagship "Saladin's Pride"

"Lord Heir Mathias."

A unicorn of Twilight's age, with a tan coat, an unkept black mane, and blue eyes turned from the mast to the soldier who addressed him. Mathias nodded, acknowledging the armored stallion.

"We are nearing the coast. Princess Celestia is expecting us."

"Steady as she goes." Mathias replied. "Let's not make a scene."

"As you command."

The soldier saluted, and left for the bridge. Mathias stood up and headed for the bow, leaning on the rail.

"So, we're almost there." said Mathias's pegasus guard, Ceris, who flew up next to his Lord.

"Indeed." Mathias said. "I can't believe it'd be so soon. My ancestor made that treaty over 1000 years ago."

"It still holds true." Ceris said. "Let's just see how they greet us, and we'll go from there."

"I hope the Fourth Alicorn shares my feelings about this whole thing." Mathias grunted. "I never agreed to this."

"True. But the Treaty was signed by your ancestor, and you are the firstborn." Ceris replied. "Just take it one day at time, and you'll be fine."

Mathias groaned as the city of Canterlot came into view off the starboard side of the flagship.

Author's Note:

Yep, it's back from the dead. Apart from Over the Wall, this was my first original concept that I developed into a story.

And now, it's staying for good. No more deletions, and that's a promise!

Next time - The reluctant bride meets the reluctant groom.

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