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Luna is on a mission to save Equestria. With so many ponies gaining weight, she feels it is time to put down the cake and pick up a salad. The dieting and exercise begins today. Now, if only she could find a way to let her sister know.

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HAHA dat ending...

Yes, cake be the bane of us all.

That ending takes the cake alright.

I'm surprised that Celestia had the energy for that duel after being put through Luna's training. Luna shouldn't feel bad, though. Cake eventually gets to everyone. No matter who you are, no matter what you do, there is always a cake that will find you. :pinkiecrazy:

Congrats for getting featured on EQD!

“Cake-a-palooza, the Cake-Eaters Celebration of All Things Cake,” Celestia said quietly.


Having eaten a cupcake this evening, I suddenly fear that Princess Luna will appear and harangue me for not exercising more frequently.

Adorable, i especially liked the explanation for Luna's behaviour.

This was a cute story.

I love the idea of soup spelling out: "you should eat more salads" :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

The fattness...... It will consume us all!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Great story I loved it!

I loved this fic when it was in the write-off and it's even better now. Nice work, Bob.


oh GOD O.O anyone but her!! All fear the horror of the "Lol ur fat." Troll Raipony!!!!

Luna and Twilight are alike in many reasons.

I love this. Amusing, fun, and well written story. I'm definitely going to be looking at your other stories.

So I like the way Luna is portrayed here. She's not the broken Luna seen in some fics, but she's still clearly out of date and with a definitive personality. I like that. And the depiction of Celestia is equally fun with the very "human" moments (my favorite being Celestia's mildly embarrassed admission of enjoying their foolery at the end of the story). Also: umbrella fighting is the best form of exercise.

*Alondro spies on the dragons and griffins, overhearing this conversation in the dead of night*

*shadowy griffin with an oddly French-ish accent* Oui! Les ponies, zhe are becoming well-fattened on my eclairs, as we planned!

*shadowy dragon* Excellent! Soon they will be too fat to run and we shall devour our fill of them!

*Alondro gasps!* A CONSPIRACY!! :pinkiegasp: *He tries to run... but is caught by a Changeling!* Oh noes! They're all in on it! *He struggles to get away, but to no avail. The ponies are doomed unless Luna's dieting can save the day!*


They could have just asked the Adiposians for help with the weight loss. Doctor Who has the solution for everything! :trollestia:

So what if Luna is eating cake like a pig? She was on the moon for a thousand years. There probably isn't even any cake up there!

Cute story all around. Funny and very well done

What! This made it to EQD!? I saw it there, and when I saw how many views it really has, I flipped!

A glorious tale, one that shall last throughout the ages!

Umbrella swashbuckling is truly the game of kings! Or, uh... princesses, as the case may be. :twilightblush:

“Cake-a-palooza, the Cake-Eaters Celebration of All Things Cake,” Celestia said quietly.


OMG no hates!! :pinkiegasp:

Definitely an amusing story, and one of the best S2 portrayals of Luna I've seen. Too often authors confuse naivete with idiocy, but I think you did a wonderful job portraying her as a well-meaning, intelligent, but kind of clueless character. The fact that your comedy never came across as cruel or mean-spirited was much appreciated, given the sincere tone of the story overall. To sum up, good work.

Lovely, nice and sweet with a healthy dose of plot twist!

Celestia damn it! :derpyderp1:

I try to Like this story on my phone, but it derps and ends up disliking it. :facehoof:

I've left a message on Knighty's comments page; I hope I'll be able to register the intended Like soon!

Umbrella fencing? I did not expect that. I think it took maybe a minute for it to sink in!! :derpytongue2:
I really liked this story and I thought it was amazing! Good job!!

I reviewed your fic tonight find it here

Author Interviewer

This is still funny. :)

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