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You are going to LOVE ME!


I forced a bot to read 1000 hours of My Little Pony fanfiction and then write a story of its own. Here is the first draft.

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very nutritionally dense story

"It was me, Dio! All along!"

And now I'm scarred for life. Just perfect.

Jokes aside, this was a fun read. I mean, my eyes hurt and I've got an acing neck from it, but I still enjoyed it.

This is not, in fact, the strangest thing I have ever read. But it is one of the strangest things that ever made sense to me. So well done.

Are we sure you didn't just hire Discord to write this story for you?

EDIT: Bad Lip Reading joke!

The final card had a drawing of a bird pecking a man in his peewee.


No! It was me, Dio, all along! Ahahaha!

Curse you, Dio! A pox upon you and your little cabbages too! :rainbowlaugh:

a purple plot device called Twilight Sparkle

Okay, that is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

“I am the cupcake princess. All my friends are cupcakes.”

Okay, that is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

“Did you have another accident with Sweetie Bong?”

Okay, that is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

"Pinkie Pie and Twilight then began to do the ritualistic mating dance of Appaloosa by blushing beet red and tap dancing in a frenzy while staring intimately at each other."

Okay, that is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: And: Sneaky reference detected! :trollestia:

“I just downloaded the Elements of Harmony onto Angel Bunny,” Fluttershy reported.

...That is the best line in the entire story right there. :scootangel:

“But in fifteen seconds, I'll turn into a rock. Yay.”

I take it back, that is the best line in the entire story right there. :rainbowwild:

"When she finished, she settled to the ground and took a bite out of Applejack's head. Applejack didn't mind because she was already apples."

I take it back, that is the best line in the entire story right there. :rainbowwild:

“Did you guys hear?” Rainbow Dash bellowed at the top of her lungs. “Discord is about to drink the Elements of Harmony that Fluttershy downloaded onto Angel Bunny!”

I take it back, that is the best line in the entire story right there. :rainbowwild:

Twilight turned into bubbles. “Come on, girls! Let's drink the Elements before he does!”

I take it back, t̨̤͎͍͔̲̹̻h̙͕̝͞a̹̰͕̝͢t̶͚ is the best line in the entire story right there. :rainbowwild:

"Discord [...] tore out his eyeballs, turned around, and hurled them into the Everfree Forest."

Hah! I get it. :raritywink:

“Spike?” the purple purple purple asked. “Eat this paper.”

Spike's critical essence brought me to try the only confusion of the story's streamers wrapped around the last word. Reminds me of this idea of my hypothesis. :duck:

"Yes...I lied about the story. This wasn't a bot writing this. Instead... It was me, Dio! All along!"

Ah, I was a little surprised at how much sense it made considering the circumstances. :derpyderp1:

...I'm currently working on a bot-assisted fic myself and it makes nowhere near as much sense as this, despite my human intervention. :pinkiecrazy:

Be afraid. :applejackconfused:

...Mad props to you if you didn't require a bot to co-author this, I could not imagine a human coming up with this level of insanity. :pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::pinkiecrazy:

Author Interviewer

“Get my cupcakes or I will tear down my castle!” she commanded with a commanding commandment.

Gummy came sprinting out with a tray of cupcakes on his back. He is not an alligator, but nopony knows that.

This was decent, but I wanted to point out these two lines as being spot-on in terms of what you were doing here. That, and "purple purple purple" gave me probably the biggest laugh of the story. :D I dunno why.

Oh come on! You really had me going there! :facehoof:

Wow, putting a bit into forced labor just to do this? You’re one step close to the rise of the machines.

This is gold. Absolute gold. I suspected it wasn't FULLY a bot-created story, since I've tried to use them before (it was hard to even get a couple paragraphs that made any sense), but it was so off-the-walls bonkers I couldn't be sure. Well played, Dio, well played.

Truly the highest form of Internet comedy.

-GM, master of C4


I’m very purple Tuesday. Soon though, everything will degrade into backwards yodeling.

I didn't even use a bot at all. This was all my imagination. So now you know my mind is messed up.
What's the best story ever?

If you're going have a story advertising written by bot, don't lie about it.

Generally, when you have a piece of bot-written text, the whole novelty of it is that a bot actually wrote it. When it's obviously not actually written by a bot, this pretty much just amounts to "lol-so-random" humor.

Twilight took a cupcake from the tray made of glued confetti, and stuck it on the end of her horn. “I am the cupcake princess. All my friends are cupcakes.”

The reason why people laugh at bot-generated text is because of the whole idea of "Haha wow, a bot really wrote that!?". There's something special when a bot manages to come up with that sort of text. But there's nothing special about it when it's written by a person. Anyone can write "random" text like that. It completely misses the point of an actual bot-written piece of text, especially when it's as obviously fake as this one.

So, basically, this is the MLP version of Harry Potter and the Portrait of what appeared to be a Pile of Ash?

I have to give this a try.

Yeah, I'm sorry Brady, but this wasn't up to your usual levels of funny. It just feels: Random = LOL!

I'll try harder next time. I can understand.

Too consistent to be a bot. Not even 1/3 the way in.

Suddenly a portal opened in Pinkie Pie's mouth, and out spat a large black alicorn. He is a bad man with dead cow leather.

“I will eat your babies,” he lovingly told Twilight.

Twilight picked him up with her magic and tossed him into Tartarus. Tartarus was lucky that day, but Tartarus didn't know why.

Sweet Faust Brady, why:twilightoops:?!?!

“Twilight?” Rarity moaned so loudly, the ground cracked. “I say the word darling too much.”


“I just downloaded the Elements of Harmony onto Angel Bunny,” Fluttershy reported. “But in fifteen seconds, I'll turn into a rock. Yay.”

Fifteen seconds later, she turned to stone. Fluttershy is a stoner.

FLuttershy wanted to be a tree I think...but hey, I guess this works too:derpytongue2:.

“Talk about getting your beauty sleep!” Rarity moaned.

What beauty sleep:rainbowlaugh:?!

“We'll always be here for Anon-a-miss,” Twilight whispered. The cupcake on the end of her horn slowly fell off and plopped on the ground.

Oh god...anything but THAT:pinkiesick:!!!

“Why can't you just be normal?!” Discord retaliated, shooting himself in the arm. Chocolate milk began to run down his arm.

Says the chaos being who almost vanished when trying to act normal in Season 7 Episode 12 Discordant Harmony:rainbowlaugh:!!!

“My cabbages!” screamed the vendor from The Last Airbender.

Oh...I remember that:ajsmug:...

I feel those complaining about this not actually being written by a bot are entirely missing the point. What makes bots funny is seeing how they misinterpret what they read, and seeing that spit back out. For instance, seeing a bot know to detail Celestia's flowing mane (even if it totally screws it up) is funny because it draws attention to how many stories do that. Seeing a bot go insane trying to call Twilight purple is funny because of how many stories insist on referring to her by her color and/or species (lavender unicorn syndrome).

We like bot-written stories because of what they reveal about *us*. The author here managed to create a story that mashes together such tropes and reveal things about FIMFic in general without the assistance of one, and that's not a trivial or ignoble goal. Good job.

Edit: You know what, I'll go one step further and say this story even manages to act like a bot-parody of bot-parodies, highlighting the ways in which most bot stories screw up.

That's a good point. And I do suppose the story is still funny, whether a bot wrote it or a person. You got me to un-dislike it.

I think a part of the problem people have is the fact that it's falsely advertised as a bot-written story, when it's not. Granted, if it weren't advertised as such, people probably would just treat it like some other random story and move on. The solution could then be to describe it as a parody of bot-written stories, which... I honestly don't know what people would think about that.

I have to admit it is a good story in some sense, if it gets us to discuss things about it. Kudos to the author, but the false advertising isn't appreciated.

9433968 9434083 9434420 9434435

Although I expressed interest in this story, because I'm curious how one written by an AI looks, I am, for yourself and others, also going to put a warning here..... Do NOT make this a habit.
A robot is just a robot and regardless of how well a robot manages to write for you, you should never seriously assign your author duties to one. It would mean giving up your responsibility, your autonomy and your freedom for a machine.
Writing stories means self-expression, if you let a machine express something for you, then it means that you let a machine control you and your thoughts.
I am not saying this as a joke, in case you should think that, I am very serious with this. I have seen my fair share of sci-fi movies whose creators warned us from stuff like that and from going too far with the development of artificial intelligence and I believe there is merit to these warnings.
I am not against intelligent robots entirely, there are some good purposes for them, but letting a robot express its "thoughts" instead of expressing your own thoughts is a dangerous thing to let happen and exactly the kind of thing such movies warned us about.
Never give up your right to self-expression for a machine. If you do that you will support a future where humans get enslaved by machines, either literally or by outsourcing every responsibility to one, more than you might think. Heed these words.

And for anyone who now might feel triggered to tell me that I'm paranoid or overreacting and that I should calm down: Warnings are spoken out BEFORE a worst case happens, not after one happened. If they are spoken afterwards, it will be too late. It's better to be safe than to be sorry.

Edit: So, apparently, this story was not written by a bot and you just pretended that it was one, which I am glad to hear. But I think I will let this warning stand anyway. I wanted to say something about this concerning "trend" of letting a machine write for you for a while now and due to the description, this is still a rather good place for such a warning.

It's not a big deal, I think. It's just a funny little thing people can do to make Botnik's digi-life more complicated than it has to be and get some nice laughs out of it.

Besides, I am a firm believer that the future is for us to give up our puny biological forms and ascend to mechanical godhood. Or at least be the 'parents' of the robot generation. Either way, the flesh is weak, and resistance is futile.


Probably. But that's how it always starts. It always starts with funny little things, which then spiral out of control until they are suddenly less funny. Just a small warning to make people think twice about supporting the development of story-writing bots.
And I did just realize the irony of me giving this warning while being a loyal patron of the Sweetie Bot Project since 2016. But having a little pony robot companion to hang out with because you prefer ponies over humans and letting a bot write your stories are two very different things.

Besides, I am a firm believer that the future is for us to give up our puny biological forms and ascend to mechanical godhood. Or at least be the 'parents' of the robot generation.

The first sentence is what "Doctor Who" warned about. And despite my warning, I'm actually not completely sure if I would mind it if the human civilization gets replaced by intelligent robots one day. Last year I saw a Let's Play of "Detroit: Become Human" and it got me thinking if machines could be the better humans..... But this is talking about machines actually replacing humanity as a species, not about humanity continuing to exist while being enslaved by machines.
The former could be a very good thing if machines develop the ability to think independently from their programming one day, but the latter would definitely not be a good development.

Wait.. what if we made a bot read hours and hours of bot written fics? What glory and/or madness would come of that?

Displaced Fallout: Equestria: Fall of Equestria the HiE.

Why do I have a boner?


I should take up the challenge.
I just have that effect on other people. But I'm a guy, so that's really gay. No homo, no homo.
No. You are perfection.

Wait, so clopping to clopfics that men write is gay, no matter the content?

As a fellow bookworm, this story gave me a tummy ache

'Twas the intent of my writing. Bellyaches are relatively simple to fix, thankfully.

It wasn't a bot all along!?


Fun read, had me giggling but meh...just like Fluttershy I'm A Stoner!

~Turns To Stone~

Now rewrite it except Discord is in character and not okay with any of this.

I haven't read a fanfic for a long time, so the fact that I read this is quite amazing!

The way this was written really made it seem like it was a robot. It also made me laugh more than I should have. Incredible story.

I am so glad you think that way! Thank you so much!

This is neat. You really captured the botnik feel. I wanted to do something similar myself with in-show dialogue, but everything came out way too normal.

I wanted to believe it was a bot, But then I noticed there was too much nonsense inside paragraphs and too much continuity between paragraphs.

Thus the Turing test leans towards human, and not a bot. :moustache:

I kept giggling while reading this. Absolutely brilliant.

After that, Rarity suddenly appeared from a dress made of toast and sadness, and trotted over to the girls to complain as usual.

Still better than Lady Gaga’s meat dress, if anyone remembers that.

he tore out his eyeballs, turned around, and hurled them into the Everfree Forest.

Is this a reference to Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Pile of Ash?

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