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I Love Sunset Shimmer


Since last week, Jimmy has found himself short of hats. What he does not know is a hat will make his life glimmer.

Edit: HOLY CRAP! in just one day, my story made it into the Featured section! :D :yay:

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Keep the good times rolling!

Heh, with Auto Publishing, it's easy :3

So it is. Railway Adventure sat for about 36 hours before being approved.


Btw, I say Geez with a G, not a J ^^;

BTW, I was not aware.

I'm willing to bet a piece by SonicRainbowDash sat in front of it.

As it is indeed that time of week once more, let us travel to the East Coast of the United States, to a set of states that, despite being roughly in the geographic center, consider themselves to be ‘south’, when it comes to American cultural identity. Indeed, we are once again in the state of Virginia, home of Jamestown, John Smith, the Norfolk and Western, the Star of Virginia...wow, I am really scraping the barrel here, aren’t I?

“Why do you tell them stuff about the state? That’s, like, so boring.”

Diamond Tiara? How did you get in here?

“I am most annoyed over NOT being featured last week. Seriously, why does Silver Spoon get featured and not me?”

That’s the luck of the draw, I’m afraid.

“Oh! You mentioned me again!”

Seriously? Both of you in the room at the same time?

I think my brain will implode.

“So, who’s Jimmy gonna end up as today?”

I think you mean who are you going to end up as today, Diamond. After all, you were Jimmy once.

“I was too!”

“I was as well!”

Great. Now I’ve got Diamond, Silver Spoon AND Sweetie Belle all in my ears. Fantastic.

“When's the next chapter of The Belle Rings True appearing?”

When The Blue EM2 gives the go-ahead to resume the project. Now can you three please go back to your stories and stop shouting in my ears?

Where was I?

“Mr. author?”

What do you want Diamond?

“You still haven’t said who Jimmy will end up as.”

Can you PLEASE be patient?

That has to be the second most meta thing I've ever read.

“Get your pony on!”

Ha! She said it! She said it!

What can I say, I'm a genius X3

Don't you just love Title Drops in stories though? X3

Say, wanna quote the transformation for me? :3

To temporarily let out my inner Pinkie Pie, *ahem*

Transformation? Ooh! Which one? Maybe...

Ooor maybe the always iconic....

Ooooor, if you want something more fitting to the series and stuff...

There's just soooo many choices!

I meant quoting the transformation in the story ^^;

As indeed it would.

Assuming you keep going with the meta theme, how would you incorporate Sapphire?

Okay.:trixieshiftright: How about

And these odd looks were not a response to his hat. No, for something else was happening, something that, if you knew Jimmy well enough, you knew happened from time to time.


“What the-?” he said. “Again?”

All of the transformation :P

Hmm..... probably by saying one of her most often sayings: Sensational!!!!

Fine, fine. :trollestia:

Jimmy walked down the street toward Manteo, unaware of some of the odd looks he was getting as he was heading down the sidewalk.

And these odd looks were not a response to his hat. No, for something else was happening, something that, if you knew Jimmy well enough, you knew happened from time to time.

His shirt and pants had merged into a single garment, and the lower segment gradually shrank upwards and morphed into a blue underskirt with what I can only describe as...either stars or rocket engines radiating out as spokes. It was also very tight, which Jimmy suddenly spotted.

“What the-?” he said. “Again?”

His shirt was not freed from the bizarre events occurring that day, ending up looking like it was made of sheep’s wool that had been cut imperfectly. It had a purple band running around it, cutting under the sleeves of the shirt.

His shoes then fell off as his feet shrank, the toes merging together to form hooves, and his legs shrank in length and abruptly curved over to be positioned underneath his torso, knocking Jimmy onto the floor.

His torso and chest shrank in length to about half their former size, as his arms shifted position on his body and were forced into a downward position. His fingers shrank into his hands, and his neck cracked and shifted until his head was looking directly forward.

His glasses then fell off his face as his nose and mouth merged into a muzzle, pushing outwards until it was several inches long. His hair morphed into a mane, which was a rather vulgar shade of blue, and fell on top of his new yellow eyes.

Fur erupted from his entire body, cream in colour, as a blue tail suddenly burst from his backside, with such force it was actually rather painful. This pain was magnified by the loss of a pair of certain organs, followed by the gaining of two more between her legs.

Jimmy shrugged. “Better get going,” she said, now sounding like a stage diva.

As she went along, her memories got more and more muddled, as bits of another life flooded in. Just then, she reached the stage door, and was greeted by a...pony?

Comment posted by Chrome Masquerade deleted January 29th


Another Queen reference.

They are one of my favourite bands.

Now to figure out how to incorporate them into a story...

But enough. I see you've got 223 views.

224 now, soon to be 225 after me checking the chapter :3


"54 views." remarked Applebloom, "how many'd we have yesterday?"

Sweetie Belle flipped through her notebook,

"Let's see, the last time I wrote it down was when I did my 11AM check-in, and we had...only 44 views! That's ten views in a single day! We did it girls! We're famous!!!"

"Woooooo!" whooped Scootaloo, leaping into the air, pumping her fist.

"Hold on a minute," cut in Applebloom. Scoot froze in mid-air. "Ya said 11AM check in right? How often were you checkin' in?"

"Every hour, on the hour," replied Sweetie proudly, "well except for the hours where I was sleeping of course.

"So then if you went to bed at nine, that means you refreshed th' page..." she counted on her fingers, "ten times! Ugh, Sweetie, all those views came from you!"

"Oh" said Sweetie Belle, looking embarrassed.

That comes from 'The Viral Video Voyagers', a short and extremely funny EqG CMC story.

Send me the link to it and I will read it ^^


TThe Viral Video Voyagers
Three freshman girls at Canterlot High are on a Crusade to become internet famous by any means necessary. These are the adventures of the Viral Video Voyagers
CassandraMyOCisBestpony · 3.9k words  ·  26  5 · 987 views

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what is next.

And whatever comes around the next bend, we face it as friends.

Uh..... I'm actually not sure what I just read.


How is it possible that you ended up in Equestria at the end, even though you started out on Earth and there was no visible transition? :rainbowhuh:

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