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You are going to LOVE ME!


Every trope gets broken and nothing goes right for our unlikeable and shallow hero: me, who gets transported to Equestria after buying a Bleach weapon at Comic-Con...somehow.

(I dunno how that works. How in the heck does buying a Bleach weapon take you to Equestria of all places?!)

Parody on Displaced fics.

Chapters (10)
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Huh? ten chapters and the ratio isn't showing?

Rubs hands together. Oh, this will be perfect..

This...is uh...yeah.

I hate displaced fics as much as you do Brady, prob more.

Nice bit of comedy there. Honestly, I don't like displaced stories myself. The MCs always either get along nicely with everyone, or becomes public enemy number one.

But I enjoyed the story nonetheless. Keep up the good work!

Oh, come on man!

That's not at all how you perform seppuku!

I gotta ask, were you perchance rude to anything of a divine persuasion in a past life? Because you certainly aren't having much luck here.

Well I thought it was a good argument...

This was going to be interesting.

That sentence, and all conceptual synonyms thereof, is the surest way to get me to not look at a story. Well, aside from blatant misspellings and grammatical errors.

You will have to go a very long way to find a more uninspired sentence.

I'm glad to see you enjoyed them!

Sorry, I never asked; did you enjoy it?

'twas a fine bit of satire. You covered all of the major irritants, and got me to laugh at them. Well done.

Displaced Fandom (as Evidenced by the Ratings Bar): muh incoherent wish-fulfillment

I do have to wonder, why is it the characters almost always end up in the Everfree Forest these days, near the Castle of the Two Sisters? I mean, come on, can't they end up somewhere else... Like, say Griffonstone or whatnot? I mean, Equestria's not exactly short on locations is it?

Pro-Tip. Just because you get a powerful weapon, doesn't mean you always know how to use it. Yet another thing I'm fed up with in Displaced Stories, the character always knowing how to use these bloody things as soon as they get them. That's not how the real world works!

Must have been, really. Or it's a Groundhog Day type thing... But much more cruel.

At this point I think this has become a Groundhog Day of a fic!

No shit.

Same. I honestly thought this would work as well...

Wow, real classy anon human. I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for him.

Okay, one word to sum this up.


Hit upon every cliche on the head here, you did. Now yes, it's true there are good Displaced stories, and you just gotta wade through the shit to find them, but compare the authors to drone pilots if you will. Truth is, there aren't a lot of good ones out there. I cite Sturgeon's Law.

"90% of everything is crap".

... actually I would read a fanfic about displaced in teletubbies. It's such a bizarre idea.

thank you! I dont understand why, but at this point there is so many goddamn human in equestria/anon/second person fics (majority of them being porn) and they often get disproportionately popular, and take up the entire display box

I was wondering about the ratings bar, actually. If you hate it, give me a reason why! You know?
I aim to please, Brick. I'm just happy you enjoyed it.


If you hate it, give me a reason why! You know?

Sadly, most people are too salty about being mocked and/or do have a sense of humor.

I would hazard a guess as to why: because the Everfree is the most similar to Earth. The weather behaves on its own, the animals are rabid, and the plants grow unsupervised. Because of this, the closest connection between Earth and Equestria is the Everfree. The interdimensional traveling just takes the shortest route from place to place, like lightning striking the tallest structure.

Okay, fair enough I suppose, but still it's always the Everfree. Why not drop the human somewhere new, like Klugetown or summat?

Because Displaced authors see how well the other, more popular stories fared, and they attempt to imitate their success by using the same plotlines, plot holes, bad characters, stupid attitudes, and oversexed, lust-filled, devoid-of-love harems. It's like they're rebooting the same story over and over again, and they don't know how to do anything different because the others did so well.

“If I were to lay my eyes on an episode of that group of emo dunderheads, I would replace my vision with another kind of bleach to purge it from my eyes!”

this genuinely was the first thing on this site that made me laugh:rainbowlaugh:. You have my respect even if I don’t share your opinions

Dude I think you need to see a therapist, like no joke I’m genuinely concerned :twilightoops:

9452139 Given that they don’t usually give out well-reasoned arguments for these stories either other than the usual “dis sturee is an interesting!!!!!!!!!” is because they know that their comments will out themselves as the tasteless, illiterate dipshits that they are.

Also, woo! You were here since 2014, and this was the first thing that made you actually laugh? I feel accomplished.


Well, truth be told, I only ever got into writing Displaced because I thought, at the time, it was like a fad or something, so I decided to give it a go. Boy, was I sorely mistaken, and truth be told these days it's gotten a bit... boring for me to write it. Which is why lately I've been having either the actual guy end up in Equestria, or having the Equestrians end up in the crossover world, like with my latest creation, Spyro and Spike: Gnorc Gnexus. Of course, without that loathsome Hamster around, things have been much easier to work on without catching a flaming ball of crap from it.

I came here with trepidation, waiting to see if you would actually succeed at making a good parody or if it would be a hateful satire.

This first chapter left a good impression, so kudos for that.:moustache:

The Displacer Merchant probably bought his wares from a knock-off website.:trollestia:

Author's Note:
Look, I really, really, really don't like Displaced. So I decided to make one better than the stuff the other authors come up with. I can guarantee you this was not easy. I had to lower my intellect level to where I had to write in the first person and pretend to like Bleach. I haven't even seen Bleach, but I heard it's pretty edgy. So I naturally picked it for this story.

takes and extremely long drag from a cigar

How do you think I feel, bub, but there's one little issue here. You just simply aren't dumb enough.

I too would do the same if I were to get stuck in the Teletubbies show.:moustache:



I know of a few stories that start up elsewhere as you ask, but I think it is like Brady said - it has wild magic, and seems too similar to Earth to be a coincidence.

And many authors are lazeee, with no creativiteee.:pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

Yup, I fully agree with you. It is most vexing - usually blamed on 'implanted knowledge' or somesuch thing by the Displacer/Merchant.

I blame the Lohav group for starting that trend.:pinkiecrazy:


Because Displaced authors see how well the other, more popular stories fared, and they attempt to imitate their success by using the same plotlines, plot holes, bad characters, stupid attitudes, and oversexed, lust-filled, devoid-of-love harems. It's like they're rebooting the same story over and over again, and they don't know how to do anything different because the others did so well.

Hating on Displaced is SOOOOOO 2015. Not just that, you're using the exact same arguments everyone back then did. That being said, oversexed and lust-filled tends to be wrong as general rule since most Displaced fics don't have anything of the sort. Just though I'd correct you because, yeah, no offense but arguing with me of all people is gonna make you look like an idiot since I've been running Displaced since 2014.

That isn't to say you're wrong, but it is to say that parodies of the fics are as overdone like a woman in a Mexican brothel. Honestly, really the best way to mock them or actually ENJOY writing it is to try and do things better or improve on them, otherwise you'll exhaust yourself sooner rather than later.


No idea if any of my shite is counted but you don't have to wade through it so much, the group has a Quality Works folder after all, so it might be a smidge easier.

This is hilarious. More please!

In my one I end up in the CHS Infirmary.

If you're going to use Bleach for your fic, the least you could do is go watch a few episodes. The fact that you're too lazy to research the other properties being used in your work doesn't motivate me to read it.

The reason why most of them end up in the everfree is that to most people new to the Displaced group find it easier to start there than anywhere else. Yes, I am also guilty of this trend since I've made it happen in four of my seven fanfics, however each one ends up in equestria differently that don't involve a comicon.


Is that Aardman, by any chance?

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