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Knowledge is Power - hydra30

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Author's Note:

The next chapter is very emotional. I know it was looked down on to add romance, but I couldn't help myself. But I will go back to action, interdenominational evil and Divine chaos soon

"Rainbow, darling, what's wrong?" Asked Rarity, approaching the slack jawed pegasus along with all the rest of her friends. "You look like you've seen a..."

Rarity and the others joined Rainbow in her shock, they had arrived just in time to see Twilight and Fluttershy separate from each other.

Both ponies held their eyes closed for a few seconds, panting as their bodies caught up with them. But it only took a second for them to realize that they had an audience, turning to their friends that sat frozen in the doorframe. A wild blush formed on their faces as they looked to each other, their hooves still entangled, then back to their friends.

Slowly, they let go of each other, dropped back to their hooves and turned to their friends.

"Uhh...this isn't what it looks like," said Twilight nervously, Fluttershy hiding behind her mane beside her.

"Oh really?" Said Applejack, her wide eyes squinting down into slits. "So you weren't smooching with Fluttershy like an excitable school filly a second ago?"


Rainbow suddenly reached forward and pulled Pinkie away from the two, her eyes livid. She stared at Twilight with a look that could most likely melt all the ice in a hail storm, great huffs of steam billowing from her nostrils. Twilight herself looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Egghead!" Growled Rainbow, pushing her muzzle to Twilight's. "You better have a good excuse for this."

"Rainbow, no!" Snapped Fluttershy, separating her fellow pegasus from Twilight with a hoof. "Please don't blame Twilight, I kissed her first."

"You, Fluttershy?" Inquired Rainbow, giving her friend a wide eyed look.

That was something she didn't see coming. How could Fluttershy, a pony that would often cower in fright when she saw her own shadow, be bold enough to make the first move on anypony? Heck, until now, Rainbow often entertained the notion that Fluttershy would never have anything more than what she had with her friends and animals.

"Yes," confirmed Fluttershy, closing her eyes with a serious expression.

"But...why?" Asked Applejack, arching her eye.

“Oh, how unladylike to ask such a thing, Applejack," scolded Rarity, stepping up to separate Twilight and Fluttershy from the rest of them. "There should be only one, fairly obvious reason for this."

"But, Twilight and Fluttershy were..." began Spike, only to be halted by a white hoof in his mouth.

"Now, now, that is enough," said Rarity, giving the group opposite the two a disapproving glare. "From all of you."

"But Rarity..." protested Rainbow, but Rarity had turned her attention to the other two behind her.

"Come on, both of you," said Rarity, seizing them in her magic and levitating them into the room. "You're coming with me."

"Rarity!" Protested Twilight, flailing her hooves in the blue aura. "What are you doing?"

"Taking you two somewhere where you won't be interrupted," answered Rarity, her face even more serious than a guardpony.

"But Rarity, why?" Asked Fluttershy, struggling just as much as Twilight.

"You two need some alone time," explained Rarity, walking into Twilight's room and depositing them both on the bed. "However it happened, you two have found something with each other. And until you find out what it is, its best you are not bothered with 'anything' else."

Before either of them could protest, the doors slammed shut, the blue aura around the doorknobs clicking them into the locked position.

They stared at each other awkwardly as all sound from outside was muffled, looking to the side as they contemplated their situation. The heat they had felt after that last kiss was still there, but now that the passion had faded the weight of the entire scenario became apparent. What were they to do now?

'If there was ever a time I wish there was a manual for something, its now,' thought Twilight bitterly as Fluttershy stared at her with her light blue eyes, her heartbeat elevating again.


After Rarity closed and locked the door, she turned to the rest of them with a scowl.

"Anypony wanting to interrupt them will have to go through me!" She snapped, pawing the ground threateningly.

"Ugh," moaned Rainbow Dash. "Leave it to the drama queen to take point in a situation like this."

"C'mon girls, this ain't so bad," stated Pinkie, grinning widely. " In fact, this is possibly the best thing that could have happened to those two."

"How can you be so calm, Pinkie?" Asked Rainbow Dash, slightly irritated at her pink friends antics. "Did you actually see this coming?"

"Ha, my Pinkie senses aren't that good, Dashie," replied Pinkie Pie, putting a hoof around her multihued friends shoulder. "But what kind of friends would we be if we only get irritated and ruin it all for them? Don't they deserve our support?"

Now that registered to Applejack.

Why was 'she' making such a big deal of this? Sure, she was surprised to see Twilight and Fluttershy(two of her best friends) kissing, but why was she allowing it to effect her like this? What was so awful about two ponies finding each other?

How could she, as an Apple, think any part of this was wrong?

The Apple family was huge, and all across Equestria, and not all of them 'swung' the same way. Heck, now that she thought about it, she had grown up around this kind of thing all her life. Some of her aunts bring a special somepony mare to the Apple Family Reunion every year, and they were the nicest ponies you could meet.

"Well...I still don't like it," snapped Rainbow, pushing Pinkie away and crossing her hooves with a scowl.

"Rainbow Dash!" Scolded Rarity, crunching her face into an intense glare. "Twilight and Fluttershy are our friends, how can you not find it in your heart to support their decision."

"Hey, wait a minute," said Pinkie, getting up into Rainbow Dash's face, the pegasus exchanging her scowl for a look of shock. "You've known Fluttershy since Cloudsdale Flight School, right?"

Rarity drew their attention when she let out a shocked gasp. "Rainbow, darling, do you have feelings for...?"

"WHAT, NO, OF COURSE NOT!" Shouted Rainbow when she saw what they were getting at.

"You sure about that, sugarcube?" Asked Applejack, looking at Rainbow Dash with a look that was both supportive and questioning. "You're taking this awful hard."

Rainbow just scowled again.

"Come now, sugarcube, talk to us," said Applejack, gently putting a hoof on Rainbow Dash's shoulder that was thankfully not shrugged off.

"If something is bothering you, just tell us," said Rarity, unmoving from her post, but wearing a supportive look.

A look that seemed to break the last chain around whatever Rainbow was hiding as she let out a sigh.

"I don't have 'those' kind of feelings for Fluttershy," explained Rainbow, actually shuddering at the thought. "I don't swing that way, and even if I did, Fluttershy isn't my type. I would want somepony made of 'tougher' stuff."

"Then why the aggressive reaction towards Twilight?" Asked Applejack, slight concern in her voice.

Rainbow lowered her head and let out a depressed sigh, standing up to stand between the friends around her.

"You all remember how we got our cutie marks, how I raced those bullies to defend Fluttershy?" Asked Rainbow, getting a round of nods. "That was not the first time I had to protect her, and...after her and me started to mature from fillies to mare's, it only got worse."

There was a round of terrified gasps.

"You mean...?" Applejack was unable to finish as the thought paralyzed her slightly.

"You can imagine how a timid, shy, and gullible looking pony like Fluttershy looked to a couple of maturing teenage colts," stated Rainbow, shaking her head.

"They...did they...?" Asked Pinkie shakily.

"Oh no, not while I was around," said Rainbow, shaking a hoof aggressively. "Anypony who gave her 'that look' got a treatment much more effective than cold water, if you know what I mean."

Applejack, Pinkie, and Rarity felt both horrified that Rainbow went to such lengths to protect Fluttershy, and gratitude for her protecting her.

"Well, what does that have to do with her being with Twilight?" Asked Rarity, tilting her head. "If you actually don't like her like Twilight does, why...?"

"You saw what Twilight did in Canterlot," said Rainbow sadly, closing her eyes in what appeared to be shame. "She lit herself on fire so she could defeat Chrysalis before she could do something horrible to Fluttershy, to all of us. She stopped that Dwemer contraption from hurting her." Tear's began to form in her eyes as she continued, seemingly unable to stop. "Heck, she made a deal with the ultimate evil from another world so she could protect us from an enemy we were too blind to see..."

"Now hold on there, partner," said Applejack, tightening her hoof over Rainbows shoulder. "That wasn't just you."

"We all blundered that, Fluttershy included," said Pinkie.

"I agree, that was on all of us,"said Rarity gently.

"It's not that," snapped Rainbow, tears flowing from her magenta eyes. "Twilight saved Fluttershy in Canterlot when I couldn't, she saved her from a robot when I couldn't. If Twilight and Fluttershy get together, will Fluttershy even need me anymore?"

The three watched as the tough Rainbow Dash broke down right in front of them, her shoulders shaking as she cried. Immediately they hugged her from all sides, stroking whatever part of her they could reach comfortingly. It was so strange seeing her like this.

They had to do something.

"Fluttershy will never stop needing you," said Rarity, her head on Rainbows right shoulder. "Protection aside, you are her oldest friend."

"But how can I just stop?" Hiccuped Rainbow, her jaw shaking so bad she could barely speak. "I have always looked out for her, but with Twilight's new powers...how can I compete with that?"

Pinkie started laughing from her spot from above Rainbow’s head, much to Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash's disdain.

"How could you have forgotten, Dashie?" Asked Pinkie, noogieing her mane. "Soon 'all' of us will have that power."

Rainbow Dash dropped her jaw in realization when what Pinkie said made her remember what happened after the party.

"That's right, darling," said Rarity happily.

"And think of it this way," suggested Applejack, a smirk on her face. "If you get better at this voice thing then Twilight, you can protect both of them."

Rainbows misery vanished behind a barrier of determination in an instant. She had never been looking forward to the whole studying, having agreed strictly for Twilight's sake. But now she really contemplated what learning the Thu'um would mean, other then helping Twilight with her task.

All the things she saw Twilight do in Canterlot, all that was about to be hers.

"Alright," said Rainbow, stepping out of the hug. "I will definitely do that."

They smiled as their friends demeanor returned to something so like the pegasus they knew and loved.

"Have we had enough drama yet?" Asked Spike, standing a few feet away with his claws crossed, an annoyed look on his face.

Regrettably, they had all forgotten he was there.

"Oh Spike, I am so sorry," said Rarity, surrounding the baby dragon along with the other ponies. "This must be hard for you especially."

"Ya, you have known Twilight the longest," said Applejack, putting a hoof around Spike.

"Seeing her kiss another pony must have been hard," said Rainbow sympathetically.

"Especially another mare," said Pinkie absent mindedly.

"PINKIE!" Shouted the others, glaring daggers at her.

"Hey, it's not a big deal," said Spike, gaining stunned looks all around. "Now that the initial shock has worn off, I'm glad she has found a special somepony. I was starting to worry."

"Wait, wait, wait, so you're not even disturbed by the fact that she kissed another mare?" Asked Rainbow, looking the dragon straight in eyes.

"Huh," mumbled Spike under Rainbow Dash. " I kinda learned mares can have those feelings for other mares long ago."

"Oooo, who was it?" Asked Pinkie Pie excitedly.

"Cadance," answered Spike, his audience gasping in shock. " She...didn't start dating Shining Armour until after she foalsat for us for a while."

"How do you know?" Asked Rarity, looking slightly doubtful. "You had to have been really young then."

"Lets just say I know it wasn't just a good night kiss now," replied Spike, slightly enjoying the wrapped attention from his audience.

"Do you know who this mare who was all shacked up with Cadance was?" Asked Pinkie

Spike put a claw behind his head nervously.

"Oh come on, Spikey-wikey," said Rarity, blinking her eyes seductively. "You can't drop a juicy gossip bomb like this and not indulge us."

"Well," started Spike, crossing his arms with a mean smile. "You know Fancy Pants' s wife, Fleur De Lis..."


Twilight and Fluttershy lay on their stomachs on Twilight's bed, hardly noticing the conversation barely heard outside. They had yet to say anything, in fact, they couldn't even make eye contact for more than a few moments before jerking away with a blush that was only growing deeper. But they both knew this was not something they can ignore.

"How long?" Asked Twilight, pushing past her emotions and looking Fluttershy in the face.

Fluttershy looked forward herself, though she needed to pace herself for a little longer. She took in Twilight's face as she watched her expectantly, though obviously not trying to rush her, contemplating the question. When had her feelings for Twilight even started?

"I...I don't know," said Fluttershy, hanging her head in shame.

Twilight scooted closer and put a hoof over Fluttershy's, managing a small reassuring smile. "Then can you at least tell me when you noticed you liked me?"

Fluttershy dove deep into her memory, trying to pinpoint when she had noticed. At first she thought of when she had watched her study while all their other friends were exploring Apocrypha. She tried to hid her blush when she remembered how she focused on Twilight's rear as well.

But she dismissed that memory.

She somehow knew that wasn't the one. It had been before that, she was certain of it. She now realised the seeds been planted long before that.

Twilight herself was contemplating things too. She had actually never once pictured herself with anypony before. Her life had been studying, then her friends after she had met them, and beyond that she had not even contemplated anything more.

It was this thought that made Twilight realize how much had changed since the morning of Shining Armour and Cadance's wedding.

Wait, the wedding! Fluttershy had deserted her along with the others after her outburst, she saved Fluttershy from Chrysalis at the last second in Canterlot, she had saved Fluttershy from a dangerous relic from an era long past, staying with her through a long night of tears, then she had introduced Fluttershy to fantastic creatures from another world. A terrible thought occurred to Twilight then.

Was the kiss even real?

"Fluttershy?" Asked Twilight quietly, the hoof holding Fluttershy's shaking. "Does this... have anything to do with what's happened recently?"

Fluttershy knew what she meant right away.

"No Twilight," she said hurriedly. "This is not guilt, remorse, or regret. I know in my heart, my feelings for you are genuine."

Twilight smiled as a joyful tear slid down her face.

"I only wish I could figure out when," continued Fluttershy weakly.

She gasped in slight surprise when Twilight pulled her to her chest, her jaw resting over her head, the gentle rhythm of her heart in her ear. Whatever stress she was feeling vanished from her mind as a warm sensation emanated from were their skin made contact. It only increased as Twilight's fresh scent reached her nostrils.

"Stop trying to figure it out with your head," cooed Twilight, stroking her mane. "Allow the sensation you feel in your heart to engulf your mind."

Fluttershy followed her advice, the warmth in her chest traveling to her brain and engulfing her entire being. Older memories of Twilight shone with more clarity, what with her new feelings for her. They brought a warm smile to her lips and joyful tears to her eyes.

She remembered her first meeting with Twilight, how she was so shy, like she always was around new ponies.

She remembered how she felt when Twilight pulled her away from Discords ugly embrace, how vulnerable she felt when she came to, but Twilight's upside down smile gave her the strength to face that mismatched monstrosity with the rest of her friends.

She remembered how worried she became when Princess Celestia lead Twilight away, of how she wished she could turn back time and give Twilight the consolation she needed when she needed it.

She remembered how Twilight deduced she was one of the ponies that took a bite out of Pinkies coveted Mascarpone Meringue Madness...

"The National Dessert Competition," said Fluttershy in realization. "I think that's when it happened."

"Really?" Inquired Twilight in confusion. "I... would have thought that would be the last thing you would want to remember. I mean, I busted you."

"It wasn't anything I didn't deserve, Twilight, I should have controlled myself," said Fluttershy, tilting her head up to look into Twilight's eyes. "But seeing you deduce those clues...I realize now I have never been drawn to somepony more than in that moment in all my life."

Twilight smiled as she let Fluttershy back up so they could see each other.

"So know that when I say this, I mean it," said Fluttershy, her lips trembling. "I love you, Twilight."

Twilight trembled herself as she heard Fluttershy say that. The sensation that coursed through her at those words was unlike anything she had ever felt. Not even using the Thu'um that first time could compare to what was flowing through her soul at this very moment.

"I love you too," she said, her emotions running a mile a minute. "From the moment you stood up to that dragon that roosted outside Ponyville and threatened to cover Equestria in smoke."

She had come to that realization when Fluttershy came to hers, and Celestia did it feel good.

They drew themselves into another hug and lied down on their sides, this time with Fluttershy having Twilight to her chest. They lost themselves in the bodily sensations of the other, heartbeats, breathing, soft flesh under their hooves. The wet tears of joy from the other.

"How did you come to know so much about love?" Asked Fluttershy, stroking her hooves over Twilight's body. " Was it in a book?"

"Give me some credit, Fluttershy," said Twilight, looking up with a slight smile. "I was practically raised by Cadance, the Princess of love."

Though, she swore to keep the fact that her first instinct was to consult a book to herself forever.

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