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Endings are lies. What is the ending for one is but the beginning of something else. Or, perhaps more realistically, it is stuck in the middle of something much more expansive and far-reaching...

We are all but fleeting notes in a much larger song. But every note is needed to make the melody complete. It may seem like nothing, but to those with the ear, each moment can be an eternity.

This is one of those moments.

With a mysterious tragedy behind and an unknown landscape before, a stallion will open his eyes to things he never could have imagined...

((Story is canceled: has been reimagined in The Protagonist))

-GM, master of Yiyxa

Chapters (26)
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The name makes me think of Planeswalkers, the story itself already is the set-up of fantastic mystery of ambiguity and fascination. This, I look forward to reading.

So my guess is that this stallion's Rarity died based on the diamond shaped gem.

It was a bright, almost neon red. Not a natural blood color for any creature the stallion had ever seen.

So something attacked SotS Pinkie Pie. I can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Not a single spoken word. Just atmosphere action movement.

Nice. The story's inspiration is clear to anyone familiar with it, though already things are happening faster than there. A lone, aged cabin is especially reminiscent. Perhaps a less obvious reference to that series would be that you started with a consonant VOWEL, 'Y', though whether that's on purpose or not is another matter. We have a few of mysteries already, such as who is this stallion, what happened to him, where are we, and what happened to 'pink.'

Outside the story... We have symbols on the covert art. I personally recognize about half of them. I won't ask what the rest are, better to be surprised and all. I won't be looking them up in the Discord either.

I'm intrigued. The tone and narrative flow is different from Songs, and I rather like the... Looking for a word... Personal, small feeling of it?

Edit: While it is a consonant in this case, I had meant to say 'Y' was a vowel. Because that's what they are in the thing I'm referring to.

Fascinating. Intriguing. I look forward to more.

Given the blog, I can't help but think of Ixalan, the Magic: the Gathering equivalent of a roach motel: Planeswalkers could enter, but they couldn't leave. Somehow I doubt a magical cyborg is going to unlock the extradimensional doors here.

so are we dealing with our colored blood or like pure strawberry colored blood?

Our is more of a dull, dark red. Strawberry's a good way to describe this, as is "candy red" or "it looks like a kid grabbed the brightest red crayon he could find and scrawled all over."

-GM, master of ink.

I wonder what kind of weapons would cause star shaped wounds?

Pink pls.
Mystery stallion has a name. Mare confirmed to be Pinkie, not that elsewise was expected. Pinkie is hurt and doesn't know where she is. Crypt also seems unfamiliar with cartoon physics... Even most not-Pinkie pones tend to heal decently fast if they're from worlds without major consequences.

"I think I'll probably just go wherever you go, since I have no idea what's going on," Pinkie said, a giggle rising from her.

Well now. There's a statement with multiple layers to it.

Lone Crypt's world definitely seems grittier than what Pinkie's accustomed to. It's like if a Wind Waker character found herself in Breath of the Wild, complete with incongruous cel shading. Or possibly Snake Eater, given that leg. And those other injuries... We may learn more in time. This calls for further observation.

i dont think she was attacked per say maybe taken to this other world...violently.

Perhaps a flail? If swung properly, with the right shape...
Then again, it might be a bizzare non-standard weapon that most are unfamIliar with. The possibilities certainly stretch a long way...

Like a star shaped cookie cutter?

*shrug* Pinkie is involved, anything is possible. It could've been killer ants commanded by a chunk of alien technology, for all we know.

She tapped it with her hoof, discovering its texture to be chalk-like, although it was much easier to crumble than the schoolhouse rock.

I really hope this doesn't mean I'm going to have to go through that whole discography to find a certain song with significance to the story...

Interesting to see that magic can only interact with metal on this world. Pinkie may not be able to get much out of Crypt, but being privy to his inner monologue helps.

Maybe its bc I just finished the book but this seems extremely like the gunslinger except kinda reversed?

I really like this :)

Teehee, Overwatch ref :pinkiehappy:

Best trust her senses, Crypt. Pinkie's uber reliable in a pinch :raritywink:

Pinkie grows on you over time. Like a fungus. Though it'd help if she stopped tempting fate.

Interesting to see that Crypt doesn't seem to recognize a blanket term for his world's natural satellites. What a curious hole in his vocabulary. And if he doesn't know the word "moon," what does that imply about this universe's Luna?

Well if Crypt ain't a right grumpy horse. It'll make him all the more endearing when he opens up!

His switchblade/ring is fascinating. I'm imagining it as something akin to the hidden blades in Assassin's Creed right now, if not just straight up one of them.

Hmm. Well now. This is a fascinating world. Also, Pinkie's certainly bouncing back nicely. Here's hoping that's as it appears to be.

And Pinkie proves herself to be the ultimate bodyguard!
Sorta :derpytongue2:

Nice bit of action, put both characters into perspective for one another, and a bond is most definitely forming. Look forward to the mountain journey ;)

"It could be a while."

"We're here!" Pinkie declared, stepping up the last step.

Pinkie knew a shortcut, didn't she?

Poor Crypt is gonna get dragged into Pinkie's adventure... well, not so much kicking and screaming, but whatever the dour, grumpy ol' man archetype equivalent is.

Chapter does bring up a few questions though. Like, how did Pinkie and co get seperated? Something happen upon their arrival in this world that screwed up and split them up? Also, with how far they could see... is this world flat, is the terrain itself super flat, or are they just plain really high up? Who's the Technician, and how will they factor into whatever this place is? Crypt also seemed surprised to see signs of civilization out here, in the South specifically. Does that mean he's from the Northern part of this world? Questions, questions, questions.

Love the trope of a character being transported to another world, and not quite fitting in. Reminds me of TCB: Other Side of the Spectrum, where the camouflage of humans never quite blends into Equestrian foliage. Just that sense of...otherness?

Uh, no, not pink, red. Like... Here's the color:
And here's actual blood red for reference:
Clearly, you'd be freaked out if you got cut and the first started leaking out of you, but not the second.

-GM, master of BLUD.

I suspect they're on the inner surface of some sort of artificial structure.

They at breakfast and packed up the tent, leaving all the pillows in a pile.


Pinkie takes charge, sucking Crypt into her orbit like the bounciest little planetoid ever. I hesitate to say 'like a black hole' because we both know that there's only one mare that we can truly describe that way, but with Ponk bouncig towards a strange dragon on an unknown world things aren't looking optimistic. I won't put money on it, but I will bet an 'I told you so' on dragons being monsters in this world.

Could be! I hadn't considered that one. Until we have more information, though, I'm going to imagine it's a normal round planet until proven otherwise for certain.

This could end very poorly. Or very well! Only to find out is to see what happens.

Also, I'm guessing that smoke is somehow connected to what brought Pinkie here in the first place.

Pinkie's slowly getting through to him, I just know it :pinkiehappy:

When I read the name Myrrh on a dragon, I have to admit I had a preconcieved notion of who she was. Reading the whole chpter, this is sadly not the Myrrh I know of. But that's okay because I get to meet someone new instead!

Interesting to note this has been the first chapter not told from the (third person) perspective of Crypt, if I'm not mistaken.

Six impossible things before breakfast is most people's limit.

In any case, nice to see a local who's a bit more open to strangers. Hopefully Myrrh is what she seems. She probably isn't, but I can hope. :derpytongue2:

I like Myrrh, she seems cool. I really hope she stays cool :twilightsmile:

let the harem party building begin!

And he would never do that. Ever again.

Dark and mysterious past sighted! :pinkiegasp:

Interesting note about dragons are not common, at least in the part of this world we're in right now. I currently find myself agreeing with Crypt's assessment of Myrrh, but this is only chapter 2 with her so 🤷.

*ohoho's obnoxiously and hits fave*

Pinkie creating cotton candy in a stranger's funky vehicle doesn't shock me at all, which says something about how I've come to view Pinkie :derpytongue2:

A shred of a hint at Crypt's backstory! That means that there's only more to come XD

You have "SER'ta'ta" in the chapter, but "SIR'ta'ta" as the title. Gonna guess that the title should be the former.

The low color variance is interesting. Even the Apples are a few different colors cept for Bright Mac and Applebloom, even if all of them are some kind of apple-related color. To have one of them specifically be blue... Might be a forced thing in this part of the world, with exceptions?

The two location names both beginning with 'Ser' suggests a language thing to me. What that means is uncertain, though Ser'pi could be the capital. Unless this is a place like irl Saudi Arabia, where there are just Princes all over.

Myrrh? Antimony? :pinkiegasp: You got me hooked, Author! I love these names!

Aside from that, I do have a theory. It popped into my head last second, but I think it's worth mentioning. (Desert, Devil Trees, and Ser'ta'ta seem to be in the same alignment as Equestria geography- namely Appleloosa, Everfree forest, and finally Ponyville). I could be totally off, but I'll put it out there that maybe this alternate universe has different names for similar landmarks. If I'm dead wrong, pardon me.

Anyways, can't wait for more!

OoOoOo, more ponies! They seem friendly, at least :pinkiesmile:

I have the distinct feeling Pinkie just set herself up for disappointment. Still, nice to see that not all ponies are as grumpy as Crypt. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the loner is antisocial. :derpytongue2: Still, I do wonder what tales Pinkie will tell...

Hey cool

You must be quite excited for this story if you’re updating every day.

I mean, it isn't EVERY day, just days where I spontaneously have an hour of free time where I can smash some words together. But yes I am excited. There's so much to do and we're not getting anywhere very fast here.

-GM, master of limesalot.

I imagine ponkadonk is something like rope-a-dope, only with a squishy marshmallow pony body.

Antimony smirked. "...I think I would like to meat these lobster creatures."

I mean, I'm not normally in favor of eating sophonts, but when it's lobster... :raritywink:

Heh. Pinkie's translator microbes are contagious.

Antimony's father sounds a lot like Granny Smith's. Interesting, that.

...that Ser'ta'ta's name would end up the name of another colony after ours was destroyed.

Also interesting. It's possible that "Ser'ta'ta" translates to something like "Colony 22."

Hmm. Smiling, swirly eyes, super smart... but silent? Strange. The first being that comes to mind is famed for his... eclectic diction. And possession of fury. And baldness, so given the spiky hair mentioned when first describing the mark, he's probably out. I suppose we'll see what comes of this quest.

I'm curious about who this Technician is. I noticed that their species hasn't been mentioned, so we're all assuming they're another pony. And then there's that symbol...hmmm....

Starting a petition to meet the lobster people. Sign here:


:trixieshiftright: Well that happen. Looks like we got some more information to look up on where the story is taking place. :twilightsmile:


On another note, Antimony is a really good guy, definitely knows his lot in life and has plenty of commitment to where he is in life. Good smol horse.

You're numbering these chapters in hexadecimal. Between that and the Technician, I believe something in here is either artificial or virtual. What? I couldn't say. Might be robots, might be the world's a computer program/game. The later could make sense, given the fantastical geography.

I suppose "When are you?" is self-explanatory, and the mysterious lightning entity doesn't seem sensitive enough for "How are you?" But the absence of "Who are you?" is an interesting one. This being doesn't seem to perceive Pinkie as a person, just an anomaly.

And I do hope Antimony gets to explore some day soon.

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