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A Reminder Of Hope - twience

"Wait, I'm sorry, are you saying I'm in love with you?" One day, when Sunset Shimmer is driving home from work, she crashes. Her car gets shattered, the other drivers are pissed, and it seems she has... memory loss?

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Helpless Serenity

A Reminder Of Hope Part 6
By, serenityx

"And you’ll always be by my side, 'til the day I die."

Sunset sighed as she placed her empty bowl in the sink. She checked her phone again, but still no reply. She called Twilight and texted her two times but she still hasn't answered. She was starting to get worried.

Sunset exited the kitchen and walked into the living room again. She made her way towards the window by the door and began to look outside. It was dark now but there was a full moon tonight which made it look bright. There was also millions of stars that could be seen. Not a cloud in sight.

"Wow," She admired.

Suddenly, Sunset felt her heart drop and her head start to pound.

"Not another migraine..." She rubbed her forehead still staring out the window.

Just then, a dark cloud, a feeling of cold and bitterness, felt like it settled in her heart. She sniffed. There was something eerie in the air. She could feel it; there was a horror that she just couldn't shake. "Twilight..."

Sunset grabbed her leather jacket then hesitating, she grabbed her car keys.

Twilight's eyes were squeezed shut. Here it comes, she was going to die. Why? What did she do to deserve this?

The pain never came. Twilight peeked open her right eye. She was still here, it's been about thirty seconds and she was still here. When she opened both eyes she could see the burglar struggling with the pistol he had in hand. He kept clicking down on the trigger but nothing was coming out.

"What's going on?" The other asked him.

"I don't know!"

This was her chance! Twilight speed past them quickly scanning her card and running into the building. She didn't bother turning on the lights or taking the elevator, she just started to climb the long staircase up to the next floor.

"You had the safety on you doofus! You let her get away!"

The two bugalers quickly ran inside the building after her smirking. It was foolish of her to not lock the doors. They took the elevator to the next floor to catch up to Twilight. The money could wait, they needed to get to her before she calls the police. Twilight was panting by the time she reached the floor. Unfortunately, when she heard the elevator doors open and spotted the men in black, she sprinted for one of the computer labs.

"Tsk tsk tsk, we can't have it your way Miss Sparkle. Shoot the gun!" He ordered the other.

"Uh... I left it behind."

The one in charge turnt to him and glared. "Can you do anything right?" He said annoyed. "Whatever, let's just tie her up." He took the rope from around his waist and entered the room Twilight went in. Twilight spotted them again and screamed.

"No!" Twilight tried to run but the other burglar caught her by the wrist before she could get out. "AH! Let me go right now!" She tried to wiggle free but he had a tight grip on her. He forcefully set her down in the corner of the room and took the rope from his partner about to tie Twilight up.

"We can't have you calling anybody." He took her purse as well and held up his thumb behind him. "All good."

"Great," He replied. "but let's tape her mouth as well." He pulled out a role of thick tape.

"No, no, no!" Twilight yelled again and started to cry. "SUNSET!" She screamed so loud the men had to cover their ears.

"Ugh! You brat! This is why you need the tape," He said taking off a strip.

"SUN-" Before she could finish another yell, the tape was already on her mouth.

"Sunset huh? Does Miss Sparkle have a girlfriend?"

Twilight looked down, her eyes still filled with rage.

"Hm, If she comes, we'll just have to take care of her as well."

Twilight looked up again trying to wiggle free of the rope.

"Sorry miss, we'd love to stay and chat, but we have a vault to find."

Both burglars left the room locking the door behind them. Twilight could only sit there and sob.


I'm on my way Twilight, don't worry.

Sunset, even though she has no idea what's going on, could feel that something was wrong. She's currently in the car on her way to Twilight's work. She was scared to get into the car at first, but Twilight was worth the risk. When she made it to SAIP HQ, she parked the car in the lot and exited.

"Twilight?" She called out and walked towards the building. She then noticed a gun rested on the ground and started to panic. "Twilight!" She ran to the doors and went inside. The doors were unlocked, that not good. She thought. Sunset continued on, however, she had no idea where she was going. She could only follow her gut.

She took the elevator to the first floor. When she made it she could already see it looked messy. There were muddy footprints all over the floor and there was a plant plot that now laid on the ground broken. Then some chairs were pushed outwards showing that someone was in a hurry.

"Twi?" She whisper called and walked passed some doors. One caught her interest; she could hear muffling noises through it. She looked at the words on the wall and saw that it read Computer Lab. She tried to open the door but it just wouldn't bulge. The muffling only got louder. "Twilight, are you in there? I'm going to try to get you out."

Sunset looked around for something she could use. I mean come on, this was a lab. There had to be explosives, or something. It wasn't a good idea, but she didn't have much choice here. She went to one of the desks in the middle of the hallway. Luckily she found a drill on one of them. Someone must of forgot to put it back.

Perfect, this will do. Sunset took the drill and went to the door again. She flipped the switch making it turn on and pressed the tip on the handle of the door. If she took off the door knob, she could pry the door open. After a minute of drilling, the knob started to get loose and soon fell off the door. Yes! Sunset stepped back a bit then kicked the door with all her might.

"It opened!" She cheered and went inside only to find Twilight on the floor tied up in a corner. "Twilight!" Sunset ran over to her and began untying the strings. "Who did this to you?" When the strings were off, she carefully pulled the tape of Twilights mouth.

When it was fully off, Twilight sprang on to Sunset wrapping her in a hug. "Sunset! I'm so glad you found me!" She cried.

Sunset wrapped her arms around Twilight as well. "Of course, I was worried about you."

"See boss? I knew I heard some noises in here.''

Sunset and Twilight gasped and pushed themselves off the floor looking at the men in black.

"You two did this? What's wrong with you!" Sunset clenched her fists.

"Hold on now lady, we're simply just stealing some money. No harm done," The other spoke.

"No harm done? No harm done!? You're committing theft, you obliterary trespassed, caused damage to her lab, and worst of all: you tied up my girlfriend and locked her in this room!" She yelled at them.

"Oh, I see what this is. I guess you're Sunset?"

She raised a brow. "Yes...? Sunset Shimmer."

"Hm, we heard of you. Anyway, you're too late Shimmy. We've already broke into the vault and started loading up some cash. We didn't collect nearly as much as we planned, but I suppose it's enough for now. All that's left to do is to tie up you and Sparky here again so we can be on our way. Don't try to resist, it'll make things easier for all of us."

"Never," She glared.

"Oh well." He shrugged. "Suit yourself."

Before he could grabbed the rope, Sunset flew forward kicking him in the stomach. "I don't think so."

"Bitch!" He clutched his stomach. "Get her!"

The other did as he was told and flew a punch towards the red head. Sunset dodged grabbing his fist and twisting his arm. She flung it downwards causing the man to fall to the ground. "Too easy."

The boss recovered from the last kick and managed to make his way to Sunset himself. He punched her stomach when she was distracted.

Sunset coughed and clicked the roof of her mouth with her tongue. "Big mistake. You see, I don't stand down until the people I care about are safe. I only fight nowadays when I'm doing the right thing; and right now, I'm protecting Twilight and her company. So, if you think I'm going to stand here and let you get away with it you're wrong!" She balled up her fist and straightly punched him in his face.

When he felt the impact, his nose started to bleed. "Argh! For a girl, you can fight."

Sunset smirked. "Flattery will get you nowhere."

He glared at her before looking at his partner who was laid on the floor. "Get up you fool!"

The one who was on the ground apparently heard him, but instead of getting up, he swerved his leg catching Sunset's. Sunset yelped and fell to the ground with a thud. Knowing what he accomplished, he picked himself off the ground returning to his boss.

"Sunset!" Twilight yelled terrified.

"Twilight, run," She told her.

"No Sunny. I'm not going to abandon you." Twilight said, and shakes her head.

"Haha! You're pathetic! Standing around while your lover does all the work. Why don't you help for once? Oh, or are you just that selfish?" One burglar laughed.

"What about you sun-girl? What are you; some gold-digger or something? I bet she wants the money for herself." The other laughed along.

Sunset gritted her teeth. Oh she was angry now. She picked herself off the ground only to feel light-headed. Sunset clutched her head with her hands breathing heavily. Her migraine was getting worse; It's like something was about to burst out of it.

"What happened, off your game?"

"Sunset, stop fighting before you get hurt!"

"Twilight, I'm f-fine."

"Get her!"

The one without the bloody nose went up to her now. Before Sunset could get back into her fighting stance, he uppercutted Sunset's jaw and shoved her backwards. She didn't have time to react, Sunset was pushed into one of the tables hitting her head on the side of it. She then collapsed to the floor.

"Sunny? Sunny!?" Twilight panicked.

Sunset was sweating and she squeaked before her life flashed before her eyes and went out cold. Twilight ran to her side crying. She shook Sunset, hard, but she just wouldn't bulge. No...

"Awe, Miss Sparkle is without any help. Our offer still stands, take us to the vault and we won't defeat you like we did your poor Sunset here." The boss man spoke.

"No. Y-You monster." She stood up. "YOU'LL PAY!"

"Hm, Oh?"

Twilight ran over to one of the computer desk. She unplugged and grabbed one of the computer monitors. She then ran back to both burglars and threw the monitor on top of their heads. Both men in black also collapsed. Blood was gushing out of certain spots on their heads and they were soon unconscious too like Sunset. Twilight sobbed dropping the monitor from her hands making it hit the floor and break into pieces.

She took her purse from one of the tables and with shaking hands, she started taking out her phone. She dialed 911.

Why did this happen? Just when things were starting to go good again, this had to happen. Twilight never thought about having an advanced security system. She had Gear Shift as a guard, but he was supposedly not enough. Two men were smart enough to knock him out with gas. Yes, the burglars never got into the vault, but the main and first floor of SAIP HQ got completely wrecked. Not to mention her computer lab; those devices were expensive. She could buy and renovate a whole new computer lab but that would really cut down on her budget.

This incident that happened at SAIP HQ would have the whole place shut down for at least a week. Which means, Sparktron would be late to get approved and put into marketing. However, that wasn't Twilight's main concern right now. She's currently sitting in one of the rooms at Canterlot Hospital. She wasn't badly hurt. She had some rope burn, some scars, and she had a cut which she had to get stitches for, but nothing serious. Although, herself isn't what she was concerned for either. Right now, she cared about her girlfriend, who was currently unconscious in the hospital bed in front of her.

Twilight was frowning sitting in her cushioned chair. This is the second time this month she's been in this state. She never wanted to see another hospital again! She hoped those guys the police arrested yesterday would be in jail for life! This wasn't fair, Sunset was just trying to protect her. Something Sunset has always done and something Twilight has always admired her for.

What's going to happen now? Couples weren't suppose to go through things like this. Twilight cursed; did the universe hate them for some reason? Couldn't they ever have at least a year of happiness? She was tired of these growing pains.

Twilight sighed looking over at her girlfriend. Sunset was in a hospital robe covered in a white blanket. She had some stitches and a bandaid on her forehead covering them. She looked peaceful while sleeping. Her head was titled a little to the side and her hair was still as gorgeous as ever. Even though it was a bit messy. She had completely no makeup on, not that she wore that much makeup; just eyeliner, mascara, and some blush. Her breathing was steady and her eyelashes would flutter now and then. Twilight just wanted her to wake up, she missed her.

At least if Sunset's amnesia never cures, she would still have her as a girlfriend. If that doesn't even work out, Twilight would learn how to love her as a f-friend. She was just happy to have Sunset in her life at all. Like she said, they are soulmates; nothing can tear them apart. They'll get through whatever the universe throws at them. They'll eventually find hope-

A rustling on the bed snapped Twilight from her thoughts. She could she Sunset's hands moving, but her eyes remained closed.


Author's Note:

That was a doozy! This chapter and the last chapter were actually suppose to be a whole, but it was too long so I decided to separate them into two.

Lol, I'm sorry if my robbery section was kind of rusty. I never wrote adventure and I don't think I ever will. It's not my best place. Along with comedy. I can write drama, slice of life, romance, and sad/dark the best.

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