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A Reminder Of Hope - twience

"Wait, I'm sorry, are you saying I'm in love with you?" One day, when Sunset Shimmer is driving home from work, she crashes. Her car gets shattered, the other drivers are pissed, and it seems she has... memory loss?

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Our Fate Is Our Faith

A Reminder Of Hope Part 5
By, serenityx

"And I will never want much more; and in my heart I will always be sure."

Sunset Shimmer nodded to herself before putting her item into the shopping cart. Today was again, Monday, and the couple we all know and love were down at Mare-Mart doing their shopping. Nothing like stocking up the fridge and cupboards with fresh grocery. Living alone, Twilight would always insist on going to the store every two to three weeks. Falling behind would be disastrous; quoted Twilight. Luckily, Sunset said she didn't mind tagging along. So they're just their usual shopping trip. Well, It would be their usual shopping trip if Sunset would stop grabbing the unneeded necessities.


"Yes Twilight?" Sunset turnt her attention from the lemon oreos to her girlfriend.

"I'm only going to ask once. Why is their a can of root beer in the shopping cart?"

Sunset bit her lip as they walked down aisle. "Um, I'm thirsty?"

Twilight sighed, "They're a pack of water bottles right here." she pointed inside the cart.

"I meant, I'm thirsty for some flavor!" Sunset exclaimed.

"Ahem," Twilight retorted and started to lift something up out of the cart. "I present to you... flavored water!"

Sunset just groaned and slapped her face.

Twilight's lip curved. "Too much?"

Sunset nodded.

"Fine, you can get the can. Just no more of these surprise items."


The women were just about done with their shopping list. Luckily, Mare-Mart wasn't that packed today since of school and work hours. Afterall, Monday is the busiest day of the week! At least that's what the superstition is. Opinions tell, that Friday is also one of the busiest days. Just it's more relaxed because people are excited for the weekend. Anyway, Sunset and Twilight were making their way down one of the home-supply aisles as we know it.

"Hey, are you sure we have enough money for all this?" Sunset asked staring down at the half-full shopping cart.

"I'm sure. Though we're aren't working at the moment, I still have enough currency to last about half a year," Twilight explained to her.

Sunset raised a brow, "And just what do you do again?"

"I'm the president for my own company."

Sunset blinked. "Cool; for?"

"Scientific Analysis and Innovation," She answered with ease. Twilight took some laundry soap from one of the shelves and plopped it into the cart before returning her attention back to Sunset.

"What do I do?"

She hesitated at first before speaking. "...You're a development technician."

"Am I the president?" Sunset says.


"Oh stars, out of all the jobs why'd I study technology?" Sunset asked in curiosity.

Twilight was starting to hate these questions. "Uhm, you really took an interest in it."

"So, like what? I do graphic design?"

"No," She answered hastily. "You develop and provide upgrade to new products and perform appropriate tests. More specifically, you design drafts for all work instructions documents and products, install and analyze all test equipments for qualification, and perform and implement various tests on new products. Oh and assist project managers and engineers to perform all jobs. Though, you've mentioned on multiple occasions you hate your boss so I suppose you don't do very much of that," Twilight elucidated.

"Ah, I see... I think," Sunset replied unsure.

Twilight sighed. "Can we put a pin on this topic and come back to it later? They're just two more things on the list."

"Actually Twilight, I wanted to talk about this for awhile and I want to finish it while the questions are burning a hole in my brain," Sunset mentioned.

Twilight rolled her eyes at the personification. "Alright then. Let's grab these last two things, pay, and head to the car."

"So?" Twilight started with a question as she placed herself in the driver seat.

Sunset closed her side door before beginning to speak. "Yeah, so the reason you've been able to stay home with me is because you run your own company?"

"I guess so. I have a very kind assistant and a responsible co-president who does all of the outside work for me. So right now, she's in charge. Most of the time I'm in my main office debating on decisions and signing papers. However, I'm the one who comes up with the ideas to begin with. I was the founder of SAIP in the first place afterall."

"S.A.I.P?" Sunset spelled out.

"Again, Scientific Analysis and Innovation Projects," Twilight said.

"Okay. So you do all the boring 'boss stuff' while also coming up with the main ideas but, to only toss off to your employees?"

"Yes. Also, I do happen time to time to get my own hands dirty. There's a reason I love science; nothing like going with the old scientific method while added my own proper steps in my lab."

Sunset laughed. "Same Twilight, just more professional... right?"

"Right," She smiled.

"So going back to my work. After thinking about it, I can see myself as a development technologist."

"Technician," Twilight corrected. "there's a difference."

Sunset rotated her hand. "Okay... so if i'm not my own boss, where am I?"

"The computer."

"You've got to be kidding me? You get to be a boss and I'm at a computer desk? What kind of bull is that!?" Sunset complained.

"Sunset, mostly everybody is at the computer. It is a tech company. Besides your boss, you happen to love your job. You're actually really good at what you do and I remember you telling me how excited you were to get brought up to the phone. Furthermore, it's excellent pay and I bet you could build your own business if you put your mind to it," Twilight said.

Sunset snorted. "Wow. Thanks for the boost of confidence I guess. Why don't you tell that to the Sunset without amnesia so she can go do that?"

Twilight frowned.

"Sorry," Sunset acknowledged and held out her arm preparing for another pinch. However Twilight just shook her head and pushed it away, surprising Sunset in response.

"It's fine. Anyway is there a point to all this?" Twilight insisted on closing this up.

"As a matter of fact, I want you to go back to work tomorrow," Sunset aforementioned.

"What? Sunset no, we've talked about this. I'm not leaving you by yourself and that's final." Twilight crossed her arms facing away from her girlfriend to stare out the front window.

"Argh, come on Twilight! I'm an adul-"

"Don't even finish that sentence," She interrupted.

Sunset rolled her eyes. "I am responsible enough to be left alone. I live- I mean I used to live alone since I was sixteen! You know the story about how I ran away from home in High School. You didn't seem to have a problem with it then!"

"That's different. We were just kids and besides, living by themselves is every teenagers dream. I still can't believe your parents agreed to it. How could they just let you do that?" Twilight spoke.

"My parents are selfish thick-heads that's why!" Sunset yelled. "Since when have they ever cared for me? They were willing to pay me to get out of their house! When I ran away they didn't notice I was gone until two days later. Even then, they only sent me a simple text. Do you remember what it said Twilight?"

"Uh, I think it wa-"

"Stay well; that's all it said! Tell me Twilight, have my parents even spoken to me in the last few years? Have I ever gone to even visit them?"

"No! No they haven't! We're getting off topic here Sunset and I don't feel like arguing with you about this right now."

Sunset sighed. "You're right. Back to the point: just because you have money now Twilight doesn't mean that it'll last. It's just going to run out when you least expect it! I don't want that for us or for you. Besides that, it's not good to leave your job for so long without at least checking in."

"I know that, okay?" She answered defensively. "Just- what if something happens? What if you have to go somewhere but don't remember how to get there? What if somebody calls your phone and you don't know how to answer to them? What if you trip and fall and can't get up? What if you cause a fire in the house and don't know where the fire extinguisher is? What if you accidently cut yourself and have to go to the hospital? Then on your way there you get into another car accident? You'd wake up and won't remember anything this time! I'd lose you Sunset! What if -"

"Hey hey slow down twi, I'm right here!" Sunset tried to tell her. Although Twilight didn't respond, her breathing just got heavier and tears were starting to stream down her face. "Twilight, slow down and breath." Sunset then, reaching towards the driver's seat, took her hands and placed them upon Twilight's shoulders.

Twilight weezed as her tears kept falling; she began to cough. Not again... no not now... "S-Suns-"

"Don't speak Twi. Listen and look at me. Can you do that?"

Twilight slowly nodded as the weezing got worse. This was by far the worst of her panic attacks.

"Okay, okay. Listen and look and me. Remember what we use to do? Blue skies in, gray skies out. Remember? Come on Twilight, I know you can do it." Sunset rubbed Twilight's shoulders as she told her the method hoping to help her relax.

Sunset's soothing voice was starting to help Twilight get through it. She did as she was told by closing her eyes and imagining her breathing in blue skies and letting out the gray ones. She used to have panic attacks all the time but she hasn't had one since High school because Sunset Shimmer was always there to make sure her stress never got that far. Ugh, she doesn't need to go to work. She doesn't want to go to work. What she wants is to stay right here with the person who she's been spending her life with! Luckily Twilight's breathing dialed down with the sobs, yet some tears still remained.

"Good, good." Sunset showed sympathy.

"I-I'm okay," Twilight finally managed to say.

"Alright Twi, come here." She held out her arms.

Twilight hopped over to Sunset's seat embracing her and barring her head in Sunset's chest. Sunset rubbed her girlfriends back just as she did the other day when she got back from the hospital.

"Thank you. I'm sorry...Twilight whispered.

"Why are you apologizing? Why does leaving me alone got you so worked up?" Sunset asked her starting to play with Twilight's hair.

Twilight head shot straight up from Sunset's chest, "Because I love you!" she yelled. Sunset just stared. "I'm just scared you'll get hurt again..."

Sunset smiled at her. "Twilight, I know we aren't in the best place right now. Literally since we're sitting in your car in the parking lot at Mare-Mart."

Twilight giggled and pushed Sunset's chest. "Shut up."

Sunset giggled a little herself. "Let me finish. Look, I'm sorry I haven't said it back before. I know it probably won't mean much since I've obviously said it multiple times before I got my memory's erased but, I've realized something now. This past week and few days when you would tell me stories about how we grew up to become a couple and list details about the new me and you; the way I've been experiencing what being in a relationship with you feels like really did something to me. No matter what happens we've always managed to get through it together; Including this. I couldn't see it before, but we really are soulmates. So what I'm trying to say is... I love you too."

Twilight gasped at Sunset's words and saw Sunset interlace their fingers. "I want to keep this going; but maybe taking it farther than what we have? Maybe you can accept me the way I am now? I'll learn everything there is to know. I'll even re-do college online if that's what you want; start my career over."

Twilight smiled brightly. Sunset was right, they are soulmates. This was all Twilight need to hear before leaning forward once more and locking her lips with Sunset's. Not passionately like that night; but with love, empathy, and commitment. They're together and that's all the matters. Sunset reacted back by putting her force into the kiss as well. Memory or no memory, Twilight would always be the one for Sunset. When they pulled back, they both had cheesy smiles on their faces looking at one another.

"I suppose that's a yes?" Sunset brought up.

"Yes silly, it's a yes."

Our love is forever. Sunset recalled from the proposal ring she found.

As Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer entered their home with joy, Sunset couldn't help but feel shallow. There was still something that was missing from their happy ending. That was because, it wasn't an ending at all; and It certainly wasn't happy. However, she felt happy. Was it sincere though? Maybe it's just her greed again. It wasn't an ending because Sunset still remained without her memories. It's like, half of her was still gone. Yes, she agreed to re-do college online. Yes, she got back together (Well I suppose, I mean technically they were never broken up.) with Twilight. Yes, she figured out what she so desperately wanted to talk to her girlfriends parents about. Then yes, she brought some pazzaz back into their relationship. Yet, there was still an ache. A dull ache she couldn't get rid of.

Sunset, every time she would get lovey-dovey with Twilight, also seemed to get a mild headache. Or when she would think too hard; about anything in fact! She knew these feelings she's been having Twi also felt the same. Afterall, years of their relationship went down the drain. Or more like stuck; stuck way down deep in the drain. It was going to take a lot to get back where they use to be. I think they were going to need a very long plunger.

Sunset is ready.

"Sunset are you ready?"

She squeaked. "H-Huh?"

"Are you ready?" she repeated and sat herself on a cushion. "For bed?"

"Bed! Oh, haha, right! Bed." Sunset gagged on her words. "Just let me change."

Twilight's lip curved.

"In the bathroom."

A minute or two later, back came in a pajamaged Sunset. Who placed herself on her side of the bed.

"So, we agreed then? You, work, tomorrow?"

"Wait just one second, since when did-" Twilight paused when she saw that Sunset gave her a very annoyed glare. She reacted quickly and changed her answer. "Mhm..." She nodded slowly.

"Good," Sunset smiled starting to tuck in.

"Sweet dreams Sunny." Twilight said turning off the lamp.

"Goodnight Twi."

"Love you."

"I love... you too."

Shimmer woke up alone that morning. Well, not completely alone. She picked up the note that sat in Twilight's placement on the bed.


Thank you; for everything. I'm willing to take our relationship a step at a time again. Starting with, going to work. Please, don't do anything stupid! I'll call you on my lunch break okay? If you don't answer I'll be forced to call the police. Also, I made oatmeal this morning, there's still some in the pot on the stove. Help yourself.

With love, Twilight

P.s. I hope you like my use of sarcasm ;)

Sunset chuckled. Yep, always the same Twilight.


"Miss Sparkle, welcome back," Someone spoke as Twilight entered the building.

Twilight looked over to the front desk and nodded. "Thank you Bright Idea, how are you today?"

"Very well it seems. How are you?" He questioned back.

"I'm great as well. I've finished my vacation and ready to get back to business. I happened to miss it and all of you," She lied.

Twilight has been keeping her relationship with Sunset Shimmer a secret from the press. Even her employee's don't know she's in a romantic relationship. The only ones who do know of them is her parents, their friends, and her co- president Moondancer. Oh and whoever Sunset has trusted enough to tell. However Twilight is going to tell them eventually. She just hasn't found the right time.

Bright smiled. "As have we. Furthermore, I'll need to see your ID." Twilight reached into her purse and pulled out her black ID card handing it to Bright Idea. Bright scanned it and poliety handed it back and smiled. "You may enter SAIP HQ Miss Sparkle. Please, have a good rest of your day."

Twilight put the card back into her purse and walked towards the elevator. "Thank you Bright, you as well."

When she reached the main floor people waved and smiled at her as she walked back. She truly did miss this place though; the hallways of white walls and different section rooms where different projects were going on. The people in lab coats, some at desks and some with goggles. She could hear a lot of noises as she passed by different rooms. She just needed to get to the stairs that lead up to her office.

"Good morning Miss Sparkle."

"Morning Micro Chips," She replied.

Someone waved at her who was currently working on the recent EM Spectrum in one of the lab rooms. "Hello Miss Sparkle. Surprised seeing you today."

Twilight chuckled. "Yes, I can see that. Have a good day Eight Bit," She said walking passed.

When she reached her office she witnessed Moondancer and an employee named Wiz Liz chatting. Well...

Moondancer had a finger pointed at Wiz Liz chest while speaking. "Lizzy those spectrometers should have been done two days ago! You're supposed to be the leader of the manufacturing assembly but we're falling way behind schedule here; and you know how much Twilight hates to be behind schedule. When she gets back here-"

"Is there a problem?" Twilight walked up to them crossing her arms.

"Oh! M-Miss Sparkle, I uh you're back?" Liz spoke chattering.

"Good morning Wiz Liz, good morning Moondancer, what seems to be the problem?" She asked.

"Miss Sparkle, I'm sorry to inform you but our manufacturing assembly is currently falling behind schedule on the Sparktron's you wanted done. Of course our innovation team finished the procedure's but we're having trouble copying the products," Liz explained.

"Yes, and unfortunately from the pace we're going at we won't have the first few ready for shipping until next week," Moondancer added on.

Twilight nodded. "I see. Well that's okay for the time being, however I want to be updated regularly on this. We can't afford another mishap with SAIP."

"Understood. I'll tell the team right away." With that, Wis Liz left the front of the office making her way down the stairs."

Twilight didn't respond after that and just opened the door to her office which seemed to be exactly the way she left it. She gestured Moondancer to come in who happily obliged.

"I'm pleased to see you have everything underwraps here Moony."

"Well yes, even though you took off doesn't mean I slack," She replied.

Twilight took a seat looking at all the papers she has stacked on the desk. "I thought I told you to take care of this as well?"

"Twilight, most things I can sign with my permission and access to the company but those papers there need your official mark of approval."

"Oh, of course." Twilight begun by taking out a pen.

"The Sparktrons are going to be our biggest accomplishment yet. If only we could get them done. We've been working four years on this project. The amount of problems we've had creating only one was torture enough," Moondancer said pulling up a chair of her own.

"Yes well, we did have the idea a long time ago. It was only that year we actually started to move on it," Twilight explained.

Moondancer laughed a bit. "I admit we both had our contributations. I did come up with the name afterall."

"I still can't believe I agreed with you on the name Sparktron. Really, I know using my name was smart but there just spectrometers," Twilight groaned while speaking.

"You liked it at the beginning! I'm quite clever at coming up with titles anyway. Besides, they're not just spectrometers Twilight. They're high tech quality interminabile vigorous prematicable spectrometers. Which I must add are going to be the biggest help for our decade, especially with the other mini projects we have in process at the moment."

"Yuh huh." Twilight finished reading one paper and started signing her name at the bottom. "Hey, I'm going to be doing this all day. Tell everyone if they have any questions to talk to you. If it's urgent you may send them to me."

"Sure thing," Moondancer answered and began walking out the office.

Twilight sighed to herself. This is going to be a long day.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer was soundly at home currently on the computer in the living room. She was sitting on the couch with documents spread out to her side.

"Alright Sunset. Let's do this," She told herself.

The documents beside her were old papers from college. One included her old application paper and another was her graduation certificate. Others were just some essays or copies of paperwork she had to fill out at the time. If she was going to do college online, she thought might as well sign up for the same one she graduated from. She hasn't resigned from her job yet either just in case. Although, if her memory doesn't come back by the end of the month she'd have no choice but to.

"I'm doing this for Twilight."

Sunset's a smart woman. She graduated High school with a high IQ, went to one of the smartest colleges in the region, graduated with a masters degree in arts, maths, and technology, and found a way to turn her best friend into a lover. How did she do it? A lot of hard work. Although Twilight still beats her by a landslide.

"I'm doing this for me."

She's so lucky everything turned out the way that it did. Her friends Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie as well. Sunset's scared of course, but like she told herself before: she's ready. Ready for school, ready for life, ready for love. Afterall, what's not worth fighting for?

"I'm doing this... for us."


"Ah ha! Finished!" Twilight stacked the last paper on the others and picked up the black phone from her desk. Not a real phone, more like a walkie-talkie. She pressed a button that called her assistants earpiece. "Star Catcher? Are you there?"

"Skst skst, Miss, skst, Sparkle?"

Twilight raised an eyebrow. "Where are you?"

"S-Sorry for the, skst, static. The radium waves here are out of con... skst... I'm going... skst... lab three......"

"Star Catcher? Hello?" Twilight spoke when the words stopped. She sighed when no response came and put the phone down. "Great."

Twilight took the stack of papers off her desk and headed out the door. She went and gave them to Periwinkle in the mail room before making her way to Lab 3. When she entered inside she found Eight Bit, Minuette, and Star Catcher fiddling with a current dexterous manipulation system.

"I'm working on it!" Minuette yelped as she used a screwdriver replacing one of the parts.

"We can't have this thing react to devices like it did. The whole thing just went haywire and- ugh my ears are still ringing. I can't believe you didn't check this Eight Bit," Star complained.

Eight sighed. "I'm sorry, I completely misinterpreted that. I'll look over the notes here."

"Having trouble?" Twilight finally spoke up.

"Uh yes, sorry about the call Miss Sparkle. I was just about to come to your office after my earpiece blew. However I couldn't help but notice the smoke in this lab and I never made my way," Star Catcher apologized.

"That's alright Star, it's not your fault. I just wanted to send some documents but I already gave them to Periwinkle on my way down," Twilight accepted.

"Heh... this is more complicated than it looks," Minuette said taking off her goggles.

"I never said it would be easy Minuette. Making a dexterous mani system takes a lot of patience. Nobody has successfully made one; If we can get it right then SAIP will seriously get high rise. We'll carry out into history!"

"Couldn't have said it better myself Miss Sparkle," Eight Bit mentioned.

"Hand me a pair of goggles will you? Let's get to work on this before lunch."

When evening rolled for Sunset, she was currently eating some microwaved mac n cheese at the kitchen table. When she checked the clock she realized how late it was.

Where's Twilight?


When evening rolled around for Twilight, she was going to be the last to leave; as usual. Besides Gear Shift, the guard. Even Bright Eyes, her secretary, left an hour ago. Twilight hung up her lab coat then grabbed her purse from her desk. Using her key, she locked up her office and headed down the stairs to the elevator. When she exited the elevator and the front lobby she used her card to close the doors.

"It was a long day," She said yawning. Hope Sunset's not too worried. I'll call her before I get on the road.

Out of nowhere there was mumbling. Twilight froze when she heard the noises. It sounded like there was some footsteps as well; and both noises were coming from the side of the building. She didn't know rather to run or check it out. Cautiously, she peeked her head around the edge of the building to see who was present.

"Shh! Do you want to get caught?" One figure spoke.

"Please, we already dug the whole and inserted the knockout gas. That guard is probably fast asleep by now. There's nobody else in the building," Another replied.

"I don't care. Let's just get to the vault room and get out."

Crap! Burglars! Twilight began to retreat so she could call the police, but before she could make it to the parking lot she stepped on a twig that snapped. "Well that's just great!" Oops... she covered her mouth with her hands. They definitely heard her now.

The two figures dressed in black, including their faces, stepped out from the side of building.

"Well, well, well, who do we have here? A little spy?"

Twilight gulped. There was nothing she could do now. Slowly, she turned around to face them.

"Oh! Twilight Sparkle? The founder and president of SAIP I see."

"It's Miss Sparkle to you." Twilight glared at them.

"Oops, my bad. Sorry Miss but we can't have you running off and calling the cops. So listen up, we do this the way or the hard way."

Twilight bit her lip. "What's the easy way?"

The other figure spoke up this time. "You can let us in, which on the bright side won't cause any damage to your doors and windows, then give us access to your vault in the basement. We'll take some money and be on our way."

She crossed her arms. "You can't be serious? First of all, you don't plan on taking some money, you plan on taking all of it. Second, even If I did agree, you would still kill me in the end so I wouldn't call the cops afterward."

"Wow, you certainly are smart Miss Sparkle. A plus for you!" One clapped it's hands. "So I'm guessing you don't accept?"

"No. That's entirely stupid." Twilight snarked.

"Alright, the hard way then." He snapped his fingers signaling the other one to bring out his gun and point it at Twilight. "Automatic death."


"Too late Sparkle, bye bye!" The one with the gun said then pulled the trigger.

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