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A Reminder Of Hope - twience

"Wait, I'm sorry, are you saying I'm in love with you?" One day, when Sunset Shimmer is driving home from work, she crashes. Her car gets shattered, the other drivers are pissed, and it seems she has... memory loss?

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Got Me In My Feelings

A Reminder Of Hope Part 4
By, serenityx

"From the day that I met you; I knew that I would love you 'til the day I die."

What a great summer day! Sunset Shimmer thought staring out the window. Well, there's only one thing to do on a day like this. She smiled to herself.

Sunset retracted from the window and glanced back at Twilight who was still in bed sleeping. She shook her head sighing and went over to the sleeping woman.

"Twilight? TIME TO GET UP!" she yelled loudly hoping it would wake her.

"Eek!" Twilight rose off the bed and tried to free herself from the covers hastily. It failed miserable and the blankets ended up getting caught in between Twilight's legs. She rolled over and fell off the bed, blanket included, with a loud thud. She covered her mouth embarrassed and glared at Sunset.

"Haha! Oh my gosh, that was priceless!" Sunset laughed. She wasn't expecting that to happen.

Twilight groaned and got off the floor. "Sunset Shimmer! Please, don't that again."

Sunset only giggled some more before reaching for the covers on the ground. "I didn't mean to scare you that badly! Are you okay?"

"That depends." She crossed her arms. "Are you done laughing yet?"

Sunset smiled and rolled her eyes playfully. She spread the blanket back on top of the sheets tucking the sides in. Good as new.

"I suppose. You can't disagree that wasn't at least a bit funny though?"

Twilight shrugged and sat on the made bed. "I guess it was a little funny." She snickered.

"Alright that's done." Sunset said placing the last pillow. "I woke you up for a reason ya know."


Sunset nodded. "It's 88 degrees outside Twilight."

Twilight stared at her. "And?"

"Which means, it's perfect beach weather!" she gleamed.

Twilight tilted her head. "You want to go to the beach?"

"Of course! It's hot enough that you have the motivation to get in the water but not too hot where you bake too quickly." Sunset explained.

Twilight only blinked.

"Come on!" she begged. "I want to feel the sand in my toes already!"

"Sunny, what are we suppose to do at the beach? Do you not have anything else to do?"

Sunset thought for a moment. "Not that I'm aware of; Why? Have we not gone to the beach anytime during our relationship?"

Twilight opened her mouth to speak but stopped and shook her head instead. Right, memory loss. She recalled to herself.

Sunset shook her head. "Oh. I didn't know I could stay away from the outdoors for so long." She fiddled with her thumbs.

"You don't. You happen to go on occasion walks here and then."

Sunset weakly smiled. "Right..."

"That doesn't mean we don't go outside at all Sunset. We biked together once and sometimes we go to the community center for some exercise." Twilight responded.

Sunset didn't reply after that. She just looked around the room. She's been stuck with memory problems for five days and she's still pointing out unusual stuff.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Let's go to the beach!" Twilight spoke hoping to cheer her girlfriend up.

Sunset faced Twilight again until she realization hit her in the face. "Oh!" with that, Sunset scurried to the big closet to look for some beach wear. However a few seconds later she came walking back into the room again.

Twilight raised an eyebrow. "Third drawer to the left."

Sunset smiled brightly with teeth and rushed back inside.

It was now ten in the morning when Sunset found herself and Twilight in the car. They'd been driving for about twenty minutes in silence. Probably because neither knew of what to talk about. It's been like that for the past few days but Sunset didn't blame Twilight. I mean, they've been dating for two whole years and she doesn't remember any of it. Or any of their friendship before that in college. She wanted to be with her so badly! I mean with her with her. Everytime she gets close to Twilight she feels the sudden urge to embrace her; and not in the bestfriend kind of way.

Those feelings and memories are still in her brain, she just needs a push to get them out. How? She's already crossed getting into another car accident off the list. If Twilight found out Sunset purposely got another injury, she'd really get a heart attack this time. Twilight has shown Sunset pictures, taken her to their favorite places, even called some of their old friends excluding Rarity. Nothing seemed to be working and Twilight was beginning to lose hope.

I wish I could remind her what she means to me; give her that hope back. Sunset thought staring out the car window.

Sunset had a feeling what she meant to Twilight and what Twilight meant to her. Maybe from the constant crying she heard from her in the middle of the night or maybe it was from the proposal ring Sunset found yesterday. I think she has a pretty good idea what she wanted to talk to Twilight's parents about now...

It was too funny. Sunset was just rummaging through some her old stuff. Well, I suppose they were old stuff because most of it was in the far back of the walk-in closet. She found one of her old bags; the one with her sun birthmark on it. She looked inside hoping there would be something, anything, that could help her. Instead, she found a little black box and inside was a gold and diamond ring. It was engraved.

Forever & Always My Love. -SS

There was no doubt what Sunset found was a proposal ring. She now knew more than ever to get her memories back!


She flinched being called back from her train of thoughts. "What?" she blinked. "I mean, yes?"

Twilight pointed out the front window. "We're here."

"Great!" Sunset said smiling.

The couple got out the car and took a bag out of the trunk which included their snacks, refreshers, towels, umbrella, and sunscreen. They walked and found a clearing to set up their things. Sunset was right, it was perfect beach weather and there were a lot of people crowding the paradise today. Twilight laid their towels and set up their umbrella when Sunset spoke again.

"Mermaid time!" she exclaimed.

Twilight faced her and made a weird face. "Mermaids... don't exist Sunset."

Sunset snorted. "I know that, but that doesn't mean we can't make one." She sat on the sand on her knees and signaled Twilight over. "Come on babe, lay down in front of me." Where'd that language come from?

Twilight blushed and sat in front of Sunset. "You're not turning me into a beach mermaid Sunny."

"Twi, come on, you'll be the most beautiful beach mermaid I ever did see."

Twilight blushed even harder. "You're too much."

"Am I from stating the obvious?" she tilted her head.

Twi rolled her eyes, "Fine." then laid down.


After ten and who knows how many other minutes after that of barring her girlfriend in sand, Mer-Twi was done. Sunset stood up admiring her accomplishment. Twilight was covered in beach sand excluding her face. The bottom of her had a flowing tail going towards the right and her chest had an accurately shaped coconut bra. Sunset then did a winky face and held up a thumbs up to Twilight.

"Yay... can I get out now?"

Sunset shook her head. "Not until your picture." She took out her phone. "Smile!" Twilight did as she was told not wanting to waste another second in the hot sand. "Yep. Most beautiful."

Twilight got herself off the sand brushing herself off. "Now you're just being cocky."

"Am not." She retorted.

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too."

Am not!"

"Are-" Before she could finish her part of the argument she gasped at the sight behind Sunset. She started running across the beach with her hand tightly attached to her partners.

"Woah, hey! Twi, slow down!"

When Twilight finally stopped, Sunset had her left hand on her knee panting from the exhaust. "So... w-what's up?"

Twilight looked at Sunset and released their hands. "Sorry!"

"No problem." She steaded herself back up normally. "Where's the fire?"

Her girlfriend laughed. "No fire, just a 'Fish N Chips' stand!" she faced back in front of her.

"Ah. Nothing like a good fish and chips at the boardwalk huh?" Sunset looked at the stand and the line they were in.

"Yeah... sorry I got carried away. Want some? I'll pay."

Just when Sunset was about to retort, Twilight quickly added. "Not because you paid last time, because it's a nice thing to do." Sunset just ended up smiling and nodding instead.

Great to see she learned that lesson. She remembered their trip to the mall.

When it got to their turn to order, Twilight ordered fried salmon with crinkle cut fries while Sunset ordered fried trout with seasoned fries. The aroma made their mouths water as they waited for the food. When it was ready, the couple made their way back to their spot on the beach and sat on the towels.

"Happy Twilight?" Sunset laughed picking up one of her fries.

"Mhm." Twilight mumbled in return already taking a bite of her fish.

Sunset gave off a playful smirk which made Twilight flush with embarrassment.

"What happens at the beach stays at the beach." She ordered.

"Whatever you say." Sunny smiled.

Sunset loved spending time with Twilight on her own. Back in high school, there was hardly a moment where the group was separated. Most of the time they'd go places as a group, split up, but always come back towards the end. However, that rarely happened. Sunset although always felt closer to Twilight in general. It's obvious that they were the two that got together in the end. Sunset just never... expected it.

Sunset chewed her fish as she thought. Twilight always made her world brighter. She has always managed to bring a smile to her face. Sunset decided then and there that she never wants to leave Twilight. Ever. She made a commitment to herself: even if she never get's her memory back, she would still propose to Twilight sooner or later. Afterall, it's what 23- year old Sunset would want.

Sunset was pulled back into reality when her girlfriend started to speak again. They started to have a nice conversation with one another. They talked about some of their college days and what they miss about their friends. Twilight told her that a month ago they all agreed to meet up next summer some time. Sunset gleamed at that. It would be great to see them all again. Even though it just felt like a week to her.

"Hey, want to swim?" Sunset asked her.

"...Sure." Twilight hesitated trying to recall that last time she'd been in water.

That was all that was exchanged before they went towards the sea. They stayed close to the sand mostly just splashing and relaxing in the water. Twilight even dared Sunset to go a bit farther out a get hit by the next wave that came by. Of course, she agreed and regretted it straight afterwards. She complained on how much salt water hit her tongue meanwhile Twilight laughed her head off.

They sat on the edge of sand kicking their feet in the water. Sunset still had a pouty face on; Twilight leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. Sunset flinched but saw that Twi was wide-eyed realizing what she just did. So instead on saying anything, Sunset took and squeezed Twilight's hand in comfort showing she didn't mind. Which... was supposedly true. The couple enjoyed the rest of their time at the beach.

When four o'clock hit, both decided it was time to pack up and head home. They now sat in Twilight's car exhausted from all the excitement. That's almost always a side-effect from going to the beach. Twilight drove, and Sunny was staring out the window again. Best day ever. She thought.

"What a day." Sunset spoke taking off her sandals in the bedroom.

"Yeah." Twilight replied setting the beach bag next to the closet.

"Can you lend me a hand with the strings." Sunset gestured to her swim top.

"Sure." Twilight made her way over to Sunset's back to undo her strings. "Sunny... I just wanted to say I had a lot of fun today. In fact, it was the most fun I had in awhile. So, thank you."

"You're welcome Twi. I figured you could use a stress reliever."

Twilight finished untying the strings. "So it was about me then?"

Sunset slipped her swim top over her head revealing cleavage that Twilight didn't even need to react to anymore. "Technically yes; but it was for me too. I wasn't lying about wanting to go myself."

Twilight nodded as Sunset took her t-shirt from the bed and slipping it on. "I'm going to go change." Twilight said going to the bathroom.

Sunset cocked her eyebrow at the now closed bathroom door. Maybe I shouldn't of changed in front of her...

It's not like it was her fault or anything. She just felt comfortable doing it. I guess losing her memory didn't affect everything that Sunset was used to doing. She shrugged and put on some loose shorts now paying attention to the TV.


When night time fell in the Sparkle & Shimmer house, the couple were sleeping on their opposite sides on the bed. Well... one was sleeping. The other was sat straight up legs pulled to her chest and head in her knees. Oh, and crying. Yeah Twilight was having her regular middle of the night cry session where she thinks of all the bad things in her life and sobs for about thirty minutes. She hasn't always done this; just recently since the accident.

Sunset Shimmer's eyes sprang open when she heard the hiccups and sniffs. She glanced over at the crying woman for the fourth time this week. Okay Sunset. Time to be a good girlfriend. She praised herself lifting up.

"Twilight." She said flatly.

Twilight brought her head up off her knees to look over at her now-awake girlfriend. "Oh... sorry Sunset."

Sunset scooted closer which made Twilight look away again. "Don't be. Come on, look at me." She brought a finger to Twilight's cheek making her eyes centered with her own. "Why are you crying Twi?"

"It's nothing." Another sniff.

"We both know that's a lie. You've done this four times already! I've constantly been woken up by your sobs at one in the morning."

"Is this your way of comforting?"

Sunset blinked. "Sorry, that come out wrong. Geez I'm not good at this..."

Twilight smiled. "Yes you are."

Sunset weakly smiled back and put her hand on Twilight's shoulder. "Okay... what's wrong?"

"Just thinking... about us."

Sunset bit her tongue. "That's... oddly familiar."

Twilight gasped. "You remember?!"

"Cool your jets Twi. I'm thinking of what to say here." She put her head in her right hand ignoring her question. Twilight just tilted her head curious. It was almost a minute before Sunset raised her head again and Twilight's tears have been slowly coming to a stop.

"Alright," She started. "Twilight I know you're scared. I'm scared too actually. Yet, it's going to be okay. The only thing that matters is that were together right now. Right now, I'm happy just being around you. Even though our relationship is on pause doesn't mean it can't start up again. Memory or no memory I still... like you. We can go as slow or as fast as you want. I'm always going to be here for you Twilight. I need you to know that you mean a lot to me. I mean a lot a lot. Our affection for each other is unlimited. It's not going to end anytime soon. Now, I need you to clear those tears okay?"

Twilight wiped her face smiling. "You've always been good at that."

"SunLight for life?" Sunset attempted. Twilight just pinched her in response. "Ow! Okay, that technically wasn't a joke."

"Maybe not," She laughed. "but you deserved it."

"I can accept that..."

Twilight hugged Sunset for thanks and Sunset hugged back. They pulled apart and Sunset booped her girlfriends nose. Twilight rolled her eyes playfully at her and started to get under the covers. Sunset followed suit doing the same.

"Night, I love you." Twi said.

"... thanks." Still don't know how to respond to that...

Twilight giggled turning over in the bed. Sunset blushed and started closing her own eyes.

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