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Nice to meet everyone, amateur writer who hopes to make some great stories. Comments are appreciated!

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I don't think they're that kind of sentai lol

Hmmm, I really enjoyed the prologue, the sci-fi setting is pretty good, and I am so looking forward for the lewd moments ;3

Your story really has some potential, and I can't wait to see more of this, I know it's going to be even more amazing! Although I can't help but find the title pretty funny because that just reminded me with The Ginyu Force XD

Thanks I really appreciate your comment
And the title was meant to pay homage to super sentai/power rangers. But I get why most would think of the Ginyu force because of it 😆

Whoa whoa whoa, now why some people disliked it? I know is everyone's opinion but is kinda worrying if that would affect the reception of your story.

Has long as there’s more up votes then down, I don’t mind

Please don't take too long for the new chapter :(

I’ll try my best, hope you’re tracking this story

I saw this in derpibooru and this story is amazing than i expected. Keep up the good work

Thank you. please watch out for future chapters.

For the most part, I’m planing on a rewrite of the story, but I do plan on continuing the story

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