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Equestria Noir Case 4: Skies of Cloudsdale - Jacoboby1

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Case 4


I watched as the officers took Gilda into a police carriage. She looked at me with scorn but I could tell it was a half hearted attempt. She wasn’t looking for me…but for the griffon that would soon stand by me. Grimwing looked on his daughter who recognized him. Grimwing bowed his head and looked at me.

“I never wanted this life for her…” Grimwing confessed, his voice laced with guilt. “I only wanted her to live a normal life so I stayed out of it”

“She did it all for you” I said looking at the mob boss “It was all to try and connect with the father she never had”

Grimwing shook his head “I don’t know whether to be proud of her for coming up with this scheme or worried that she is this much like me…”

“What do you plan to do now Grimwing?”

Grimwing closed his eyes “What do ya think I should do?”

I looked at Gilda then at Grimwing. “Show her that she has a dad who loves her”

Grimwing looked at me with his yellow eyes “You think it’s that easy? Just walk up to her and say I’m yuh dad?”

I nodded “This whole thing could’ve been avoided had you laid claim to her…may as well fix the mistake while she’s still able to be saved”

Grimwing looked at me for a long time then turned to walk to Shinebadge. Griffon and pony spoke for a while. I turned to see Rainbow flying toward me. She looked past me at Gilda.

She hung her head “Had I been a better friend to her…”

I put a hoof on her shoulder “Don’t blame yourself Dash…this is something not even you could fix”

Dash looked at me with those magenta eyes of hers. “Still, I wanna apologize about not listening to you before. I just couldn’t bear the thought of my friend going somewhere so dangerous alone…”

I smiled at her “Had you not come I would’ve been some pancake on the ground”

Dash smiled and chuckled a little at that “Yeah, can we say best rescue ever?”

“Thanks for saving my life Dash…I couldn’t ask for a better friend” I smiled at her.

I could’ve sworn a tear came to her eye but she quickly shook her head “Darn it! Now you’ve gotten me all sappy!”

I laughed a little and then turned back to Gilda and Grimwing. The two griffons we’re talking with each other…slowly Gilda reached up and touched her father. Grimwing wrapped his wings around his daughter. Both parties had tears in their eyes. Dash looked over at me. “What’s going to happen to her?”

I looked over at Dash “She’ll still go to prison for a while…but I’m sure the courts can work something out so that she doesn’t stay there forever…”

Dash looked over at her former friend “She didn’t know about Spitfire?”

“This was a stunt to connect with her father…not revenge on you” I said simply.

Dash sighed “Still, I feel guilty about all that’s happened…Gilda isn’t really that bad just…well mean”

I smiled at the pair of griffons “I’m pretty sure she’ll change her tune now that her father is here to help on the way…”

Dash didn’t say anything for a long time as we walked towards the balloon station. I looked over at her “What’s wrong Dash?”

She turned her cyan head to me “I still owe you”

I raised an eyebrow “Dash, you saved my life. If anything I owe you”

She shook her head and turned to stand in front of me “No here’s how I see it. You gave me the tickets, I helped you on this case, you got me to actually talk to my idol, you helped get her out of jail” She looked at me with those shining magenta eyes of hers “If anything, I owe you a lot more then you owe me”

I sighed “You’re not going to relent until I ask you to do something are you?”

She puffed out her chest in pride “I don’t bear the Element of Loyalty for nothing”

If there was an element for stubbornness she would have it to. Suddenly an idea kicked in my head “Actually…there is something you can do for me”

She flapped her wings in excitement “So what is it? You want me to clear all the clouds in the sky? Fly to the ends of the earth? Perform a double sonic Rainboom!?”

I shook my head “I just need you to come to Manehatten with me…”

She looked at me with confused eyes “Why Manehatten?”

I smiled and walked on “You have a huge fan that would love to meet you…”

“Moren Stallion’s Filly Hospital?” Dash said reading the sign above the hospital. “Why’d you bring me here?”

It was a calm evening in Manehatten. At night was when the city really came alive with all the lights and the people going everywhere. It made the city feel like one giant Heart’s Warming tree. I looked over at Dash and smiled “Like I said, you have a fan who’s here”

Dash smiled with glee “Awesome! I have a fan!”

I frowned “You already have a fan club back in Ponyville Dash…”

Dash let out a huff “Well it’s still nice to discover I have an awesome fan so far out here”

I walked past the cyan Pegasus “Let’s go, he’ll be anxious to meet you”

We entered the lobby and were greeted by a plump white coated nurse. She smiled upon seeing me “Hello Private”

“Helloo Nurse!” That earned me a giggle from the old mare.

Rainbow raised an eyebrow then shook her head “I’m Rainbow Dash; Private said I have a fan staying here?”

Nurse Jubilee nodded “Yes, he should still be up I’ll show you two the way”

She dropped us off at the top floor. The hospital room was small and private with a single inhabitant. That inhabitant was my brother Tailspin, he was quite happy to see me.

“Bro!” He said upon seeing me enter the room. I left Dash outside to add to the surprise of seeing me. I got close to my brother and he nuzzled me under my chin. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

I smiled “I wasn’t going to originally…then I met somepony”

Tailspin looked at me with those bright blue eyes of his. “Who is it? Tell me!”

I chuckled at the colt’s enthusiasm then turned my head towards the door. “Dash you can come in now!”

Dash entered the room in a showy fashion. Tailspin’s jaw dropped like a ton of bricks. “B-bro! That’s Rainbow Dash!” he exclaimed at the top of his lungs.

Rainbow walked up and smiled at my brother. “Heya kid, Private tells me you’re a fan of mine”

Tailspin spoke excitedly “Yeah! I’ve watched every single one of your shows! It’s so awesome that you can perform a sonic Rainboom going straight up!”

Rainbow smiled at him in turn. “Well, I don’t mean to brag but I am kinda awesome like that”

Tailspin reached under his blankets and pulled out a small rolled up poster. “Could you…I mean if you’d really like too…” he spoke nervously holding the poster in front of him.

Rainbow smiled and took the poster and pulled out a marker out of her pocket. “Who am I addressing this to?”

Tailspin looked at Rainbow still stammering at all this “I-I’m Tailspin!”

“Cool name kid” Dash said and she began to write on the poster. “To my awesome fan…Tailspin” She smiled and examined her work then handed the poster to an excited Tailspin.

He held the object in front of him as if he were holding the crown of Celestia herself. “Thank you so much Rainbow Dash! You have no idea what this means to me!”

Rainbow smiled at the young colt “It was nothing really kid…”

He shook his head “No, it’s really awesome that you’re willing to do this for somepony like me” He looked at the poster then at Dash again. “I’ve always wanted to be able to fly like you…”

“Well what’s stopping you?” Rainbow said looking at Tailspin “You’re a pegasus right?”

I looked at Tailspin who suddenly got quiet. My brother looked at me…he knew she had to know. He slowly started to sit up. Dash let out a small gasp at what she saw. She saw Tailspin’s small and mangled wings…She was about to cry I could tell.

Tailspin spoke simply “I can’t fly…I probably never will…”

Dash looked at Tailspin for a long time then shook her head “No! You will fly if I have anything to say about it!”

I looked at Dash “What do you mean? Tailspin has been like this since he was born…he can’t fly”

Dash looked at me and smiled smugly “You underestimate me my dear Private”

“Okay that was totally my line!” I said as Dash stepped out of the hospital.

I couldn’t believe she would do this. I knew she was loyal but to do this for him…it brought a whole new meaning to the word “friend”

I looked up as Dash was standing on the roof of the Hospital. Attached to her back with rope and some bed sheets was Tailspin. Tailspin looked at Rainbow Dash excitedly. “I can’t believe you’re really doing this for me!”

Dash smiled at the young colt “I promised you I’d have you fly. I never leave anypony hanging”

Just then Dash leaped off of the building. I ran to the edge just in time to see Dash soar up into the sky with Tailspin attached to her back. My brother let out an excited yell and laughter as he flew for the first time. The sight of Tailspin so happy…I felt a wetness come to my eyes. I was sure crying a lot lately.

Dash flew around with Tailspin all through the Manehatten skyline. Tailspin was hanging on all the while letting his small wings flap alongside his idol. They did tricks in the air, flew in circles and did all kinds of things in the air that Tailspin could only dream of. Dash was laughing as well; she was really enjoying this flight despite the extra passenger.

To Dash…this made flying all the more worth it.

We left the hospital just as Luna set the moon at its highest point. Dash walked beside me and was quiet for a long time. Dash was rarely quiet unless she was sleeping so I grew slightly concerned.

“You okay?”

She looked at me and smiled “Yeah, just…thinking about things”

“About Tailspin?”

She nodded “Yeah, that little guy can’t fly at all…he can’t do something that I’ve taken for granted for so long…”

I looked at the young cyan Pegasus and smiled “It puts things in perspective doesn’t it?”

She then had this determined look in her eye “From now on…I’m going to fly for ponies like Tailspin…for my true fans. If I ever become famous and there’s a chance I can do something for Tailspin to let him fly on his own…I’m taking it”

I looked her unable to find the right words for this. “Dash I…I don’t know what to say…”

Dash smiled at me “Just say it with me, I have the BEST. FAN. EVER!!!”

We both turned our nuzzles to the sky and shouted


Author’s note

This story is dedicated to my best fan ever. DarkSkyz has been there since the beginning of this series and I owe him everything. I’m so happy for the rest of my fans as well. I hope to keep writing not just for myself but for all of you. What this show and fandom has taught me is that there doesn’t have to be a wall between those who create the product and those that enjoy it. We build on each other to create something great together. I will keep writing Equestria Noir because of all of you. Thank you all…so much.
Forever your writer

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Aww, that AN brought a tear to my eye. Anyway, another great case put to a close! I wonder will RD help Scoots to fly now?
Looking forward to case 5, if you need any ideas just ask.

I would have a scene similar to this one with scoots but I just hadn't introduced her into the story yet. As for case 5...it'll star this gal-->:derpytongue2:

1085658 Will it star the CMC, since you said children are involved? And what will be the crime?

1085663I'm not sure whether I want to star the CMC, really its the other children who'll have a bigger role like dinky. As for the crime...well let's just say it's all about this one character and her vendetta against Derpy

1085730 Wow, the last time I read a story with Dinky was Gentle Red, a Derpy x Mac fic. She can be an entertaining character, so looking forward to it! Any ideas when it will be released? (no rush)

1086750I'm thinking of getting the first chapter done sometime this week

1086778 Okay. I've got Pizza, popcorn, 24 pack of cola, chocolate bars and crisps.

1086812Do you have any ideas for other cases? I have 3 so far set in stone but I would love to hear more ideas

1088191 I am beginning to see Private will get caught in a love triangle kinda thing. I'm guessing he will develop feelings for RD, but he also has feelings for Twilight and Fluttershy.

Random Speculation
Maybe a case where Trixie returns and frames twilight for a case, and Private swoops to the rescue, rekindling his relationship with her. I understand you may have already rekindled their friendship for another case though.

Angel Bunny goes missing yada yada yada kinda like the Sweetie Belle case, although the ending will strengthen the bond between Fluttershy and Private

Actual Cases
The Heist
The CMC come across a robbery, and since they are the only witnesses, have to help Private solve the case. You know what this mean... CUTIE MARK CRUSADER DETECTIVES! YAY!

Party Hard
Pinkie Pie wakes up after a wild night of partying next to a dead body, making her chief suspect. All evidence is pointing to Pinkie, but is there more to this case than meets the eye?

Luna Games
Photographs and videos show Luna horribly torturing, dismembering and ultimately killing foals. It doesn't seem like there's a shred of evidence that can save Luna now as she is on "Moon Row" (Death Row, just...ON THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAAAAAA!!) but can when Private uncovers evidence of changeling magic, it opens up a door to an underground rebel group, who aim to take out the Royal Family by framing them all. Has Private bitten off more than he can chew? Torture may have to be toned down to reach the T rating.

Not much is known about the filly Scootaloo. Heck, the other CMC haven't even been to her house once! Scootaloo has always shown up to school with cuts and bruises, blaming it on falling off her scooter. But as the damage seems to get worse and worse Private and Rainbow Dash are called to investigate a domestic disturbance while passing by a residential area. When they enter the home they find a couple trading blows-and a severely beaten Scootaloo in the corner. With the parents in custody, what will Rainbow do for her Number One Fan?

Sorry if these fic ideas are getting a little gritty, I'm tired and bored, and my mind comes up with these scenarios.

1088480I already have relationships lined up for fluttershy and Rainbow, so the only love triangle that will spout will be between Twilight and Larksong. But some of your case ideas have merit, I was considering how to bring pinkie back into the equation. Also cmc helping private in a case would be sooo hilarious, all the possiblities those angels can get into :scootangel:

1088531 My only regret is joining this too late to see the beginning because honestly i would've loved to support you from beginning to end. :pinkiesmile:

1582996Hey it dosen't matter when you showed up to the party just so long as you have fun during it

1583121 i could never be too proud of someone like you so humble and so creative :ajsmug: :eeyup:

1584981I'm not that creative, I just did something nopony really tried before

1584995 you were creative enough in my opinion and also great how you incorporate ides from your fans aka Dark Skyz and i love it most ponies don't do that
:pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

1585014In all honesty, I never would've gotten to where I am if it wasn't for Darkskyz, this series honestly would've ended after case 5 if he didn't show up and say how awesome the series is.

1585022 then i guess if dark skyz ever stop supporting for whatever reason i'll gladly try and step up to support you because recently i been going through some hard times and your stories make me all giddy insinde for some reason so expect me to be with you at least till the end of this amazing series (hopefully no time soon) :pinkiesmile:

1788517Darn it! I can never get rid of that joke!

Don't look at me; you started it. :raritywink:

Comment posted by DarkSkyz deleted Dec 12th, 2012

This series of stories... nay Epics has my utmost commendations good sir

i like this story but i cant really fave it because i made gilda the villain and i hate when people do that sorry

I am faving this one purely because I have never cried so much reading a fanfic as I have that bit with Tailspin. :raritydespair:

3066129*Cocks shotgun* You have three seconds...:twilightangry2:

A shotgun? Did I pull you...


...out of your shell?


3066214 Well looks like someones feeling..
( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


Maybe, it's because I'm trying to...


...barrel onward.


3070120 Then thats going to be...
( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■

A long shot

Jacoboby1 probably hates me right now.

I don't think he likes being...


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3076218 THen i guess you just have to hope he doesnt get

( •_•)

( •_•)>⌐■-■


Trigger Happy

Where did he get a shotgun anyway? He must be...




again the culprit was too predictable

3192041Wrestling is always fixed

Wow...all my feels go out to Gilda here. Well, to say about Grimwing and Gilda...like father...

( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

Like daughter...




This was so awesome!!! I love this so much

4227145 Some ponies weren't happy when Private walked out on the force.

4 cases, 4 great stories. I look forward to the rest of the series.

We both turned our nuzzles to the sky and shouted

Shouldn't that be muzzles?

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