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Equestria Noir Case 4: Skies of Cloudsdale - Jacoboby1

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Chapter 5 "Package Deal"

Chapter 5

“Package Deal”

Dash and I sat on the sidewalk in front of the hotel. CSU would be here soon to comb the place hoping to find the culprit. Only problem is that a crystalline bomb made it very difficult to find clues. It vaporized everything around it and turned bodies to dust.

No body meant no ID on Crosshair, and that meant we couldn’t find out who hired him. If we can’t find out who hired him then we can’t solve this case.

“I can’t believe it! We were so close to solving this thing!” Dash said as she punched the sidewalk in frustration. “Why’d Crosshair have to go and blow himself up!?”

“Somepony else probably set the bomb to cover their tracks” I said matter of factly

“So we’re stuck?” Dash said looking at me with her magenta eyes.

I slowly nodded “I’m afraid so, this case could go unsolved unless we find something we missed…”


We heard it come from a nearby alleyway next to the hotel. I looked at Dash and put a hoof to my lips to tell her to be quiet. We slowly walked to the alleyway entrance and planted ourselves on opposite sides of the wall. I peeked over and withdrew my revolver. If this was our bomb maker then I wanted to be ready for him to make a run for it.

I turned into the alley with my gun raised. “ERPD!! Come out with your hooves in the air!”

Dash looked at me and whispered “ERPD?”

“Equestrian Royal Police Department” I whispered back. “I’m just saying it to scare him”

Dash then turned to the alleyway and shouted “Yeah! If you don’t come out I’m going in after you!”

Slowly but surely an aqua colored eye poked its way from behind a trashcan. I lowered my gun as recognition came to my eyes. The butter yellow Pegasus known as Fluttershy looked over at me. “Please don’t hurt me” She said in a small and timid voice.

I lowered my gun and looked at her “Hey, you’re the mare that gave me directions this morning”

Dash flew over to the mare and was looking her over “Fluttershy? What the hay are you doing hiding in this alleyway?”

Fluttershy seemed more comfortable talking to my cyan companion. “I heard the explosion and I hid in this alley to hide”

Dash sighed almost in defeat “That figures that you would go running for the hiding spot…”

I put away my gun and walked to the two pegasi “I take it you two know each other?”

Fluttershy hid behind Rainbow and peeked over her like I was about to shoot her again.

Rainbow turned to her and smiled “Don’t worry Fluttershy; he’s a friend of mine. He only looks scary”

I didn’t look that scary did I? I guess I should take Rarity’s advice about presentation on my job.

Fluttershy slowly nodded then came out from hiding behind Rainbow and looked at me. “Um…hello” She said in that same small and timid voice she used last time.

I smiled at her to try to get her to open up to me “I’m Detective Private Eye, Rainbow and I are investigating a murder”

“A murder? Oh my goodness…” Let’s just say I don’t think my smile helped.

I looked up at the hotel…Fluttershy was hiding pretty close to where the room was. “Did you see anypony leave the building?”

Fluttershy looked thoughtful for a moment “I do remember seeing something fly out of the room right before it exploded…”

I looked her right in the eyes “Did you get a good look at him?”

She shook her head “No the sun was in my eyes and the explosion was a much larger concern”

She had a point there “Can you describe it at all?” I said writing down what she said in my notebook.

Fluttershy looked at me and closed her eyes trying hard to remember “It was…big…and it had wings”

Rainbow raised an eyebrow “Big and with wings? Was it a Pegasus Fluttershy? We’re big and have wings”

Fluttershy shook her head “No this creature was much bigger then a Pegasus”

I thought for a moment then said “A griffon maybe?”

Fluttershy’s eyes grew wide in realization “Yes that was it! I remember the creature having claws”

I nodded “So a griffon was the one who left the bomb?”

Fluttershy nodded “Yes, that must’ve been it…I hope the poor thing feels sorry for leaving that bomb…”

Rainbow facehoofed “Only you would feel sorry for a potential murderer Fluttershy…”

“Oh sorry…” Fluttershy said a little embarrassed.

“Either way” Rainbow said looking at the window “It’s time to find out where this bird…” She suddenly pulled shades out of her pocket and put them on “Flew”


I frowned at her “Really?”

“Oh come on” Rainbow said looking at me after lifting the shades from her eyes. “We’ve gone almost 4 cases without using that joke!”

Fluttershy looked at Rainbow “Isn’t Pinkie usually the one making those kinds of jokes?”

I looked at both of them in confusion “What the hay are you guys talking about?”

Rainbow shrugged “You wouldn’t understand, you haven’t been in the group long enough”

“So where are we going to find out where the griffon went?” Rainbow said hovering next to me.

“We could try asking another griffon where he went” Fluttershy suggested as she walked beside me.

“Yeah, somehow I don’t think that’ll fly” I said looking at them both. “Why are you still with us Fluttershy?”

She looked at me and smiled a little. Celestia, she could win the heart of any stallion just by smiling like that. “I just want to make sure the poor griffon is okay”

Rainbow sighed “Why am I not surprised?”

“You two have known each other for a long time?” I said after observing this banter between them.

Rainbow nodded “Yeah, we’ve known each other since flight school and ever since Twilight arrived in Ponyville I guess you could call us friends now”

Twilight…damn it! She’s like a ghost that’s haunting me wherever I go!

“Are you okay Private?” I looked over to see Fluttershy’s eyes looking at me with a concerned expression “You got all quiet just now”

I nodded a little too quickly “Yeah, I’m fine just…got things on my mind”

Rainbow looked at me “If you have something you wanna get off your chest you know you can talk to us”

“I couldn’t ask that” I said firmly

“Rainbow you shouldn’t pry” Fluttershy said looking at Rainbow “If Private doesn’t’ want to talk about it we shouldn’t force him”

I looked at the yellow Pegasus “Thanks Fluttershy” I smiled at her.

Fluttershy looked away a hint of blush on her cheeks “No…problem…”

Rainbow huffed in annoyance “Alright, let’s find out where this griffon flew to before something else happens…”


Rainbow sighed, clearly exasperated “Not again!”

“Again?” I said raising an eyebrow.

We followed Dash and found a strange sight. There was Ditzy entangled in what I could only imagined used to be a chariot. Right now it looked like the wood was trying to make a Ditzy sandwich out of her.

Rainbow glared at the grey colored Pegasus and facehoofed “Derpy! How many times do I have to tell you to watch where you’re flying!?”

Ditzy smiled Rainbow Dash “Hey Rainbow Dash! Sorry about the chariot…”

“For Celestia’s sake Derpy!” Rainbow said as she tried to untangle Ditzy from the wreckage. “How do you expect to make the weather team when you keep crashing like this!?”

Ditzy managed to wiggle her way out of the wreckage “Sorry Rainbow Dash…I just don’t know what went wrong…”

Rainbow sighed “You don’t need to be Private to solve this mystery…”

I looked over at Fluttershy “Derpy?”

Fluttershy nodded “That’s what someponies call her, mostly because of her…antics”

That’s a bit of a cruel nickname…I shook my head and walked to Ditzy/Derpy. “You alright Ditzy?”

She smiled upon seeing me “Hi Private! I’m okay really”

Rainbow looked at Ditzy with chastising eyes “Just what were you doing near those chariots?”

Ditzy looked at the ground guiltily “I was looking for a package I lost…”

Fluttershy walked to Ditzy and smiled gently at her. “It’s okay Ditzy, everypony makes mistakes sometimes"

“Some more than others…” I heard Rainbow say under her breath.

I looked over at Ditzy “When was the last time you saw the package?”

Ditzy gestured to her mailbag “I put it in there this morning when I was supposed to deliver it…then this happened” She stuck her hoof inside the mailbag and it exited through a hole in it. “It fell out, I remember it was very heavy…I didn’t realize it was gone until this afternoon. I’ve been looking for it ever since”

Fluttershy smiled at Ditzy “We’ll help you find your package”

Rainbow landed next to me “We don’t have time to go looking for some package”

Ditzy looked crestfallen “It’s okay Rainbow Dash…I won’t make you guys go look for it” She turned and started walking away.

Fluttershy glared at Rainbow whom got a second glare from me. She finally sighed and said “Alright…we’ll help you find the stupid package…”

Ditzy suddenly perked up and hugged Rainbow tightly “Oh thank you thank you!! I can’t thank you enough Rainbow Dash!”

“You might want to thank her a little less Ditzy…” I said concerned “I don’t think her ribs can take all that thanks”

Ditzy let go of Dash and Dash let out a huge breath for air. Ditzy looked apologetically at Rainbow “Sorry…”

Rainbow dismissed it with her hoof “Let’s just find the package before I suffer more bodily harm…”

Fluttershy looked at Ditzy “But how are we going to find it? It could be anywhere in Cloudsdale”

I suddenly got an idea “Ditzy…can I have a hair off your mane?”

Ditzy looked at me with an odd expression “Why do you want my mane?”

“For a spell, it’ll help us find out where the package went” I said

“Really!” she said and I nodded in answer “In that case!” She reached with her teeth and plucked out a hair off her mane. “Ow”

I levitated the hair and my grey magic coated it. “A simple DNA spell…and…bingo!”

Suddenly Ditzy glowed a faint green and spots on Rainbow also glowed green. “What the hay is this stuff!?” She said as she tried unsuccessfully to wipe it off. The green stuff only spread as Rainbow tried to wipe it off.

“It’s Ditzy’s DNA, I used a glamour spell to make it visible” I said my horn aglow.

“That’s so cool! But a little gross” Dash said looking at her now green spotted body.

Fluttershy turned “Look, we can spot Ditzy’s trail!” Sure enough a bunch of green showed up on various buildings.

“Let’s go” I said walking onward.

It took us half an hour to follow the trail but our search yielded the prize we were searching for. Rainbow spotted the now green envelope lying next to a nearby fountain.

“I found it!” She picked it up in her mouth. The envelope was a manila envelope and it looked rather stuffed. “Man this thing is thick” She muffled as she plopped the envelope in front of me.

I levitated it and looked at the return address. “Oh Celestia…”

“What is it Private?” Ditzy said looking at me with those crossed eyes of hers.

“This envelope…it was sent by Texem”

Rainbow looked at me as if I just said I was an Alicorn “Say what now!? Texem sent that!?”

I nodded “Not only that…but it was sent to…Grimwing”

Rainbow started to sweat a little “The head of the Griffon mafia in this area?”

I nodded grimly “Texem was dealing with mobsters somehow…”

Fluttershy looked at both of us confused. I sighed and looked at Rainbow “Fill her in will ya?”

Dash nodded and began explaining the situation to Fluttershy. I turned to Ditzy and looked at her. “Ditzy…I hate to put your job on the line but I’d like to deliver this letter personally”

She shook her head “You go head Private, this way the letter’ll get delivered anyways”

I smiled at her “Thanks Ditzy, we need to get going…I think you have more letters to deliver”

She nodded and flew off…into a nearby street sign “My bad…” She shook it off and flew away into town.

I smiled after her then turned to the envelope. This envelope blew the case wide open. Ditzy was a miracle worker in disguise.

“I can’t let ya in!” The griffon guard said for the fifth time. I was standing in front of the gate to get into Grimwing’s mansion. This guy was more stubborn then Big Macintosh and that was saying something.

“I need to see Grimwing! It’s important!” I retorted

“Yeah do I look like the kind of guy who let’s just anybody in? I didn’t think so. Now scram little pony before I call the cops!”

Ironically I was the cops but I wasn’t going to argue with the griffon that was three times my size and muscle build.

I swore under my breath and returned to my two companions “No luck, they won’t let us in”

Rainbow stomped on the ground in frustration “That figures! We find a clue and the only thing standing in our way is a doorman!”

Fluttershy looked at the guard then at me “I could convince him…”

I looked at Fluttershy in shock “You? Fluttershy what are you going to do? Ask him politely?”

Fluttershy trotted passed me “Something like that…”

I was about to follow after her when Rainbow stopped me “Let her handle this Private”

“These are highly trained and deadly guards Dash!” I said trying to escape her grip on me. “She’s going to get killed!”

Rainbow frowned “Just watch and learn my dear Private”

I did watch…and I soon learned. Fluttershy walked up to the griffon guard and spoke in a very polite voice. “Can you please let me and my friends to see Mr. Grimwing?”

The guard looked at Fluttershy with an amused expression “Look doll, I can’t just let anypony in…now get lost before I have to smack ya around”

Suddenly Fluttershy’s personality switched at the top of a hat. She got right in the griffon’s face and yelled. I’m not kidding from this point on. “Listen here mister! We have very important business with Mr. Grimwing! Somepony got hurt and we need his help finding him! Just because you’re the guard doesn’t mean you can just turn us away like that! That’s very mean and you should feel ashamed of yourself! I have half a mind to tell your mother about just how mean you've been!”

I think the guard wet his feathers. He glared back at the yellow Pegasus “I can’t just let anybody in doll! Get lost!”

That was then I beheld the power of…the stare. Suddenly Fluttershy’s eyes got really huge and scary looking and the griffon’s eyes grew wide in turn…but in fear.

“You will let us in!” Fluttershy said firmly.

“I…I will!” He slowly hit the button to open the gate and once he did he fled into the guard building as if a Manticore was chasing after him.

Fluttershy smiled and turned to us “The door is open”

My jaw was hitting the ground at this point. Note to self do not try and treat the butter yellow pegasi like a doormat. She will gaze into your soul and make you do whatever she wants.

Rainbow was laughing at this point. “You should see the look on your face!”

I just stared at Fluttershy “What…the hay…just happened?”

Rainbow closed my mouth “You just witnessed the almighty power of ‘The Stare’”

“The what now?” I said still reeling from what I just witnessed

Fluttershy smiled a little “It’s just something I do…”

The more I hang out with Twilight’s friends the more worried for my health I become…

“I wasn’t expectin to run into you again Detective in all honesty” Grimwing said as he sat opposite me on a coach. He insisted that I was the only one who could talk to him. I was careful to leave out the part about my yellow companion traumatizing one of his men. Right now I was sitting in his living room trying to not look at his deadly claws and that metal beak tip.

“Times call for what times desire I guess” I said mildly.

“Yeah? So what can I help yuh with this time?”

“I have a package to give you…” I levitated the thick envelope and Grimwing picked it up with his claw.

The griffon used the metal tip of his beak to cut open the envelope. He pulled out the contents and his yellow eyes grew wide. “Where the hell did you get this?”

“It was sent to you from somepony named Texem”

“Texem!?” He suddenly stood up and slammed his claws on the table “That son of a bitch thinks he can just blackmail me!?”

“Texem is dead…” I said looking at the griffon trying to not look at the metal tip.

“That goombah is dead?” He said his yellow eyes looking at my grey ones.

“Yes, that’s why I’m here…what exactly is he blackmailing you with?”

Grimwing looked at me for a long time then sat back down “Detective...what I’m about to say cannot leave this room”

“You trust me?” I said frankly

“Nah, I just know you know better than to blab this to the cops or to another family”

I nodded “So what was in the envelope? Case notes? Lots of bits?”

Grimwing shook his head then sighed “Nah, they’re pictures”

“Of what exactly?” I said leaning forward in interest.

Grimwing got quiet for a while then simple said “…of mah daughter”