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*Teen for Mild Language*
*Edited by GhoulDash97*

After several months of not seeing each other and finally getting a day to do whatever she wants, Fluttershy decides to spend it with her childhood friend. However, she starts to have a funny feeling hanging over her. She had no idea how to describe it, but she knew all too well she couldn't ignore it. How does she plan on facing this dilemma?
*Originally Written-6/12/17*
*Dramatic read(Spanish) By JENJAN(Page)

Chapters (1)
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(This comment was suppose to be posted alongside the story)

Well, this was a long time coming. Looking back at this, this isn't my best work(although that would imply anything I've published is/ever was:facehoof:. Regardless, I did promise to post more frequently and since this story has been on my shelf for years, I thought why not. With that said, I hope you enjoy.

As for my followers(or anyone who plans on following me), you can suggest what kind of stories you want to see from me and I'll see what I can do(So long as it doesnt break my rules such as no M rating or clop)

9427311 Thank you. I'll admit I wasnt expecting it to do well since I wrote this without an editor(with the exepction of my friend). I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Seriously, you are a lot better than you give yourself credit for.

9427331 Perhaps. Guess I'll have to see by morning how this story fair(as of now, it has a 3-1 ratio)

An editor would be a good idea, if only for grammar and flow reasons. I do not recommend me, as 1st Semester is wrapping up at school, and a stressed me is not a reliable me, not at all.

9428117 A)Yea, I'm aware... this was one of my older stories. That and I've tried getting editors and it takes ages to get one. B)Did you dislike this? If so, was it for the grammar and flow? If not, then ignore this part.

If you don't have it fixed by the time I have my grades up, I'd love to take a crack at it (be aware, this may translate to "UNTIL SUMMER")
Also, I did like it, but was constantly tripped up by those grammar/flow issues. I'm easy to make trip, so I've learned to enjoy despite my complaints.

9428317 I probably wont be able to get another editor so... that's the only reason I published this. I've been trying to find an editor for months so I just said screw it and will just publish whatever story i have(although, with a close friend of mind, he'll be able to edit it). If by some luck I do get another editor, that'll be awsome.

Sorry for the late reply btw

It was cute. The wording was a bit repetitive at points but nothing too bad.

9435412 Thank you. It's not of best quality since I didnt have a professional editor but believe it or not, it was far worse before my friend edited it.

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