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Kindling - Lab Matt

While Anon-a-Miss tries to ruin her life, Sunset Shimmer meets Adagio Dazzle in a bar.

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Author's Note:

You can consider this epilogue non-canon if you want. It's just an amalgamation of several ideas that I had in the past but couldn't come up with stories to write around them, and that would have driven me insane if I kept them locked up in my head, thinking about them any longer. I know it feels out of place, that's exactly why I made a separate chapter just for it.

And here are some of my final thoughts.

As the sun disappeared in the horizon, Princess Sunset Shimmer flew in through the balcony of the castle, where Princess Starlight Glimmer was already waiting for her.

“So?” The magenta alicorn asked. “How was it?”

“Tiring.” The amber alicorn answered and she fell onto an alicorn princess-sized red beanbag. “Negotiating trade deals with a race that wants to take all and give nothing is more stressful than the time when our platoon had to infiltrate enemy territory during the war against the Umbrum. At least back then I could solve all my problems with a fireball spell to the face!” She flipped over so she was belly up with all four legs up in the air, a very unprincesslike pose that would definitely be the talk of the town for years if a photographer were to take a picture of it. “You made the right decision in staying back, that summit was laaaaame.”

“Hey, someone has to hold the fort now that Equestria only has five Princesses.” Princess Starlight sat on a purple beanbag next to the one Princess Sunset was lying on. “And it’s not my fault you’re too weak to beat me in hoof wrestling.”

Sunset groaned. “Who came up with that stupid idea of settling all our disputes in a match of hoof wrestling, anyways?”

“You did. 80 years ago, give or take a few.”

“Yeah, well, 80 years ago you had just ascended into alicornhood and I was ten times stronger than you were.”

“So you finally admit it! You were taking advantage of me!”

“I never denied it.”

The two Princesses of Equestria chuckled, which was followed by a moment of silence as they relaxed on their royal beanbags.

“So, any news from Luna and Celestia while I was away?”

Starlight used a levitation spell to carry a piece of paper from a nearby coffee table to Sunset, who picked it up with her own magic. “They sent a postcard.”

The picture on the postcard showed both former princesses wearing sunglasses and relaxing on a beach. Sunset simply tossed it back on the coffee table. “Where’s Twilight?”

“Still with Cadance and Flurry Heart in the Crystal Empire. She was supposed to come back yesterday, but you know how Flurry loves her auntie.”

“Let me guess, she did the sad puppy eyes thing, and because Twilight can’t say ‘no’ to that she decided to extend her stay for another day or two.”

“Basically. And speaking of ‘day’, aren’t you forgetting something?”

“Right, right, right…” Princess Sunset stood up and stretched all four legs and two wings before they walked side by side to the balcony. Her horn lit up with golden magic aura as the sun disappeared behind the mountains. After that, Princess Starlight’s horn lit up with icy blue energy as the moon emerged from the horizon.

“Princess Luna was right, it does get easier over time.”

Sunset chuckled. “Remember the first time you tried to raise the moon on your own?”

Starlight rolled her eyes. “Yes, I remember. Mainly because you are constantly reminding me of that day, otherwise I would have banished the memory to the back of my head decades ago.”

“You put so much strength into it that you slingshot the moon through the sun causing it to--”

“…causing it to explode, Celestia had a panic attack and Twilight wouldn’t stop hyperventilating until we cast the time rewind spell. You already repeated those same words over a trillion times, I already know the whole thing by heart.”

“Now that it’s nighttime, you’re in charge and I’m going to bed.” Leaving the magenta unicorn behind, Sunset Shimmer trotted down the hallway while royal guards bowed as she passed by them. “Just a few decades as a princess and I already want to retire as well. I have no idea how Luna and Celestia managed to stay in charge for so long. Especially Celestia, being the sole ruler for over a thousand years must have been a nightmare!” She yawned as she trotted past a door that was slightly ajar. She peeked in and saw the ancient mirror portal in the middle of the mostly empty room, gathering dust and covered in cobwebs. She pushed the door open with her long horn and sat in front of it.

The last time she had seen her scaly friend, she had just ascended into alicornhood. Adagio decided that three days was not enough time to look for Aria and Sonata outside of Canterlot, so she decided that she would be staying in the human world and not come back until she had located both of them. Thirty moons became sixty, then ninety and one hundred and twenty. Over 900 moons had already passed, but the portal remained unused. Sunset offered to make a journal for her just like the one she used to communicate with Twilight all those years ago, but Adagio refused; she had no idea where her travels would take her, and carrying around an artifact from Equestria that could easily fall in the wrong hands was not a risk she was willing to take.

With a quick burst of magic, the princess summoned a feather duster and proceeded to remove the layer of dust and the webs covering the frame of the magic portal. Once she was done, she took a quick look around the room; upon realizing that the room itself wasn’t in a better state, she summoned a mop and a bucket of soapy water – despite being a princess, Sunset Shimmer didn’t shy away from tasks like that. She was proud of her humble beginnings.

She wiped her brow with her hoof after she was done, smiling at her job well done; when she turned around to leave the room, a glow coming from behind caught her attention. She turned around just in time to see three large figures covered in scales flying towards her.

Adagio was the first to recover and leave the body pile after they had crashed. “CLOSE IT!” She yelled as she flew back towards the portal. “CLOSE IT CLOSE IT CLOSE IT!” The siren positioned herself behind the mirror and pushed it with all her might until it tipped over and fell to the ground; the frame remained intact, but the glass shattered into thousands little pieces. She landed and sighed in relief.

“Oh come on!” Sunset Shimmer’s head peaked from the pile. “I just finished cleaning the room so it would look presentable when you came back, then you go and make a mess! Also hi, welcome back. And why did you destroy a thousand years old magical artifact?”

“Sorry about that, but I had to. The army was right behind us, and it was only a matter of time until they sent someone after us.”

“‘Us’?” It was only then that the new princess of the sun realized that the two figures on top of her were two sirens not much different from her friend, one blue and the other purple. They got up with some effort, Adagio helping the princess up afterwards.

“Hey!” The blue one named Sonata Dusk said, frantically waving her hoof. “Long time no see. I’m surprised you’re still alive, it’s been a while. And young too, for that matter.” Her eyes widened. “Holy taco, you’re an alicorn!”

“Of course she is, Sonata, how do you think she had the power to beat all three of us at once all those years ago?” The purple one, Aria Blaze, commented with her forelegs crossed.

“That was more of a group effort, my wings are a recent development. Well, recent-ish! But anyway, it’s good to see Adagio managed to find both of you.”

“It wasn’t easy.” The leader of the three said. “Sonata had joined a traveling circus, so I had to chase rumors and flimsy leads all over the country.”

“I was the best clown-slash-animal tamer-slash-acrobat-slash-magician in the whooooole world!” The blue one said. “Well, the only clown-slash-animal tamer-slash-acrobat-slash-magician in history, but people loved my ‘juggling squirrels on a tightrope while throwing pies that exploded into playing cards with my feet’ act.”

“And then there was Aria.” Adagio continued.

“What about Aria?”

“She got herself caught by government agents who wanted to study her apparent immortality. We were on the run because I had to break her out of a military base. I had to drive away on a beat up van while a convoy of army trucks AND a chopper chased us down. We only lost them when we ditched the van and ran into a forest on foot. You’d think we’d be safe after that, but turns out Aria had a tracking chip implanted on her neck.”

“The sons of yaks treated me like some kind of beast!” Aria commented. “I carved the chip out myself with a hot knife.”

“But by then they already knew where we were, so we had to rush back to the portal. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky we were to arrive when the portal was already open, because if we got caught, oh man…”

“Well, you’re all in Equestria now.” Princess Sunset Shimmer said with a smile. “You’re safe. Welcome home!”

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i like how you made sunset and starlight both alicorns, and having them take over for celestia and luna respectively

... And this chapter ruined it for me. This doesn't even feel lile it belongs to the story at all. Only Adagio's reunion with Aria and Sonata does.

And it would've been fine with just that. Or maybe them and Sunset reconnecting.

The 1st chapter was actually very enjoyable. The epilogue...a bit far fetched to be honest.

Anyway, the CHS gang is broken, and Sci-Twi never found friendship. The End.

Interesting build up, but by the second half, fell completely flat on it's face. And the ending of the story... Fells completely out of place with the rest.

I respectfully disagree. I wonder if the author was watching the same show we are, as this did not feel like anything out of MLP. Friendship is magic right? Not here.

Wanderer D

Hm, the last part of the first chapter felt rushed, you really could have done so much! I liked the general gist of the story, even if that was a bit of a downer for an ending... the Epilogue? It was a disappointing thing, tbh, especially in light of how rushed the last bit felt prior to it. I was hoping you'd cover some of the things you decided to basically just tell us, but instead we randomly have two new princesses (red flag) and again a rushed addition to the story.

Basically, from the point Adagio and Sunset arrived in Equestria, the story felt like you just wanted it over. I'm not kidding when I say that I would have really enjoyed a bit more of a payload with the story. Maybe not to the extent of every detail, but you know... don't end with a summary.


Great story!!

First chapter was good the second was crap!

Little weirded out by the ‘everyone’s a princess’ thing at the beginning, but it grew on me by the end. Good story!

How come we don’t see how it ends in the human world?

On reflection, I find myself inclined to agree with you.

Then again, the EqG Holiday Special felt like nothing from the show, leaving me to question whether the comic authors watch the same show.

Twilight seems to be forgetting that her friends dumped her in the exact same way in 'A Canterlot Wedding'.

Yeah. I wasn't a fan of the first one either, to be fair. However, despite the tone of it, looking at it in the story's context means all of Sunset's former friends are dead. We don't know if they ever made up, or even tried, but considering the disdain the story has for them, probably not. They get dropped like baggage, exactly what Adagio accused them of doing to Sunset Shimmer.

It's a bit frustrating, to be honest, because the story is written quite well from a technical standpoint. Scenes flow well, characters have their own voices (when given the chance to talk)... the main problem is really that it's a standard accusation fic. Nothing gets resolved. Sunset runs away from her problems... and that's the last thing we hear of the whole matter. The Rainbooms served their purpose, being targets, and once that's done, they're forgotten. They're so unimportant, despite the fact that Princess Twilight takes the time to go back to talk to them, we don't get any info about how that went down. Or if they even talked at all.

Or that the exact same thing happened in her hometown. Gabby Gums anyone?

Also, again, Sunset Shimmer bullied the entire school for years on end and eventually tried to murder six girls, so maybe Princess Twilight should just stuff it with her holier-than-thou pony attitude.

I have since taken that opinion back. And I do agree with you on these points.

For an Anon-a-Miss story to work, in my opinion, it has to radically alter the original source material. Only that way will it hold a reader's interest.


I kinda wanted to see another chapter depicting the Rainbooms and Anon-A-Miss actually confess to them (Also Princess twilight chewing out the humans)


I have since taken that opinion back. And I do agree with you on these points.

Ah, I see. Thank you for clearing that up.

For an Anon-a-Miss story to work, in my opinion, it has to radically alter the original source material. Only that way will it hold a reader's interest.

Certainly an approach. The comic's main issue is where it's situated in the EQG timeline. Before Rainbow Rocks, the humans had every reason to be distrustful of Sunset Shimmer. Even Twilight hesitated.

Few authors also make the effort to have the Rainbooms make their case. In the comic itself, Applejack actually defends Sunset Shimmer, it's only when the pics stored on Sunset's phone get out that they turn their backs on her, and even then they eventually listen to her after a while.

Mind you, it's still a highly-flawed comic.


The infamous holiday special, retold in an entirely new way.
The Blue EM2 · 14k words  ·  67  23 · 2.9k views

If you want to read an Anon-a-Miss story that's a little different, and plays with the source material, you'd probably enjoy this one.

Or them being given a chance to express their side of the story.

This may seem odd, but I'm sick of the Rainbooms being used as punchbags.

Yeah me too

I always liked AAM stories where at least one of the the girls has a seed of doubt (mostly Fluttershy or Pinkie, since the other 3 will be more affected as they were the first victims)

Yep. AJ and RD can be stubborn, which is as much a strength as it is a weakness.

Or, if you somehow haven't read it yet, you could read Justice's take on it.
Not Another Anon-a-Miss Fic

I read that. A much-needed deconstruction of the comic.

Wanderer D

Dude where the hell are you even getting that Sunset tried to murder them? You are literally the only person I've seen making this argument and it makes no sense.

Wanderer D

9421543 Murder. Right. Wrong term for the situation. Also, unlike (edited for clarification) the people Rainbow Dash sent her way, she was at that moment possessed by magic and turned into an actual demon. Of her own making, sure, but before that, she wasn't willing to actually even hurt Spike.

So I definitely wouldn't equate that to the fully normal-state, non-possessed, average idiots that decided to burn down her house and beat her to death.

(edit 2: Not to say that I don't agree with Twilight coming across as sanctimonious and hypocritical.)

Lobbing a fireball at a person who—to the best knowledge of either of them—has no way to defend herself against it, I'd call that attempted murder, yes. Was she drunk on magic? Yes. As you noted, that was her choice, and her actions are her own.

Wanderer D

9421580 Missing the point.

She attacked them while possessed using the same magic she had also used to transform Snips and Snails, and control the others. At no point did she say "DIE! I'm gonna kill you!" or anything like that. Add that she had proven that she was unwilling to actually harm others viciously before that to gain the definite advantage she wanted, but, I guess ignoring the context is a convenient way of demonizing someone (pun intended) and reflects the exact attitude of the Anon-a-miss followers, ironically.

For all we know she just wanted to knock them out or scare them. We don't know the power level of her attack.

To clarify, Twilight really has no hoof to stand on with those critiques, 100% agreed, but to equate that situation to the people that attacked her, who were not content to "just" scare her by burning down her house, or were "just" reacting at the moment to a situation of high stress that might end up with unintentional deaths (manslaughter) when it was clearly a premeditated action to destroy her house AND THEN beat the shit out of her and kill her only stopping when they thought they would get caught (which indicates that they were really going for it). Is basically not logical, nor should be used as some sort of lame excuse to justify their actions as some sort of "she did it first".

Besides, just to make the point further: Rainbow Dash betrayed her. It wasn't just some random happening or these guys came there on their own. They were not Sunset's friends. It's not the same "say sorry for attacking you when you are my enemies" to: "sorry for telling a bunch of people that went over and almost murdered you in cold blood because I couldn't get my head out of my ass and simply see that it's was a fucking stupid idea considering the circumstances. But hey, we can still be friends, right?"

She did say Twilight "tried to interfere with my plans one too many times already! She needs to be dealt with!" while powering up that fireball, and then threw it at her. After she claimed Twilight had no magic of her own. Do you really, honestly believe she was just trying to scare them? If she'd pulled a gun and shot at them, would you also claim she was "just scaring them"?

Is basically not logical, nor should be used as some sort of lame excuse to justify their actions as some sort of "she did it first".

Where did I say any of that?

D, are you saying Rainbow telling them where Sunset lived is the same as if she went there to burn her house down herself? When Rainbow, in the story, said she thought they would just spraypaint it or something?

Look, I agree Sunset was under magical influence when she tried to kill Twilight and the others, but she brought that on herself, and she did throw a fireball at them, right in their faces. I'm "missing the point" because I have no idea what you're trying to argue. Are you saying Sunset is innocent? Or are you saying because of the magic involved, we can't call it murder at all, it would be manslaughter at worst?

I'm not trying to be contrarian, just to understand your point.

Wanderer D

9421618 I'm saying that:

“You think that’s enough?!” Adagio didn’t want to shout, but she couldn’t stop herself from raising her voice. “Those maniacs almost killed her last night, and you think saying ‘I’m sorry’ will make everything better?!”

Sunset tried to kill all of them once.

Implies that while they fought Sunset in a magical battle, in which Sunset's attack might have been (or might have been not) lethal, is concession enough to justify Rainbow Dash enabling people to go over with unclear but obvious malicious intent to Sunset's home. By any measure a court would find her responsible for manslaughter if Sunset had been beaten to death.

Sure, a "sorry" can be nice, but not appropriate or nearly enough, given the scope of what Rainbow's actions caused. Twilight and Adagio have all reason to be furious, even if they later on, and with a calmer mind, might recognize that it is not like AJ expected everything to just be forgiven.

By the way, D, there is a possible explanation for Sunset's unwillingness to go all the way before putting on that crown: She didn't have any magic yet. She wouldn't have had a way to protect herself from the fallout of her actions. After she put on the Element, those concerns vanished.

And to clarify, that's a possible interpretation of the situation, but more likely (at least to me) than saying she only threw a fireball right at a magic-less opponent just to scare her.

Ah, thank you. Now I get it. That wasn't the point I was trying to make there; I meant that that's the situation the Rainbooms found themselves in after the first EQG movie. At that moment, they had only Princess Twilight's plea and Sunset Shimmer's apology to go by. That was the start for them. No, it doesn't justify what happened (though RD claimed she had no idea of the danger she put Sunset in), but the apology is the moment after things can get worked through. Adagio denies them the same opportunity, to give Sunset Shimmer an apology and then work from there.

Which is a big problem with the story itself: The whole conflict with the Rainbooms is dropped as soon as there's no reason for more accusations and yelling, at the moment where things might actually improve between them or, well, break off for good.

Wanderer D


Which is a big problem with the story itself: The whole conflict with the Rainbooms is dropped as soon as there's no reason for more accusations and yelling, at the moment where things might actually improve between them or, well, break off for good.

I mean, in this instance I can see Sunset really not wanting to deal with them at the time, but I see what you're saying. It's one of the issues with the ending of the first chapter being more of a summary than story. Even if we don't see what happens, Twilight could have told them how her discussion went, how they feel, whether or not they recognize that Sunset wasn't Anon-a-miss.

But we'll have to see if the author will change anything, or just accept that it's a current issue with this specific story and move on.

Maybe some of the comic writers do, but I question whether some of the writers of these fics watch the same show as we are. Friendship is Magic, right? Not here.

I liked this story not the best but not bad ether. I still would have loved to have seen what happened to the school and anon a miss

Wanderer D

9423501 This discussion has already been had. Probably healthier for the author if it doesn't get re-ignited.

Comment posted by The Blue EM2 deleted Feb 6th, 2019

Can we get an insight chapter on what the humans were doing before all that time passing?

What in the world

I want to murder those who attempted to mureder Sunset. THEY DESERVE NO MERCY! They be lucky if they live!

if this was made before season 9's teaser was announced then you my friend would have just pulled a Simpsons and Trump.
(in case you didn't get it, the simpsons predicted donald trump's presidency, and him ruining the economy, and this chapter should it have been released last year, or earlier, would have predicted the Royal Sisters retiring.)

That's what I'm thinking.

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