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"Alright, so the guys we're gonna be looking for are... Richie Vilovoy, Roman Doss, Issac Clarke, and... David Lawson."

um i wonder how the pony's and humans will react to etcher and when they find out Davids a pony it can be good

It's definitely going to be exciting! I can't wait for you and everyone else to see it :D

Then I should better get started on the sequeals to The Discovery.

But that will take a while since I am focused on my own story at the moment and want to at least publish two more chapers before I take a short break.

Last note. For those of you that do read The Discovery and are put off by the human transforming into a pony aspect of the story, I promise that no such thing will happen in this story, so don't worry about that if that's something you don't like.

Awesome that you put that warning, though you should know those that don't like such and know it happens just might be put off from the whole series anyway. A bit of us anyway.

I kinda figured. I just hope that enough of them stick around and read this story or can at least appreciate that I tried to do it the best way I could in The Discovery without making it too cringy or just plain bad.

great men great story what you have there, I must say that something like this happened through my mind, where humanity discovers the distress signal of David's ship being that 200 years have passed since its crash, and technology evolved so much that that it took 200 years roundtrip just months or weeks and all thanks to the WAR. thumbs up!!!

Fucken hyped for this, guy!

Glad to hear it! I'm so excited for this story to finally be live. The week wait between chapters is killing me too.

That first paragraph of the description...

In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time. They called it the greatest discovery in human history. The civilizations of the galaxy call it... MASS EFFECT.

Ahem. Sorry. Wrong dimension. Lacks Turian first contact war.

Anyway, this sounds interesting. But, hoooo boy, that's a lot of stories to read before this one, especially since The Discovery has even more required reading... I'll try though ;)

I'm really glad to hear that. I know it's a bit to read up on, but I do hope you enjoy the rest of my stories :D

hmmm possible shipping with tempest and that human? I mean their needs to be more human love for fizzy

Tempest your tsundere is showing

Hey, I didn't understand, you didn't say that David wasn't going to be a pony in this story anymore?:ajbemused:
I hope other humans don't transform, that's a boring thing
But the plot of the story is good
Humans discovered on Mars, how to make the Warp Drive engine?

No no, David is still a pony. I don't like the idea of going back on things like that. It makes decisions like what Midnight had to do have less value since, you know, just undo it. What I meant was that the group of humans will not be turning into ponies at all in this story. So David is the only human turned pony in this universe.

Oh I understand, thanks for clarifying it, I hope you don't abandon history.
I hope that all humans stay and those of the frigate too, as the main ship if it landed well, new humans could modernize Equestria and take it to Space.:twilightsmile:
Oh and by the way, do you have a photo that illustrates the appearance of the interstellar ship and the V-45 of your story?:raritystarry:
Well, let's see what happens in the future of the story.

I'm afraid I don't have a picture of either of those two aircraft. However, the V-45 is heavily based off of the Falcon from Halo Reach, so if you know what that looks like, then just imagine something similar :)

Something like this for the V-45?
And considering that it is military, I guess the space frigate can be something similar to this
Or maybe this
Or even something better.:twilightsmile:.

Yes, those designs make more sense, that explains why the V-45 crashed in the magic-controlled climate, it looks more like a futuristic military helicopter.
Another question, is the carrier still in orbit or also landed in Equestria?
Sorry for asking so many questions:ajsleepy:

The carrier is no where near the planet. The frigate was deployed to the planet by itself, and the V-45's are all aboard the frigate. Don't worry about it :)

I find it kind of weird that the Ponyvillians were so scared of Tempest and avoided her at all cost. Yet when 4 weird, lanky, bipedal creatures just walk into town it seems everpony is all just drawn to them.
Oh well, maybe Ponyville has just seen too many crazy things to care. All in all, great interaction between the humans and the ponies so far :)

I mean, I think of it like this. Tempest literally invaded Equestria with a hostile army and enslaved Ponykind for a short period of time. Now, granted she's done a lot to reform and show that she's changed now, but there's still going to be that level of distrust between the ponies in town and her for a long time. As for the humans, much like all the new species that have shown up over the last season, ie griffons, changelings, yaks, dragons, kirins, and so on, they just look at them like the interesting new species that they've never seen before. Humanity hasn't done anything to give themselves a bad reputation in Equestria yet, so it makes sense that ponies would be more interested by them than fearful, at least at this point.

So, the wait for new chapters begins...
All I can say is "And now Boop" :trollestia:

Yeah. Like I said, Ponyville has seen a lot of crazy lately, be it good or evil. I can understand their apprehension towards Tempest, but them just staring at the aliens seems a bit odd, especially considering how the Canterlot ponies reacted to David. Then again, that could just be the Canterlot elite being stuck up jerks who gained a following by them being popular, as I seem to remember the more common folk being rather nice to him.
Anyways, it's definitely not something bad though, it's just that, in my head, a collective like a town's worth of ponies would be more weary around completely alien visitors. Maybe not outright hostility, but also not "hey, let's see how close I can get to them" like the Ponyvillians seem to do here. Griffons, hippogriffs, kirins etc. all exist in their world and I believe, even if they hadn't seen them themselves, ponies would know what they had before them. Humans on the other hand have not, until recently, existed there and I'd think they'd be much more feared because of that; at least initially. But like I said, minor thing in my head, didn't detract from the story very much, if at all :twilightsmile:

That's true. But you also have to remember the timing. David arrived in Canterlot just after Tirek attacked. Logically, the ponies would be wary of a strange creature they haven't ever seen before after the last one stole their magic and tried to enslave them. This story takes place during season 9, so that hasn't really happened recently. Regardless, I'm glad you're enjoying the story :)

Tempest thinking: OH NO! HE’S HOT!!

Cadance: in the crystal empire my shipping sense is tingling

We'll have to see where it goes from here :trollestia:

lol I can just see cadence reading a equestria daily newspaper and suddenly puts down the front of it frowns looks out a dark window with crashing thunder and lightning . she then gently kisses shiny on his cheek as he sleeps checks on flurry goes to the throne room then after flipping a headbust of twily presses a red button that reveals a hidden pole that says cadence on the back wall which she slides down

cadence the shipper equestria needs not what it deserves

lol you can use this in your fic if you want


I'll think about it, although, I think you'll like the next few chapters. Cadence does make an appearance after all :raritywink:

Apparently this story will get interesting.
I wait for the next chapter:twilightsmile:.

"You landed on the complete other side of the planet, on the southernmost hemisphere. How in the hay did you land there and end up in the White-Tail Woods?" She asked, more to herself than to Jason.

I'm guessing they somehow teleported from wherever they were when the "lightning" struck to the crash site near Ponyville? Cause the 240 miles they flew would imply a comically small planet, if they indeed crossed half the planet.

Anyways, good chapter as always. Seems like it's gonna get interesting soon

The exciting journey is coming soon. Unfortunately, there are just a few more chapters before they actually get underway, but just bear with me for a bit. We're getting there, I promise :)

Yes, Rebecca, just go and sneakily pet some of those cute ponies... let the cute consume you...

I honestly don't mind the slow progress. It gives more time to get to know the characters, plus more time for cute moments =) This is what makes the story feel alive, at least the way I see it. And when we do eventually get to the "good part" it feels all the more special.
So yeah, keep it up :twilightsmile:

Why don't they use an airship?
Tempest even got experience with them :rainbowhuh:

That will be explained in a later chapter. Trust me, I thought about that for a while.

This is the fanfic’s unofficial theme:

this is good
and i find the ponies think humans are adorable thing is funny as hell

I'm glad you think so. It's one of my favorite tropes to write 😁

Aww, Tempest is opening up to Jason.
I like to think that Midnight noticed Tempest's behavior around Jason and kinda, in a spur of the moment type thing, set her up for that interaction with him when she left so suddenly with Sky >;)

Verry good Chapter, but to be honest, I expected the clop part to be a bit longer. :twilightblush:

Eh, I thought about it a lot. I didn't want Mid and Sky to completely steal the show from everyone else though. :applejackunsure:

I can understand that and I am glad you did write it, the way you did. :twilightsmile:

The more time you give me to think about this Chapter, the more an interresting question beginns to from in my mind.

How would the Genderswap spell Mid used in The experiment on Sky affect Jason and Tempest?

Would Jason turn into a mare and Tempest into a women for the duration of the spell?
Would Jason turn into a woman and Tempest into a stallion?
Or would nothing happen at all?

Sorry, but I did read to much clop today. :trollestia:

hehe, no such thing ;)

As for that... I'm not sure. I would argue that nothing would happen since Jason's biology wouldn't be compatible with the version of the spell that Midnight knows, but there's always the possibility that she could learn a version that works on humans as well.

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