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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle vs Ponyville

It's just a normal, typical day... aside from Twilight flying into space to destroy Equestria. No biggie.

A sequel to Twilight Sparkle vs Ponyville . Best to read that one first, basically. Or you may get slightly lost.

Picture credit LeraJack on DeviantArt.

Featured from 23-24 Jan 2019.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 42 )

Twilight Sprakle and the destroyer of all! XD

The. Absolute. BEST. THING! :raritywink:

I think Twilight needs a vacation. Or maybe she should just blow up some boulders.

Well, that went from confusing to hilarious, then to heartwarming, then to depressing, and then finally back to hilarious all in the span of five minutes.

And I loved every second of it.

While a part of me questions the decision to make this its own story instead of an add-on to the original, I still enjoyed this enough to give it a Like. :)

Run for your lives! :rainbowwild:

Thank you, darling. :raritystarry:

Good idea. as long as nopony gets hurt... :moustache:

This is a completely different premise, so I don't consider it a true continuation. And yes, it was my intention to play with the reader's emotions a tad. Sorry about that. :scootangel:

No need to apologize. A little emotion-toying never hurt anybody. Heck, some of the best stories on this site work because they're able to tug at the heartstrings.

Good job.

Step 1: open a gate to a totally uninhabited world
Step 2: build many buildings and structures
Step 3: Put many MANY explosive devices and magical weaponry there.
Step 4: Send Twilight there, and close the gate for a few days allowing her to vent by blowing shit up.
Step 5: repeat steps 1-4 as needed.

Thanks again. Glad you enjoyed the story, and picked up on what I was going for here. :twistnerd:

It would also make a very good video game. :rainbowderp:

I'm sure Star Swirl could whip something up. As long as Twilight contains her destruction to four or fewer dimensions...

Wonder what it would be called?
He'd just make her Pinkie Promise no to blow the planet up itself, just the stuff they built. :scootangel:

Seems Twi needs Dr. Wolf more then ever. He is the only psychiatrist that I know that deals with crazy ponies all the time...he even made a couple of TF2 teams out of them.

I think I know who to recommend for the Blu team's empty Pyro position. With a respawner in place, I think Twi may find an outlet for her frustrations.:pinkiecrazy:

...And if he has any frustrations with the modern world, perhaps he could join her. Two player action at its finest... :ajsmug:

Pony-monium? Apologies, I'll think of a better title as soon as I'm rested... :ajsleepy:

Thanks. I think of the name, you design the game. Then, we'll split the proceeds 50/50. Sounds like a fair deal to me... :raritywink:

Just one small problem, I dunno the first thing about making a game :rainbowlaugh:

So, she skipped past the kingdom, going straight from the town to THE WORLD!

Maybe she should talk to the other princesses about these desires. Or Discord. He and Princess Luna have been in similar situations before and could sympathize, and Celestia has been ruling for over a thousand years, which means she probably has felt similar desires before as well.

Worst case scenario: Twilight gets a thousand year forced vacation.

Oh well, guess we'll have to hire someone to do that for us then. Know of any good (cheap) programmers? :twilightsheepish:

She decided to try intensifying the therapy, to minimal results by the looks of things. As for your suggestion, not a bad idea: talking to anypony who could understand surely can't hurt... right? :rainbowderp:


It briefly looked like Intensifying the therapy worked. She realized the downsides to what she wanted, then looked on in horror when she was going to accidentally destroy Equestria.

The problem is, (from what I can tell) she decided that she didn't like what the VR therapy was telling her.

Thus I doubt talking to Discord or Luna is going to help, as she doesn't accept she has a problem....she thinks these are just random fantasies.

BTW I loved the Narrator....pity about the exploding thing.

So close, but yet so far. And you're right: admitting you have a problem is usually the first step towards recovery... :pinkiesad2:

Like you and me, maybe he's better at playing than programming...

Hmm dunno then. I'd suggest discord but that might be asking for trouble XD

One picky sci-fi nerd coming along! ;p

Yep, she's way up there, hovering in deepest space. Not just a quick flight away either, but at least a couple of light years from home. And she didn't even need to stop to use the bathroom en route! Talk about the power of friendshi... I mean, an indescribably durable bladder.
picky sci-fi nerds
Surrounding by a tableau of stars and a few nondescript barren rocks, she's staring down at the planet of Equestria, which by now barely registers as a blip in the murky darkness.

No... not even remotely... at two light years of distance the SUN of Equestria would register as an unremarkable star... the planets would be completely invisible...

I'll be sulking on this meteorite over there.

hmm that is an asteroid or meteoroid. A meteorite is what remains after a meteoroid has impacted Earth.



I hope he doesn't feel like he's let me down. Just because I'm a Princess, it doesn't mean I expect any special treatment. I just want these constant grotesque fantasies I have of wanting to annihilate everything in response to everyday problems to go away. Not too much to ask... is it?

Maybe you can take a leaf out of Starlight’s book and magick those fantasies away?

Also, fervently hope that said magic doesn’t collapse with the passing of time and the fantasies return stronger than ever. :pinkiehappy:

Fortunately, it was just a VR simulation, so any potential inaccuracies in science can be attributed to that. :coolphoto:

As for the other points, well let's do a bit of editing, shall we? :rainbowdetermined2:

Interesting comment. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

So wait: A living, walking NUKE is harboring feelings of destroying everything, just to have a little peace from the banality of her life?

Daaaaamn Twilight...you scary.

As I said in the prequel, this is strictly a surreal comedy and so shouldn't be taken too seriously. I certainly hope so, anyway... :twilightoops:

Sneezing in a VR helmet would suck. Really sneezing in any kind of helmet would be unpleasant at minimum.

Didn’t even detail the absolute incineration of Equestria smh you’re getting a downvote.

On a more serious note, I had just a good of time reading this one as the last; maybe even more! I definitely approve of the wholesale destruction of everything because of my everyday inconveniences. Yet, where do you go from destroying an entire planet? Up next: Twilight vs The Fourth Wall!

Love reading your stuff, keep on being you.

Edit: just thought of something... we have a confirmed repeatable time spell a la Starlight and that scroll... could we also get Twilight destroying timelines that she had a bad day in? Seems like I should write it first...

I take it that I'm one of the few that's read this story Princess Twilight Sparkle flips a table... and then some.

Yep, she's way up there, hovering in deepest space. Not just a quick flight away either, but at least a couple of light years from home. And she didn't even need to stop to use the bathroom en route! Talk about the power of friendshi... I mean , an indescribably durable bladder.

Truly one of the more underappreciated aspects of alicorn biology.

That was your first hint that not all was what it seemed... :pinkiegasp:

I had this idea for a sequel soon after finishing the first one. After this, I've got nada. But I'm always open to suggestions, and I'll take yours under consideration... :duck:

Probably not. :pinkiesmile:

Yep. Very useful for the cinema, too. :rainbowkiss:

"Hmm, at this distance... the aspect ratio of a full-frontal blast from my horn at this precise distance should be magnified by the interstellar energy indigenous to space, resulting in an apocalyptic chain reaction throughout the galaxy. This would, in theory, lead to the total destruction of the planet known as 'Equestria', along with a few insignificant asteroids along the way no-one will miss. Speculative casualties are in the millions, if not billions, and then maybe I'll finally get some peace and quiet..."

you could just fly to planet 4546b and just do your peace and quiet THERE (considering you can breathe and space and go nonstop without a bathroom break). I hear the roars of a reaper leviathan not only scare the shit out of you and let the reaper know where you are (Fucking Echolocation) but it also makes you think really hard about things...

i know the perfect place for a vacation for her. it's a quaint little island paradise known as Banoi. sandy beaches. fascinating wildlife. an interesting indigenous culture. everything a princess considering annihilation of her home planet could possibly need to blow off some of that stress.

...a former psychiatrist turned beast trainer had been defaced, disfigured, damaged, disabled, distorted, dismembered and spat at by an irate freckled filly in a cage

Wow, Cozy Glow did all that?

In any case, this was fun, but it feels like you're trying to recapture the essence of the previous story without offering much novelty.

Of course, after a few cycles it gets old, you introduce living beings, aaaand we get another Discord.

Well, as long as it was fun. I wasn't out to write anything that was too far a cry from the original. :twistnerd:

"I have harnessed the stars
Now unleashed upon the earth
I am become death
The Destroyer Of Worlds" :)

This is honestly one of the last stories I thought would ever get a sequel. XD Very amusing, great job.

Need another sequel

There's something I love about meta narrators and I'm not exactly sure what that is.

The whole "the narrator is a character in the story haha" thing really wasn't that funny either time, and neither was having him break the 4th wall for comedy when it was already broken by him being there. It felt like you were trying too hard for an "XD so random!!" effect.

Well everyone has their own idea of comedy, and I guess that isn't your kind of humour. Thank you for adding both stories to your favourites, anyway. :scootangel:

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