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Oh yay
Limestone fic
Good choice

What can I say? Grumpy Pone needs love, too! :moustache:

That she does. And marble too but I'm not sure she's your type. You seem to write about the tough ladies like Gilda.

Maybe lightning dust can be your next project after this. She's got only one love fic and it remains unfinished. It's a damn good one too.

It's possible, though I'm gonna set my sights to this one for the time-being, as well as the other varieties on my palette. While I don't want to hold out on a good idea, I also need to avoid overstuffing the plate. :raritywink:

I'm giving this a read

Just an idea to consider listing if it ever comes around.
No pressure. You can't rush art. Yes writing is an art.

In fact I encourage every writer I comment to take one step at a time and not all at once. Too much stress which likely leads to the story being unfinished or out of proportion due to mixed interests.

No one wants that.

Very well written and a great start. Withholding judgment however, to see if this goes anywhere or becomes another single chapter abandonment. That’s really the only issue I have with your writing.

I like this, as another internet user I bless you with a reply.

At first when I saw the bleeding and bathroom puking I was like Ha Women and there periods XD
but then the plot thickened and now I feel kinda bad..
Hot dam though I'm glad this popped on my feed, this is one sexy fic!
Can't wait for more! :D

Good story. If Equestria has laws like the US that alchemist is gonna get in a ton of trouble for practicing experimental treatments and extorting families for them. For all we know it could be stopping her wounds from healing properly on purpose. I wonder if that will be a plot point later.

Well, it would be well-deserved judgement, and I appreciate the response. I'm hoping that this story becomes the proper apology that you, and everyone else, deserves from me.

I truly do want to find the "perfect idea" that I can stick to for an elongated period of time. Adventures, though, are often met with so many rushes that I end up feeling burnt out after a wave of excitement, while simple "slice-of-life" stories are relaxing, but sometimes to the point of tiring me out, and putting me in the need to write an adventure.

Thus, I've decided to make this story, which is planned to be a fair mix of both worlds, in hopes that it can remain at a steady, manageable pace.

I'll go ahead and say, will full confidence, that this won't be a "single-chapter abandonment". I've already got Chapter 2 in the works, and I hope to at least release it before the end of the year... maybe even before this week ends, though that last one's a short-term goal.

All in all, I'm going to be very, very careful with this one. I tried rushing some of my other stories, and it didn't end too well. So, I'm going to chisel this one as carefully as possible.

Well, thank you! As a fellow internet user, myself, I shall bless you in kind with a reply, and well-wishes! :twilightsmile:

I do hope you've enjoyed what you read so far! :raritywink:

Exactly! Writing is an art form just like cooking a fine delicacy is an art form. And similar rules apply to each. If you rush a delicacy, it'll either be too burnt, too raw for consumption, unseasoned, or completely botched up with a multitude of issues. Likewise, if you rush a story, it'll fall short in some areas, have a few too many run-ons, missed details, plot holes, grammatical errors that can not be overlooked, and so on, so forth.

That's why I'm taking this one slow, and taking these Five Steps for each chapter I do:

1. Brainstorm for ideas that are relevant to the story, the theme of the act/arc, and the events that've transpired up to this point, while occasionally looking back at previous chapters to bring a few details to light (mystery events that were not clarified yet, hidden secrets that were deliberately blocked by the protagonist's perspective for future use, and/or accidentally missed opportunities that can be improvised and/or brought back up, just to name a few).

2. Draft the ideas down to the best of my abilities, writing as well as I can, but not focusing too hard on minor details, and instead focusing on the key focal points of the chapter. The minor details can then be added later on.

3. Proofread the end results of the Draft, adding and omitting details where needed.

4. Correct the results after Proofreading the chapter. This means mending sentence structures, adjusting opening and closing statements, rethinking dialect to make it a bit more understandable, and blending the newly added details from before to transition seamlessly into the chapter.

5. Review the final product after it's been Proofread and Corrected, then either submit it, or move back a couple steps and re-evaluate the chapter.

Oh, trust me, you weren't the only one thinking of that particular joke. :rainbowlaugh:
... But yeah, it's a serious condition, and will actually be relevant to the story's progression.

Trust me, I've got a HUGE Story Arc planned for those particular details... it'll be reserved for later, though, when things start looking too calm for our protagonist. All I can say is that it'll be full of surprises, twists, and revelations that may shake you to the very core! :rainbowdetermined2:

well that was cute

I'm glad you thought so! Ponies are cute by default. Even the tough ones. Thus, cuteness must be put into the equation at all times. :twilightsmile:

So amazing

You're amazing, my friend!

You're all amazing for your love and support! :heart:

This was just a wonderful story! I hope that there's more in the future.

I'm a simple stallion.

I see Limestone Pie and I track and read and like it.

Sipioc #18 · Nov 9th, 2020 · · 1 · Pilot ·

I like it! More please!

Would fan art help motivate you? Cause I do that.

Hey, thanks! I'm glad to see you on-board with this one, too, bud! :pinkiehappy:

Honestly, I'm already motivated by all these awesome comments! However, if you want to do fan art, I will definitely not oppose! :pinkiegasp:

limestone never get enough love, cant wait to see where this goes

In this case, the human transforms into a horse, with Equestrian features. Think Trouble Shoes as a reference. Sure the show calls him a "Pony", but you know d:pinkiegasp:n well he's a bloody Clydesdale Horse! :twilightangry2:

I agree just like how MLP mares have more in common physically with house cats than they do with actual ponies and or horses.

Point of order: Limestone is the eldest sister. It's explicitly stated in the episode where the Apples visit the Pies for Hearthswarming. Maud is the middle sister, and Pinkie and Marble are twins.

Ah, thank you! It's been a while since I saw that episode, to be honest. :twilightblush:

Good, good. This has much potential.

yay grumpy pone
thanks for the chapter

I love this story so far. I am enjoying it and cant wait for it to continue.


I'm really hoping this story isn't dropped likya few others. I currently find myself really getting into things and I'm very curious to see were we end at.

could be pronounced "Ishvalda" in their language,

Monster Hunting intensifies!

Sorry, been on a binge with Iceborne lately. Helping people get clears for Velk, moldy oldy Hazak, and "Special Beam Cannon" Shara Ishvalda to name the usual suspects.

Limestone just doesn't have luck with fillies getting into horrible accidents around her.

Marble gets impaled in this one, Mascara falls into a quarry and pukes blood all over her in the Pencils comics...

And in case you haven't gotten enough "Keep going" comments, O Author...

Keep going. You've got your character's voices pretty clear in the ears from the writing here.

Limestone absolutely needs more love so no complaints here!
I enjoyed reading this chapter and would love to read more if you’d feel inclined to write more, thanks! :twilightsmile:

I didn't know I needed more limestone story's till now and the chapter's are long ..................easy 10/10

To be honest, I was binging Iceborne a bit, as well! Binged it so much, I've found monster names as normal words that just pop into my head.

Like, no joke, I wasn't even thinking of Shara Ishvalda when I wrote that! It just came out as a "Random Reference" that I didn't even realize I wrote 'till you said that! :rainbowlaugh:

Random question: what system do you play? I'm on PC for now, and already beat the game twice: once on XBox, and then on PC. I might do some more monster hunting in my off-time... probably get a schedule working, and all that. Game during the day, Write during the night, or something like that...

... Also, I think "Special Beam Cannon" credit goes to Coral Pukei, since that prick spams that attack so much, and did it way before Shara.

I would have said Xenojiva, but then I realized that's too thick to be a "SBC". If anything, that one goes full-on "Kamehameha!"

I must say, you’re an amazing author.
Most tsundere characters grate on me, but I’ll give this a shot.

This has some good potential to it.
I can't wait to see what happens next

I'm on PC, switched from PS4 when it came to Steam. I've been playing it more lately. I kind of work an odd second shift since I work at a restaurant. Leave the house about two pm EST and get home anywhere from elevenish to midnight these days. Sometimes sooner thanks to us going to take out only last week due to Covid cases on the rise.

I honestly went to a search engine and typed "ishvalda" to see if there were other meanings before I made myself look like an idiot (more of at times) but World was all that came up. I forgot about Coral Pukei. I haven't fought him or viper tobi very often lately. Savage Pickle is a pain because once he spots you he'll follow you across the entire map. No joke, I was fighting bagel and either myself or the guy I was helping might have just tapped him. Bagel flees to the peak and we both book it up there because Pickle is just comin along for the ride. Managed to get the clear while watching his icon the spiral up the mountain.

Usually I'm not a huge fan of second person stories. However there's certain circumstances in which I do find them enjoyable. You have managed to make that happen. Doofus is an excellent stand-in for address. I also find that your work is giving a very good lens of perspective from the protagonist's point of view. I see things through his eyes 100% as though I am experiencing the memories of another person. I enjoy this, because in contrast to other second person stories you refrain from using formal address with the name anonymous which drives me crazy because it's very lazy and there's better words that can be used like nothing. Just you and hey you.

Your content and length is exceptionally well done. You created a very good obstacle in learning the new body as well as learning a new language. While still having the ability to maintain an interesting story. I think the second person approach for this sort of predicament is an excellent medium for that.

These upcoming chapters are going to become very interesting and I'm looking forward to being able to continue your story.

I have a question, once the protagonist is named, are you going to shift to third person? Or will this "name" be just a stand in much like "doofus" is?

Also it's pretty interesting all he did was a right cross with his hoof and sent that unicorn flying. I'm just imagining if he actually did a buck it would be very similar to when Applejack launched rainbow dash in apple bucking season.

Anyway I do look forward to the updates I will be putting this in my favorites section and I'll be browsing your other work. Thanks for the story.

this story is really well done i look forward to seeing more of it.

also the potion is totally causing more issues now, guys father is taking advantage of the family being unable to afford more advanced help. just a theory.

Story shapes itself nicely. Eagerly waiting for updates :)

That was remarkably intense ending.
And it always astounds me how creative so many people can be, from the soup diet at the Pie Rock farm to a concrete, logical, and what's more, empathetic reason for Marble's attitude as witnessed in the show proper. I'm intrigued, and hope to see another chapter, eventually.

Hey, thanks for the awesome review, friend! To answer your question, it'll definitely remain Second Person, and the name will be a stand-in just like "Doofus". Plus, Limestone will rarely use the given name unless it's addressing important matters, and may very well just keep using the nickname for giggles. :raritywink:

I hear ya. I, for one, enjoy a good challenge! And the pickle has challenged me a good bit since I rock the Luna gear usually, which has a weakness to the Dragon Blight. I use it to make a Healer build, though, while also rocking a Longsword to balance out damage at the cost of Healing Speed.

Then, after beating the game a second time (first one was on XBox), I decided to get into the modding community for it, and now just play the game to screw around.



Oh, believe me! I feel like this story struck a goldmine, so I'm gonna keep harvesting!

Unlike the other stories, though, I'm going to be more careful with it. Don't want to rush the story into a wall, after all. :twilightsmile:

Recently hit the 2,000 word mark for the next chapter already. My end goal is at least 10,000, but I'll be writing up a storm today. Class is going slow anyways, so I'll be able to get more normal writing done than coding. :rainbowdetermined2:

A prudent decision. so long as you don't let the pendulum swing too far that way and end up pulling a George R.R. Martin :trollestia:

Comment posted by Sipioc deleted Nov 11th, 2020

Whoa! That is AMAZING work, dude! :rainbowderp:

Hey, uh... if you don't mind coloring it, would it be alright if I updated the cover art to use yours, instead? Naturally, credits will be given! :pinkiehappy:

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