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Trottingham is an Island Nation which is just a Few Miles away from Mainland Equestria, Both Celestia and Luna haven't noticed that the Island Existed in the First Place, Until they recieved Reports from a Royal Guard Vessel that a New Island and.. or Possibly a new Ally has been Found.

Starting : Heartshot, Kian, Daniels, Charlie, and Winghoover. (Main 6, Young Six, Royal Guard, Both Princesses and their Rule 63 Counterparts.)

Rated 18+ Gore, Humor, Sex, Rule 63, Heat Season

Note : All OC's are mine (Except the R63 Versions of all MLP Characters) and are not Anthro, they just Stand on Both Legs and use their Hooves to fire Guns and swing Swords.

Chapters (2)
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