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Steve Ott

I too once thought the radio played, let's act like children while we sleep paralyzed.


Everypony sees me as a role model for their children. That I am the pinnicle of success. However, I harbor a dark secret that should stay forever hidden. But there is always one pony who can't help it. They set themselves up for a death sentence.

But when one filly finds out her secret, she has to keep her quiet or leave town.All the while Nightmare Night aproaches.

Chapters (2)
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Okay, before reading, I thought this was going to be a play on "Cupcakes." After reading, I am now demanding a prequel and moar chapters. I wish somepony could have a background on why Rainbow acts like that.:twilightangry2: Otherwise, I like it a lot!

You'll get your wish master.

Looks good, but it needs something... Oh I know MORE LUNA

Has some spelling issues, but otherwise... this story has potential, don't waste it!

this could be a really really good story
lets see where this goes shall we?


:rainbowwild: GRAMMER!!!! FIX IT!!!! OR I KEEL YOU!!!!

:pinkiehappy: By the way, FIRST!!!

well that was fast. also, your Luna speak is awful. Art though dismissed doesn't mean 'you are dismissed' it means 'are you dismissed'

Thanks for that. Now can you tell what to put instead. :twilightblush:

1041889 THOU ART DISMISSED. hope that helped

whoa, Rainbow dash is a vampire.............my mind is just blown right now to say anything else :pinkiegasp:

LOVE IT!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
More please:fluttershysad:

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