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Celestia was the leader of the nation. An ideal model of a calm and kind ruler with her sister. Not every day easy with the pressure of the crown weighing on her head. Amongst dignitaries, court, and assemblies, Celestia herself can be stressed too and after one of her worst days a convenient new spell comes up.

A specialty of Twilight, a simple spell to relax the mind and remove the stress for a clear head. Only dealing a smidge in mind magic, what could go wrong? A famous phrase that many rue on calling upon.

Celestia is catapulted into a world she hardly understands. Where what she knew was wrong and all her senses say it's right, can she figure out what her reality is?

Is her ideal rulership of a magical kingdom the truth she always believed or yet another lie?

Is this new world nothing but a bad side effect of the spell?

Are both there?

Is any of it real?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 4 )

So far, it seems rather calm. I wonder how mindscrewy this can get? Would also be interested in seeing how others react to Celestia's behavior; That doesn't seem to happen so often for some reason.

This is a story I will only know if I really like much later on. You have my interest lets see what happens next.

I had a nice read, I will follow this story to see what you going with this

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