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"...what did I just even read." - Wintermist || "Pour la beauté du geste"


Headless Pony Expresses His Opinions
Local princess is outraged by the fact

"It's nonsense," the Princess states, "he can't think, how is he allowed to have an opinion?"
After numerous editorials published on The Broken Knot, the headless author seems to have incurred the wrath of Ponyville's local purple alicorn. She claims he cannot form an opinion, being a being deprived of a brain and therefore incapable of thought, and that the statements made in his articles are always wrong, and often-times harmful. No official response has come yet. <full story inside>

In this number:

  • Spiders: Helpful Arachnids or Mind-Controlling Extra-dimensional Invaders?
  • Robots From The Future Announce The Singularity Is Near; Collapse of Society Imminent
  • Exclusive: Interview With God Herself on Page 9
  • Author Completely Loses His Mind, Writes About Stairs

Due to unforeseen complications, this issue will not contain the Sports section. We hope our readers will understand.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 13 )

Well this is something.


... alright then.

Okay, three questions.

One: What the fuck?

Two: What the fuck?

Three: What the fucking fuck?!

I am confused. And, in being so, I understand.

"...what did I just even read."

Going to have to agree and repeat what Wintermist said.

I feel like I am scratching against half a dozen potential stories, a place where a muse is drowning in its own artistic abilities. I want to hear more about some of these worlds....especially Spider-Twilight.

But I have no idea what to make of them being meshed together like this.

I get it!

I don't get it!

What did I just read?

Not meant to be an insult.



... Have you been running lines of scratch-n-sniff pony pictures?

I think the idea is that the characters in stories are all empty shells anyway, some just act less like it than others?

Part greatest hits montage, part idea bin, part social commentary, and part meditation on layers of creation and fictionality. Assuming that I'm interpretig this even remotely correctly. Whatever you actually had in mind, this was a trip. Thank you for it.

Yes. I understand this utterly and completely and it defies explanation.

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