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All Sunset was trying to do was help someone.

Her close friends had enough of that someone, and multiple attempts were building frustrations in everyone.

After a final attempt goes awry, Sunset goes to great lengths to try to avoid the group...afraid they will be angry and hate her for her betrayal.

What will her friends do? Will they prove she's right? Or will will they convince her that true friendship is forever?

(Note: the profanity tag is just a precaution. There isn't really any in this story, but some things are worded in a way that while they aren't actually profanity, they can easily be percieved as such.)

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What the fuck did this guy do, and what is his real name

Well that was a whole lot of stuff with nothing to back it up. I don't see why the girls are like this.

This story is built on all the bad things this guy did, but we never see anything indicating he is anything but respectful, all i see is 6 girls who hate some guy for existing

I’m not sure what this fic is trying to do. It’s written in a way that suggest that we are meant to sympathize with everyone but the new guy, but, from what I read, he’s the only one who didn’t do anything wrong. The worst thing about the guy was an apparent lack of social grace, ie. he’s socially awkward. Sunset shouldn’t have given out others’ info, and the humane 6 were overly harsh with the guy, but we’re never given any justification for that behavior. So, it just comes across as uncharacteristicly, even to an Anon-a-miss level. Honestly the most upsetting thing is that it seems that Sunset gave up on the guy, which is just unfair.

Aside from that, the writing was pretty good on a techniqual level. It avoided all of the major issues that generally plague fanfics.

The story behind this tale is not something I can elaborateon...but take it from me, the person in question...that is, the irl person behind the character of Timber Pipsqueak...is known for being someone selfish and egotistical, as well as completely disregarding of anyone else. To say lots of hurt has been caused due to this person is an understatement.

The above should help you understand a little. I can't go into detail or name irl names though...but the girls are well within reason to act the way they are

I'm confused, what'd the guy do that was so bad all of them except Sunset shun and shut him out, and why is Sunset SO scared the girls will cast her out with him?

This fic is based on a real life incident. I can't say more than that. But the guy deserved the treatment he got, trust me.

This wasn't a bad story; but the lack of details makes it hard to understand. You might have based this on someone you consider to be an asshole (to say the least); but the readers are unable to 'walk a mile in your shoes' to actually understand the backstory.

If any of you guys are getting confused about the moral of this story, that's perfectly okay. As a great friend of Rainbowfan, I fully understand this story because this exactly reflects a more private situation that includes me, Rainbow, a close friend of hers, and several others in dealing with and going against a certain user that some of us loathe. Any of the insults you guys have read through this short story are supposed to improvise the insults that some of us may have said towards this certain user.

To add up, this certain user likes to be an arse to some us and also purposely likes to act mentally special when we're around. In this case, Rainbowfan's close friend has been secretly pushing that user onto us by unbanning him from our servers on Discord. On another note, this user cause some painful drama not too long ago (since last year), making him not too favorable for us to hang around with.

This is all I'm going to say in defense to Rainbowfan's story. If there's still confusion, that's fine. This story was written within Rainbow's own style and taste.

It does. Just maybe having it said in the author's notes this is based on something in real life would've helped me, even if it didn't go into details.

Knowing it now, makes me like the story better.

aaahhh Yeah been a witness to a drama like that on Discord. i get it. Can see how this character was using Sunset to force himself on to them, Sunset I can see doing this as she never truly forgiven herself, and seeks to redeem others.
Even at the expense of blinding herself to the faults of the said person, worst yet said person refuses to see the truth and keeps repeating himself.

Heck even after all that he going to bother them again in a few months. Stalker as well?

Sort of sucks that we don't really get a hint of anything Timber could have done to warrant almost all of the girls hating him. I'm not gonna argue that they're probably justified, since you've said it's all based on real feelings and events. But it's real hard to sympathize when we aren't even given a scenario to dislike Timber over. It almost always never works out when people are told they shouldn't like someone instead of being shown why they shouldn't.

Like, if the point was Sunset giving out her friends' numbers alone, I could see that. But since it's specifically because she gave it to this guy we're told sucks a lot without actually being shown? I dunno. It feels like this is the second to last chapter of a longer story.

😌😛 (i don't know what else to type, but wanted to comment)

Nice story, great job!

You said this is based on a real world scenario and Sunset Shimmer represents the person pushing this guy onto you.

So since you don't want to elaborate on the situation itself I guess my question would be, why is Sunset sympathetic?

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