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Pride Tale the Unicorn: Writer of all things shipping and angsty.


(This story is set in season 5, before the season finale)

Assigned a friendship mission by the castle map, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are sent to a town known as Wolftail. This large town separated from Celestia's kingdom centuries ago, fading into nothing more than a rumor spread among the common pony; And now they need help.

A threat that the ponies of Wolftail hoped to keep secret, and solve on their own, is growing out of control. If this threat is not deal with soon, then all of Equestria will suffer from it.

With an ancient curse to deal with, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash must befriend the distant ponies of this old town and uncover the mystery as to how this all happened, and where the once rumored cure has disappeared to.

(Based off of the Worgen starting quests in World of Warcraft. So you WoW fan's will be sure to see some similarities. Its also inspiered by sonic unleashed.)

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