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The road to war is a slippery slope. When a group of zebra pirates hijack an Equestrian cargo vessel laden with gemstones and other goods, Princess Celestia sends in the Wonderbolts to rescue the hostages and deal with the situation.

Mistakes are made. Lives are lost. The newspapers report the incident but many of the details are never brought to light. Years later, over a pint of cider, the rest of the story is told.

A tale from the Great War era of Fallout: Equestria.

Edited by: EverFreePony and Light Shine
Cover Art by: Little Tigress (DeviantArt)

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 3 )

Finally! Now we wait anxiously for the rest of the tales to come forth. :raritywink:

I can say that editing this story was a great pleasure. Captivating descriptions, well-written characters and a thrilling plot. If you are at least a little bit into Fallout: Equestria, but don’t exactly like stories filled to the brim with gore, this one is definitely for you!


Thanks for these. I understand that the FOE world is not everyone's cup of irradiated tea, but there are so many stories waiting to be told which, like this tale, are only tangentially related. "Intentions" has been languishing in my To-Do folder for years, and to finally see it completed is, to say the least, cathartic.

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